“The University Athletic Association takes the safety of our student-athletes coaches staff and families very seriously. Our administration met with Coach McElwain this afternoon and he offered no additional details.”

FU’s Athletics Association spokesman Steve McClain said in a statement.


I have ALWAYS maintained that Jim McElwain was NOT QUALIFIED for the job at FU since the day he accepted the position.


“I think it’s a pretty good lesson for the way things are.  There’s a lot of hate in this world and a lot of anger. And yet, it’s freedom to show it. The hard part is, obviously, when it’s threats against your own players, death threats to your families, the ill will that’s brought upon (you) out there. And yet, I think it’s really one of those deals that really is a pretty good testament to what’s going on out there nationally. There’s a lot of angry people. And in this business, we’re the ones you take the shots at. And that’s the way it is.”  Jim McElwain.









179 lbs. 5′ 11″ started 3 games last year 14 catches 177 yards -0- TD Joshua Hammond only has 11 catches 2017 season for only 138 yards and again zero TD catches but “FLORIDA CAN NOT LOSE TO GEORGIA.” “That brings a lot of confidence to us – just knowing that Georgia isn’t a team that we lose to.”

Sure Georgia is a team you can lose to, smart ass.  Anyway that is something you have NO SAY in big mouth.  That is a really fine art for a short guy who can’t even start on his team to run to the press and BRAG pre-game how Georgia can NOT beat Florida the piece of shit has to offer-up today.


You LOST to LSU Michigan and Texas A&M but Georgia can NOT beat you.  That’s not what you do that in the last 27 games we’ve beat you 6 times down there in Jacksonville Florida.  Since 1990 we have played Florida 27 times and only won 6 but this bullshit artist Joshua Hammond says that we can NOT beat Florida this year.




Kipp Adams @KippLAdams


“We haven’t lost to Georgia in the last three years. Our seniors have never lost to Georgia so I think that mentality that they bring – being that they’ve never lost to Georgia – that brings a lot of confidence to us – just knowing that Georgia isn’t a team that we lose to. So I think that’s the message in the locker room right now: They can’t beat Florida. That’s our mentality going forward and we’ll come out and be ready to play.”


God damn FOOL bragging pre-game as a guy who has NEVER scored a TD in college EVER how some team you have to play this week can NOT beat you.


Sure we can.


Watch and LEARN.


This is your claim to FAME Josh Hammond.  5′ 11″ and 179 lbs.  NEVER scored a college TD bragging pre-game when the most you have in ANY SEASON is 177 yards in a season.  There are players who do better than that in ONE GAME Josh Hammond.  Trash-talking asshole – here stick this up your God Damn Asshole Josh Hammond.




Receiver Antonio Callaway who has over 1000 yards receiving and tailback Jordan Scarlett who has over 1000 yards rushing are among all the football players at the University of Florida who are in question as to whether or not they go to prison on felony charges for using stolen credit card information for purchases from the University of Florida Bookstore and various off-campus companies. The amounts taken ranged from $ 550 (known as a felony for $ 550) up to $3570. Gators’ Football team 2017 once ranked # 16 this season has dropped out of the polls all together the last 2 weeks now at 3-3 including the losses to 3 average teams 2 of which are unranked teams who beat Florida this season.

This on-going investigation has gone on all season now but none of the players involved have played nor are likely to.


It was very devastating to The SEC when Florida lost in the opener this season to Michigan right after this scandal broke.


Now basically what the press says about The SEC is that The SEC has Alabama and Georgia and really no one else.


But Alabama and Georgia are 2 of the 3 best teams in America and represent as well 2 of the 4 most talented teams in America as well this 2017 season.  Both Alabama and Georgia could both end-up in the College Football Play-Offs no matter what happens between us in our SEC Championship Game.


That would mean this monkey on our back of basically losing nearly every game in Jacksonville after Vince Dooley retired is for once this season anyway – not in question.


How about that turn of events that Georgia fans feel that there is no chance Florida has of unseating us 2017 in football pregame ?


How about THAT ?


Georgia is ranked in the top 10 and Florida is ranked the # 61 team 2017 as a direct result hereof.


Georgia which originally started as a 3-point favorite has grown to a 7 and half point favorite according to Las Vegas odds over Florida October 29 of 2017 at 3:30 p.m. Jacksonville – a place we just have to get out of.



“While 17 freshmen have seen the field this season – even more are waiting in the wing for their opportunity to contribute – whenever that might be.” The Red and Black Campus Newspaper. Every team plays Freshmen nowadays. They have to. “We do not hold anybody back that can help us win. If a guy is ready to help us win then the guy plays.” Kirby said at press meeting today. But Kirby added 31 new players 19 of whom he has played. The rest are REDSHIRTED including specifically 3 of the top 5 offensive linemen in the nation. Kirby is much more prone to play freshmen on defense for some odd reason and to hold them BACK if they are on offense and special teams so far in Kirby’s career.

  1. Netori Johnson consensus # 4 OG in the nation DOES NOT FIGURE in Kirby’s plans for 2017 says Kirby.
  2. Isaiah Wilson consensus # 2 OT in the nation does NOT figure in Kirby’s plans for 2017.
  3. D’Marcus Hayes  # 5 consensus OT in the nation does NOT figure in Kirby’s plans for 2017.

There is NO QUESTION that these three (3) could have helped Kirby on a largely unremarkable OL 2017 and that saving them for some future year is saving them for a year which will NOT BE AS GOOD A CHANCE for Kirby and us to win as it would have been to have played them this season in this 14 and possibly 15-game season.


These 3 stand out like a sore thumb that Kirby has HELD THEM BACK ALL 3 for 2017.







# 3 Total Defense 2017 UGA # 62 Total Offense UGA 2017

What is wrong with this picture ?


What is wrong with this picture is that with only 4 other teams with more talent than Georgia 2017 season we are seriously holding-back our offense with Kirby meddling in the play calls and Kirby meddling with the talent he allows in fact to play 2017 again.


# 62 Total Offense Georgia Bulldogs 2017 with ALL THIS TALENT







Kirby signs a # 1 Quarterback a 5-star QB for 2016 makes him True Freshman STARTER at QB Jacob Eason. This makes Kirby 2016 the # 6 rank recruiting class. Kirby signs a # 1 QB another 5-Star for 2017 and he brings with him an entire class of players while Kirby makes him too True Freshman STARTER at QB Jake Fromm. This makes Kirby # 2 Scout.com recruiting ranked class 2017 and # 3 in all the other rankings for 2017. THIS BLOG CALLED FOR Justin Fields to sign with UGA since Alabama has 5 QB now and UGA gets not just # 1 QB but top recruit nationally all positions 2018 and Kirby gets his commitment to put Kirby at # 15 so far for 2018 recruiting rankings with 20 leaving after this season and of the 20 gone after this SEC Championship Season 2017 all 20 started for Kirby here. IT IS A WEALTH OF QUARTERBACKS. Note Kirby signed all these QB – not Mark Richt. All 3 signed by Kirby as QB. Wow. If your name starts with a J and you are a QB come START for Kirby as True Freshman.

Justin Fields says I can play QB Kirby.


He’s fast.


This is a wealth of quarterbacks.




This makes Kirby # 15 of all teams ranked for recruiting for 2018 according to Scout.com and # 11 according to 247Sports.com Composite Rankings.






I like Jake Fromm whose passes are on-target and who runs the ball well but moreover I love to watch him hurry-up to the line of scrimmage and get the ball out of there to a mostly inept dropping the ball receiver corps after a totally inept offensive line can not really block for the pass nor for the run including 3 of the best 5 offensive linemen in the nation who are being redshirted 2017 and 3 from 2016 who were redshirted last year as well and still are not playing really either. And their play-calling has been both years to just run the ball which has worked against the weak teams we have played 2017 but did not 2016 with 5 losses stacking the box against Jacob Eason. So to my way of thinking Jake Fromm has done a better job. It’s not Jacob Eason’s job. That belongs to Jake Fromm. Why is that ? Because he has done a better job. This is the Jake and Jake Show and I do love having both. Now if I were a QB # 1 in the nation and # 2 QB in the nation chose Clemson and # 1 considering GA Auburn LSU and Florida State and had obviously considered Alabama too I believe I would go to Alabama because of their proven head coach and then whom ? Well UGA of course would be my choice compared to these other lesser schools Auburn LSU FSU who are all 3 utter messes right now compared to what I see going on at UGA 2017 if for some reason I did not want to go to Alabama. And frankly I would think like Jake Fromm last year that I am a better QB and run the ball better than Jake Fromm and Jacob Eason. So I would come here and bring some receivers for a change with me and expect Kirby to put some OL out there who are big enough to establish the pass and the run. I would be worried about both those weaknesses and especially the play-calling Kirby allows Jim Chaney to call – which have not been good either year. Still I would chose UGA Justin Fields. Auburn FSU and LSU are NOWHERE near the school UGA is and neither is Alabama – which has been Fran Tarkenton’s take too. Excuse me Fran is quite smart and one of our 3 best players all-time who ponies-up his money for us and who has NOT BEEN WRONG about anything he has said yet including most especially him saying that if we wanted a damn Christian to be our head coach we should go to Seminary School and get one. That pissed-off the Mark Richt was great crowd ? Too bad. Life is tough. Football is tougher.



Me personally I would not chose Alabama.  I did not.  I chose UGA.  I live here.  I am glad I did chose UGA and not Alabama.  We beat Alabama when I was here at UGA and I have # 17 jersey Matt Robinson to prove it after the game in the locker room.  I was accepted to Cornell took classes in Princeton and could have gone really anywhere I wanted.  But I was not on scholarship.  I was a walk-on.  But if I were Justin Fields I would cut-off the recruitment and choose UGA as well and figure I could be the True Freshman Starting 2018 like the True Freshman who started 2016 and like the True Freshman who Started 2017 here at UGA.  But I do think Alabama has the better coach.


So what if Seth Emerson can not say that Jake Fromm is a better QB than Jacob Eason.  I can.


I did.  I have.  It is what I have seen.


What have you seen ?



Total Defense Georgia Bulldogs # 2 in the nation. Scoring Defense # 3 in the nation for us. It’s our offense that is not going to get the job done against the top teams. You have to pass the football Kirby to open up your running game against the GOOD TEAMS. We WILL HAVE TO PLAY GOOD TEAMS Kirby.



Despite having really played none of the top teams here is how our OFFENSE ranks :



# 118 Passing Offense

# 69 in getting 1st Downs by our Offense

# 96 on 4th Down Conversions

# 88 on Passing Completion Percentage

# 94 Penalties – mostly on the OL holding jumping offside chop block

# 48 Fumbles lost

# 70 Passes had Intercepted mostly because of Brice Ramsey

# 37 on 3rd Down Conversions

# 21 Rushing Offense – this is NOT good enough for # 118 Passing Offense

# 53 Scoring Offense

# 45 Passing Efficiency – too many DROPS by all the receivers all of them

# 60 Turnovers Lost

# 83 Total Offense





We have a LOT of work to do to become reasonable on offense.


We have a defense capable of beating Florida Auburn Alabama Clemson Oklahoma and Penn State.


We do NOT have an offense capable of beating Auburn Alabama Clemson Oklahoma or Penn State.



Pat Allen STARTED on Kirby’s OL 2017 and now doesn’t even get in the game any longer. I TOLD YOU SO. Sean Fogarty was playing OL 2017 for Kirby and now he TOO does NOT EVEN GET ON THE FIELD ANY MORE. I told you so. Dyshon Sims who was STARTING on Kirby’s 2017 OL the first several games ALSO HAS BEEN DEMOTED and is no longer STARTER on the OL. I told you so. Jim Donnan said that Kirby was OVERVALUING some while undervaluing others while Jim Donnan called for Kirby to PLAY HIS FRESHMEN on the OL that many freshmen OL are starting all over the nation and doing very well – that experience on the OL is WAY OVERESTIMATED. This is what Jim Donnan has been saying this 2017 season watching us as much as Kirby lets ANYONE watch the damn practices. Of course if Kirby can go 4-0 beating 2 ranked teams no one myself included will complain at ALL but I would like to see blog posters here NOT LIE about this that Kirby himself has NOW CHANGED HIS MIND ABOUT. And I would like to see Kirby NOT HAVE REDSHIRTED Netori Johnson REDSHIRTED # 5 Offensive Guard in the nation a position of need on this team. D’Marcus Hayes REDSHIRTED Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College 6 feet 6 inches 320 lbs. ranked # 2 best JUCO Offensive Lineman in the nation. Isaiah Wilson REDSHIRTED 6 feet 7 inches 350 lbs. Brooklyn New York # 7 offensive guard in the nation.

This is a LONG CHAMPIONSHIP SEASON as I have guaranteed an SEC Championship 2017 for Kirby on THIS BLOG all of 2017 – every day.


Kirby admits NOW that he has made a LOT OF MISTAKES on HIS CHOICES of whom it is he is playing on the OL 2017.


Hasn’t he ?


Kirby please do NOT redshirt these ultra-talented Offensive Linemen but get them on the field NOW sir.


There are 4 teams with MORE TALENT than we have 2017 Kirby and ultimately I want to play some of those 4 teams.  Got it ?


There are other teams Kirby while you average # 6 recruiting rankings classes making up your 2017 team with redshirts who are better than averaging # 25 as Mississippi State.  Got it ?  I want to play THEM TOO Kirby.


Get our best players on the field and in the games Kirby.


You have second-guessed yourself on the OL 2017 haven’t you Kirby ?


I am disappointed you did not see fit to get Jerimiah Holloman in the game against Mississippi State Kirby.

Jeremiah Holloman 1 snap 2 games not thrown single pass exactly as I said would happen.

Newton High 6 feet 2 inches 195 lbs. # 19 receiver in the nation a position of need on this team


I saw Kirby that Deangelo Gibbs whom I called you out about as REDSHIRTED 2017 given only 2 snaps versus Appalachian State and none since. REDSHIRTED.  You put the Grayson 6 feet 2 inches 204 lbs. who is the 2nd best safety in the nation a position of need on this team into the game Kirby against Mississippi State thus burning his redshirt 2017.  Now get him involved Kirby please sir.






Georgia averaging # 6 recruiting rankings making up our team while Mississippi State averages # 25 recruiting rankings is NOT in our class of talent. And of the games between us starting 1975 Mississippi State has won 1 game against us. Of the 23 games Mississippi State has won only 6 times and most of those AT MISSISSIPPI STATE.

We used to play Mississippi State at NEUTRAL SITES too.  There was a time when that is what we did with all the opponents.


4 of their only 6 wins ever came AT MISSISSIPPI STATE.


Mississippi State is a good defense but their passing offense is not that great.  They have not turned the ball over much.


They ran LSU out of their stadium last week.  And LSU is an ultra-talented team too not as talented as Georgia’s team this 2017 season but nonetheless a more talented team than Mississippi State.


How do they win ?


They don’t make mistakes and they run the ball while putting-up a seriously great defense.


Georgia is picked to win by 5.


It will be a dogfight as both teams are Bulldogs and the better team – the more talented team – wins this game.


Only 8 teams have better Las Vegas Odds to win 2017 season than UGA and only 4 teams have more talent than The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs’ team does this 2017 season.






Obviously Kirby can match Mississippi State’s DEFENSE but Kirby’s offense and special teams are prone to mistakes and do NOT feature our best players at those positions like our Defense does.  It is what Kirby does.  He holds back his young players on Offense and on Special Teams while Kirby has proven that that is his strategy.  As with Notre Dame, there is no such margin for such an error tomorrow night as Notre Dame and Mississippi State are our two best opponents so far 2017 obviously.  If we get our freshmen in the game, we will rout them.



Let me get this straight Kirby ? “Are we getting what we need out of our OL? No. We’re NOT where we need to be. Tell me if you grade on EFFORT TOUGHNESS and ASSIGNMENT and our OL can not move guys who are BIGGER – do you GRADE THAT Offensive Linemen for us a MINUS or a PLUS?” Kirby at presser today. Jesus Christ Kirby are you a dumbass or what? PLAY Isaiah Wilson consensus # 2 OT in the nation. REDSHIRTED. D’Marcus Hayes # 5 consensus OT in the nation. RE DSHIRTED. Netori Johnson consensus # 4 OG in the nation. REDSHIRTED.

Are you impaired in some fashion that is not readily obvious looking at you Kirby ?


3:43 mark




What the HELL do you think we just might be TRYING TO TELL YOU KIRBY ?


On Defense you would have no problem grading them a MINUS.  There is NO DIFFERENCE on OFFENSE or on SPECIAL TEAMS Kirby.


You grade them a minus.





Update on the OL after Kirby’s choices looked terrible again. When does the OL look good ? We all read how Kirby recruited all these great OL. Kirby admitted he was WAY WRONG on overinflating his evaluation of some of his OL after STARTING for Kirby against Appalachian State and NOT PLAYING AT ALL against Notre Dame. Netori Johnson REDSHIRTED. Isaiah Wilson REDSHIRTED. D’Marcus Hayes REDSHIRTED. Kirby you are FULL OF SHIT boy. Where are your top OL Kirby ? Are new OL for 2018 recruiting TELLING YOU KIRBY you are NOT PLAYING the OL you did sign as top recruits Kirby ?

Netori Johnson  REDSHIRTED.  Isaiah Wilson REDSHIRTED.  D’Marcus Hayes REDSHIRTED.





Pat Allen STARTED OL against Appalachian State did not play at ALL Notre Dame.

Sean Fogarty played OL against Appalachian State did not play at ALL Notre Dame.

Aulden Bynum played EVERY GAME 2017 OL.

Netori Johnson not had one snap generally considered one of top 5 OL in the nation.

Isaiah Wilson not had one snap generally considered one of the top 5 OL in the nation.

D’Marcus Hayes not had one snap generally considered one of top 5 OL in the nation.

Lamont Galliard has STARTED OL every game 2017. Played 2 games 2015. Started 2016.

Dyshon Sims has STARTED OL every game 2017 after 3 starts total 2014 2015 2016.

Justin Shaffer played OL against Appalachian State did not play at ALL Notre Dame.

Kendall Baker STARTED OL vs. Notre Dame did not start vs. Appalachian State.

Chris Barnes ON SCHOLARSHIP OL no snaps 2016 or 2017.

Ben Cleveland has NOT STARTED OL any game since being signed by Kirby Smart.

Solomon Kindley has NOT STARTED OL any game since being signed by Kirby Smart.

Isaiah Wynn has STARTED OL every game 2017 after playing 2014 starting 2015 2016.

Andrew Thomas has STARTED OL every game of his career as True Freshman done well.



THESE ARE NOT OUR BEST FIVE (5) OFFENSIVE LINEMEN EITHER KIRBY : “LT Isaiah Wynn. LG Kendall Baker. C Lamont Gaillard. RG Solomon Kindley. RT Andrew Thomas.” Hey Kirby you dumbass where are Netori Johnson consensus # 4 OG in the nation. Isaiah Wilson consensus # 2 OT in the nation ?

Kirby continues to NOT play our top 5 OL.


It IS what Kirby continues to do.


This is NOT Sam Pittman making these decisions.


This ONLY Kirby who makes these decisions and Kirby is WRONG again with this line-up this 2017 SEC Championship Season as he was in his previous Offensive Line line-up.


Kirby ADMITTED he was WRONG on his OL.


Kirby has CHANGED his OL already this 2017 season.


Kirby is STILL WRONG on his OL.


“LT Isaiah Wynn.  LG Kendall Baker.  C Lamont Gaillard.  RG Solomon Kindley.   RT Andrew Thomas.”

“The second-team line was LT Pat Allen. LG Justin Shaffer.  C Sean Fogarty.  RG Dyshon Sims. RT Ben Cleveland.”


Those are ALSO wrong Kirby.  These are NOT your next 5 OL either.


Good Lord Kirby how damn ridiculous.


Netori Johnson consensus # 4 OG in the nation. Isaiah Wilson consensus # 2 OT in the nation.  Isaiah Wilson consensus # 2 OT in the nation.  These Kirby are 3 of your top 5 OL 2017.  Get with the program Kirby – THIS is your best shot 2017.






How can anyone TRY to MAKE EXCUSES for Notre Dame fans selling us their seats ? Anyone but US. Money means THAT MUCH to you ? Stadium seats total of only 77622 and we had 40000 seats by ALL ACCOUNTS. This means there were MORE Georgia Bulldog fans than Notre Dame fans at the game at THEIR HOUSE – or is it at Jesus’ house ? Notre Dame fans could have made the difference in a 1-point game. Instead they were interviewed BRAGGING they sold their seats.

Notre Dame has not been competitive in college football in quite some time now.  To act like a 77,622 seat stadium is some Mecca is just God-awful wrong when their own fans prefer to SELL THEIR SEATS and go home – which is what they did.


We had more than half the people at the game.  We controlled the end zone noise and we affected the outcome of the game by having HOME FIELD ADVANTAGE.


If you don’t know what HOME FIELD ADVANTAGE is then don’t write that there is some lame excuse for Notre Dame fans letting US HAVE IT at their stadium.


This has happened before for Notre Dame fans.  This is nothing new for them.  You can BUY their seats.


There is no question that Notre Dame NEEDED THIS WIN Las Vegas said they would get.  They – Notre Dame – were a 4 and a half point pick to win.






Jacob Eason is NOT the starting QB for The Georgia Bulldogs and in fact is injured losing his job to the back-up because while he has been in there he has NOT DONE WHAT JAKE FROMM HAS. It would be until the vols’ game before Jacob Eason CAN get back at the earliest in my opinion and I would not rush him back. I expect the doctors to err on the side of the player – unlike what they did with Nick Chubb this time LAST YEAR.

Notre Dame


Mississippi State


These are Jake Fromm Starts.


vols may well be too.


Jacob Eason did not lose his job because he was injured.  Jacob Eason lost his job because what the FANS HAVE SEEN tells us that Jake Fromm is the better college quarterback on the same field with the same defense, same OL, and same Offensive Coordinator.


It’s not the Jake and Jake Show.


It’s Jake Fromm.


Long live the new King.


If you think a sprained knee is not serious think again.  I had one that would not go away for a year.  It is in fact a tear the doctors told me.  It is diagnosed as a sprain.  What is a sprain ? The doctors told me a sprain is a micro-tear or multiple micro-tears.  It’s a complicated joint and Jacob Eason therefore is NOT coming back for Notre Dame if that is what you thought.  I think not for the next 2 after that too.


I am not sure I would say that Jacob Eason is the better Quarterback.  I am sure that I would say that Jake Fromm is the better Quarterback.



Either way I am NOT putting Jacob Eason out there against Notre Dame.




The Jake and Jake Show is going to go on for at least several years.


If you have to have your starting quarterback injured Jake Fromm is a good problem to have.  I have watched the kid 5 years now.  What you see is what I have been seeing.  Jake Fromm has IT.


I told you about his accuracy when Mark Richt refused to offer him a Scholarship.  When he committed to Kirby I told you he NEVER would have committed to Mark Richt.


Notre Dame is a very good team.  Do NOT consider their 4-8 record last year.  This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I am happy to have Jake Fromm take that shot.  Trust me.



We have no quarterback controversy here at Georgia. Jake Fromm came in and got the job done.

Early on Jacob Eason was largely ineffective and overthrew his receivers in a too-predictable offense.  Run Nick Chubb up the middle.  Run up the middle on 2nd down.  Overthrow receiver on 3rd down.  Punt.


And Kirby’s OL could not dominate App State’s DL who was 50 lbs. less across the board.


Then the play of the game JR Reed poked the ball out forcing the fumble and then it became a field position game with Cameron Nizialek punting oh so well and even pinning App State back inside the 20.


Myquon Stout went out of bounds and shoved Jacob Eason a good 8 yards outside the line who picked his way and got his left leg stuck on the sidelines twisting his left knee.


In came Jake Fromm and the crowd went wild as he not overthrew but hit his target as we had seen him do 16 strikes in a row in the Little League World Series.


And hit his target again.


And score.


And score again.


Again score again.


Up 4 TD and a Field Goal he turned the reigns over to Brice Ramsey who is a nice looking kid who just doesn’t ever seem to care where he throws the football.


Taylor Lamb from Calhoun was no match for Jake Fromm.


Jake Fromm came to the line of scrimmage on a mission.  He quickly got the plays off and moved the team down the field all night long where Jacob Eason could not.


Bring on Notre Dame.  Are they the


4-8 Notre Dame 2016 season

10-3 Notre Dame 2015 season

8-5 Notre Dame 2014 season

9-4 Notre Dame 2013 season

12-1 Notre Dame 2012 season

8-5 Notre Dame 2011 season

8-5 Notre Dame 2010 season


With all their talent Notre Dame is NOT the 4-8 team Brian Kelly was last year.


59-31 Brian Kelly at Notre Dame.  And that is better than 9-4 but not as good as 9-3 in 8 years this his 8th at helm of Notre Dame.


So Fran Tarkenton got his way and now we’re off to Notre Dame Touchdown Jesus with a true freshman quarterback who looked pretty darn good out there tonight where Jacob Eason did NOT.



“Jacob Eason has come along great and he’ll do great things this year.” Jackson Harris Junior Tight End. “I feel like Jacob Eason has grown. He’s pretty much taking the offense by the horns and telling us what to do. He’s become that mature quarterback that we knew he would become. I feel like he’s gotten a lot better this year at commanding the offense.” Terry Godwin now junior WR. “You can tell Jacob Eason is a lot more comfortable and he’s used to the speed of the game. He’s doing very well and you know he’s always been this great player and he’s starting to take it to that next level of leadership. He takes initiative and he is just doing what quarterbacks do. Jacob Eason takes control of the huddle, takes control of the line, and leads the offense in that direction. I feel like it’s kind of constant for anyone the more experience you get the more comfortable you’ll feel and the greater you do every time. So I feel for him it’s just been a growing process just like it has been for anyone else. He’s come along great and he’ll do great things this year.” Jackson Harris now junior TE. Fran Tarkenton would like to play Jake Fromm 2017. I’d like to redshirt him. We don’t have anyone behind him. Jacob Eason is gone after next year – not after this year. And Jake Fromm could be a redshirt freshman and play like Fran Tarkenton wants him to – next year – not this year. We have a bad recruiting class coming-in next year 2018 and lose SO MANY GREAT PLAYERS after this 2017 season. The season kicks-off tomorrow and Kirby just has got to do a LOT better 2017 than Kirby did 2016 I can tell you that. Kirby wants to try to keep all these secrets but there are NO SECRETS for we are The Georgia Bulldogs and we WILL FOLLOW OUR TEAM whether Kirby likes it or NOT. Kirby just does not want us to second-guess him on his Depth Chart on Offense and on Special Teams. But anyone who has read this blog ever even once knows that Kirby just does not make good decisions on Depth Charts on Offense and Special Teams and THAT has been Kirby’s downfall. I guarantee 2017 SEC Championship for Kirby for he has the talent here to do so. If he doesn’t he can MOVE ALONG like I did with Mark Richt. This bullshit of averaging more than 4 losses a season for 9 years coming in to this season is going to come to an end with Kirby or without.

“Jacob Eason has come along great and he’ll do great things this year.”







bewildered Kirby says Netori Johnson – Isaiah Wilson – D’Marcus Hayes – Justin Shaffer – Ben Cleveland ARE NONE OF THEM AS GOOD AS FOOTBALL PLAYERS AS Pat Allen starting left guard, Dyshon Sims as his back-up left guard, Lamont Gaillard starting center with Sean Fogarty his back-up Center, and Kendall Baker Kirby’s back-up at right guard. Here Kirby this is what I have to say about that REVOLTING ability to determine the better football players on OFFENSE Kirby.

Stick it up your God Damn Asshole Kirby Smart you freaking dumbass.


No one will ever say ANY of these guys are better than ANY of these other guys – except for YOU KIRBY.


Dumb Shit.


You are COSTING US GAMES Kirby with you total abject inability to determine who is the better player on OFFENSE again 2017 as you did to us to ruin our 2016 season Kirby.


Kirby : “Y’all are incredible. I’m getting reports during practice and everybody is telling me that Kendall Baker is the starting right guard.  It amazes me where some of this come from. Kendall Baker is in competition with Dyshon Sims, he’s in competition with Solomon Kindley, he’s in competition with Pat Allen, and to be honest with you, those four at guard are really about dead even.  That’s just where it is. I know you all want to know who the starters are but there’s not a starter right now.” Kirby bewildered again 2017 as he was 2016 for whom the better players are on offense.


You are so FOS Kirby if we here we are 3 practices from opening the season and this many of your OL are all the same and none the starter.


If that’s the case then Kirby then start these other guys whom EVERYONE ELSE BESIDES YOU KIRBY says are ALL BETTER than YOUR CHOICES Kirby : Netori Johnson – Isaiah Wilson – D’Marcus Hayes – Justin Shaffer – Ben Cleveland.


Netori Johnson – Isaiah Wilson – D’Marcus Hayes – Justin Shaffer – Ben Cleveland




Netori Johnson – Isaiah Wilson – D’Marcus Hayes – Justin Shaffer – Ben Cleveland – none of these 5 best in the nation are as good as Pat Allen starting left guard, Dyshon Sims as his back-up left guard, Lamont Gaillard starting center with Sean Fogarty his back-up Center, and Kendall Baker.  Bullshit Kirby. Bullshit.

Pat Allen – Dyshon Sims – Lamont Gaillard – Sean Fogarty – Kendall Baker are ALL BETTER FOOTBALL PLAYERS than Netori Johnson – Isaiah Wilson – D’Marcus Hayes – Justin Shaffer – Ben Cleveland.


Ask Sam Pittman.


This is just Kirby making THIS STATEMENT 3 days before the season kicks off.


Pat Allen – Dyshon Sims – Lamont Gaillard – Sean Fogarty – Kendall Baker are ALL BETTER FOOTBALL PLAYERS than Netori Johnson – Isaiah Wilson – D’Marcus Hayes – Justin Shaffer – Ben Cleveland.




Oregon State 4-8 lost ? Duh they were 2-10 year before that. And 5-7 the year before that. Did you think Oregon State is ANY good at all ? Well did you punks bragging on Mike Bobo who is 7-6 both years at Colorado State. 7-6 in what is LEFT of the Mountain West Conference. Mike Bobo got Mark Richt FIRED because he was a NO SHOW in the big games losing 18 of 24 games vs the top 15 as Mark Richt’s Offensive Coordinator DESPITE all the TALENT handed to Mike Bobo HERE talent no one wants to go join Mike Bobo with out there. This horrid Oregon State lost 2 fumbles and threw 3 more interceptions.

Don’t tell me how great Mike Bobo was here.  If he were we would not have been the laughing stock of college football losing to unranked teams 12 times with Mike Bobo as our offensive coordinator and barely above 50 % against even just the 84 bowl teams.


7-6 coach 2 years at Colorado State is great because he beat Oregon State who has gone :


4-8 Oregon State 2016

2-10 Oregon State 2015

5-7 Oregon State 2014

0-1 Oregon State 2017

11-26 Oregon State 2014-2017


29 % win percentage after 2013 for Oregon State.


Don’t give me this crap that Mike Bobo is great because he beat Oregon State.


You are so FOS about Mike Bobo and always have been.


You are happy to see Mike Bobo do so well at Colorado State ?


There is NOT one player in America who wants to play for him.


Not one.  He can not recruit his way out of a wet paper bag.


He did not do diddle-e-squat here beating top teams or even NOT LOSING to cupcakes.


And we gave him tons of talent to waste.


Which he did.


Now he beat a team who has a 29 % win percentage after 2013 and you brag on him for being 7-6 two years out there ?







Leo Lewis granted immunity for what he did back when he was the # 1 inside linebacker in the nation as a high school player at Brookhaven Mississippi says he needed the money and took money from a guy who can prove he was NOT WHERE Leo Lewis said he was paid by him ten thousand dollars a booster for Ole Miss but Leo Lewis plays at Mississippi State as one of the top freshmen in The SEC and nation 2016 last year. Ole Miss is going down. Now fix your state flag Mississippi. Good Lord.

Leo Lewis started all 13 games last year at Mississippi State and was the second-leading tackler on the entire team as a freshman including 4 unassisted tackles against Ole Miss and 2 more assisted tackles in their blow-out of Ole Miss who slaughtered Kirby.  Mississippi State was 6-7 but they beat Ole Miss at Ole Miss who was 5-7 but was ahead of Kirby nothing for Kirby 45 for Ole Miss before Brian Herrien finally scored twice late for us.


Speaking of which Kirby you did a sorry job of coaching us last year according to yourself.  And what is this excuse that you practiced the team too hard before losing to Vandie as your excuse for that loss Kirby ?  You lost the game because you handed the ball to Isaiah McKenzie.  That was YOUR CALL Kirby.  You.  You pulled such calls all year long 2016.  Now you are similarly making absurd judgments Kirby 2017 with regard to all this talent we have given you finding only 4 other teams with more talent than you have 2017 here at my alma mater Kirby.  Get our best players out there practicing and playing with our # 1 unit.  You have a week left Kirby and better win The SEC Championship 2017 for 2018 is going to be BAD NEWS for you Kirby losing 20 players after 2017 season all 20 who STARTED for you here Kirby.


Leo Lewis had 4 and a half tackles for a loss including a sack and he had a pass break-up as a freshman last year 2016.


Before attending Mississippi State University Leo Lewis was committed to Ole Miss.


Did you get that ?


Ole Miss has already fired the coaches involved and all of this will be revealed September 11 Monday for public consumption in the NCAA hearing.


Lindsey Miller who is Laremy Tunsil’s stepfather right here will also testify on this.


I have been urging Ole Miss to quit dragging its feet on this NCAA Probation for some time now which they are doing anything but.


There are no winners in any of this.  And Ole Miss is certainly not winning anything now are they ?


Ole Miss does not understand one word about NCAA Probations and has done nothing but make everything worse for themselves in this entire losing effort by Ole Miss.


Ole Miss thinks that they can make a point or two in this NCAA Probation.  They can NOT.  All they have done is to delay what they should have long since admitted thoroughly as I have maintained from the beginning.




George Washington held slaves but is on the dollar bill.  Thomas Jefferson held slaves but is on the two dollar bill.  Ulysses S. Grant Commander and Chief of the Union Army in the War of Northern Aggression held slaves and so too did his wife he also was in charge of.


Andrew Jackson held slaves, was a slave trader and did not free his slaves in his Will even but has been on the twenty dollar bill.


James Madison held slaves and stated that slaves were three-fifths of a person and he also did not free his slaves in his Will even either but has been on the five thousand dollar bill.


Obviously all of this is bad wrong needing correction and restitution.


Folks who support mistreatment of others because of who they think they are should not have that right.  I went into Lester Maddox’s “store” in Underground Atlanta with my sister and stood there giving him all I could muster to his face until he had me removed from his store.


I will NOT stand for it or the lies about it.


The Yankees or Northerners in the War of Northern Aggression are not in the least exonerated in this grievous miscarriage of right and wrong.  It is not at ALL how it is painted now about then.  Now is it ?


Blacks fought for The Rural South in the War of Northern Aggression.


I am very saddened by folks who think they are better than another person because of who they are or who they think the other person is.


Let me make The Message clear that as a team we’re all about fair, for we’re still living in times, and certainly have seen in our lifetimes, that everything has not been and is not fair.

This has been wrong and harbors injustice today still.

We have seen this.

We’re all in this together as a team, and we’re going to see equal.

One is better ?  That is so inherently wrong and intrinsically incorrect.  We’re humbled that we even have to still discuss this in 2017.  We’re in this together.  We wear uniforms and love each other – all of us.  I support all This Message.  I want this abundantly clear, please.

If these folks are not getting The Message, then I want them to.

Unfairness in 2017 is embarrassing to the folks not hearing The Message.

We are together.  We are one.  We are the team.

It is wholly unacceptable that prior, and certainly still in 2017, that there are folks who think themselves a way, and therefore treat others, given that.  We will make The Message to such folks clear to even they even in 2017.  This is what we’re all together on.

Hear me, please.


Look I watched Henry Aaron and cheered him on as a great man who maintained himself in the proper manner a hero to all and I agree with him that someone should give Colin Kaepernick a chance.


We had better treat each other as equals with respect in my lifetime at some point.  You have to be kidding me that one is better than another because of who they are.  That alone should tell you all you need to know about them.  Look around there are plenty of me.


Robert Lee ESPN Announcer can not now do his profession and announce the up-coming college football game because of his name.


Ole Miss is going down.  Now fix your state flag Mississippi.  Good Lord.




Full of shit Han Vance : “Hutson Mason, Greyson Lambert, David Greene and Aaron Murray who developed into such incredible college football players but Jacob Eason is not to-date tracking to achieve like those incredible college football players.” BIG HAIRY BLOG BULLSHIT AGAIN TODAY

Hey numbnuts Aaron Murray never did SHIT as QB and neither did Hutson Mason whom you went to high school with nor Greyson Lambert.


On one hand there is this argument of yours that David Greene was great because he WON 42 of 52 games as our Starting Quarterback at 42-10.  And in your very next breath in the same damn sentence Han Vance you write of Aaron Murray but FAIL to disclose he LOST 17 of 52 games as our Starting Quarterback and was only 35-17.


For one that is the measure of him that he was 42-10.  For the other anything but his won/loss record of 35-17 is all you can ever bring up.  Be consistent Han Vance.  If David Greene was great because he won 42 of 52 games then Aaron Murray sucked because he won only 35 of 52 games.


As for Greyson Lambert and Hutson Mason neither of them ever did SHIT either Han Vance.


God damn FOOL.




We don’t know what Jacob Eason may accomplish here but I can assure you of this that it would take one year of him doing well to pass by these others who had such incredible college careers with no one having ever heard of him before during or after said incredible college careers dumbass.


Establish what it is you are going to use to judge a QB.  If he has no OL no WR no OC and no experience as head coach but held responsible for ALL THAT just say that is your premise.




DISNEYdawgs.com Han Vance who STOLE the name for his blog from “Big Hairy Dawg” whom Han Vance has NEVER BEEN.  DISNEYdawgs.com when here we are averaging MORE than 4 losses a season for 9 years now after 2007 and Han Vance thinks these guys have been GREAT.  Total hogwash.


236 p.m. next Monday 21 August total eclipse of the sun when in ancient times we would hope Han Vance would be consumed by the sun.  He once offered me a job writing HIS BLOG for HIM but I turned him down telling him I will decide what I write and when.



Pat Allen is at RIGHT TACKLE for Kirby. Dyshon Sims is at LEFT TACKLE for Kirby. Kirby you are a God Damn dumbass on OFFENSE and on SPECIAL TEAMS and this shit is costing us wins. Who the living hell would call Pat Allen his right tackle and Dyshon Sims his left tackle with what Kirby has on his OL. Jesus Christ Kirby give up the reigns over offense and special teams – you don’t know what you’re doing Kirby – give it up son.



This is indefensible Kirby and it does not matter how little you let us watch this bullshit continue.  We all can see it ourselves in a few seconds.


What the hell is your problem Kirby ?  Is this where you’re going to announce to the press how well they are doing again ?  Well is it bullshit artist ?



I am not comfortable that we have the guys listed correctly on the depth chart who are the better players and this is ALL on just only Kirby. That is the HEAD COACH who determines who is his STARTER who his back-ups are and in what pecking order. That is not the offensive coordinator either any more than it would be that Kirby told Jim Chaney he wanted us to run on 1st Down all 2016 despite the fact that it did not fit the personnel he himself Kirby sent out there to block on those running plays. Kirby had help. He steadfastly refused to play his help. Now 2017 Kirby is doing MORE of the same.

Kirby got my attention last year when in 2016 Kirby tried to redshirt Mecole Hardman Jr. and then only gave him one touch all season on offense or special teams.


Kirby you recall was questioned about his OL choices 2016 given that he had recruited 3 huge big OL 2016 but between the 3 of those he only gave them one snap all season.  Criminal given the problems Kirby had on HIS OL 2016 blocking for the pass and blocking for the run.  They were just too damn small yet Kirby recruited great help 2016 to help-out but refused to deploy those resources.


Kirby gave Isaac Nauta only 5 starts in 13 games yet he is All-America.


Kirby said Greyson Lambert was a better QB than Jacob Eason.


Kirby said 2 injured running backs were better than Brian Herrien yet I called for Brian Herrien to start at Tailback 2016 starting July 4 on THIS BLOG.




Kirby is not and has not played the right players at the right position on the depth chart.


Not all of that is Mark Richt’s fault.


That is on Kirby.


One would have thought that Sony Michel would have gotten the ball out in space and yes I hold Jim Chaney responsible for not identifying what pieces he has and telling Kirby to deploy this guy in this fashion but note if you will that Jim Chaney has to TELL KIRBY that.


I know that we certainly did not last year either and that Kirby was headstrong stubborn bullheaded obstinate and inflexible all of 2016 with his depth chart once he made his mind up.


I felt like we needed to shake things up 2016 with Kirby’s depth chart across the board.


I am more convinced Kirby has to change his current depth chart now 2017 season.


Kirby has not done a good job coaching.


For the most part Kirby has done an admirable job recruiting except for the 2018 recruiting with all these 20 guys going to the NFL Draft after this 2017 season all 20 who started for Kirby here. So on recruiting the fact that Kirby has only 1 of the top 310 players committed for next year 2018 is very concerning.


But the problems around these parts are that Kirby clearly is not doing a good job coaching because he can not figure out that the following are just not true :


Kirby has Willie Erdman (walk-on, redshirt freshman) ahead of Ahkil Crumpton at slot.

Kirby has Jayson Stanley ahead of J.J. Holloman at Wide Receiver.

Kirby has Isaiah Wynn at left tackle, Pat Allen at left guard, Lamont Gaillard at center, Solomon Kindley at right guard and Dyshon Sims at right tackle all ahead of •Netori Johnson consensus # 4 OG in the nation •Isaiah Wilson consensus # 2 OT in the nation •D’Marcus Hayes # 5 consensus OT in the nation •Justin Shaffer on the OL •Andrew Thomas consensus # 11 OT •# 7 consensus OG in the nation Ben Cleveland. This is a deal killer for Kirby 2107 if he does not relent and get his top flight OL out there finally playing 2017. Kirby bragged that small OL would not get the job done. Kirby recruited and signed big OL and NOW Kirby has the audacity this week to brag to the press that




Bullshit Kirby.


Just bullshit son.


Kirby has Tyrique McGhee as a better football player ahead of DeAngelo Gibbs and Mecole Hardman Jr.


D’Andre Swift is being discussed as a possible redshirt 2017 when he just has to play offense and special teams somewhere – make room for him Kirby.


2017 Depth Chart Kirby Georgia Bulldogs UGA football August Kirby not playing better players.




Mike Bobo won 6 of 24 games vs top 15 time of game after 2007. Six of twenty-four games. Where the hell were you ? Oh yeah you were on every blog saying ban my posts. I remember. If Mike Bobo was so great 2010-2014 why did he lose 26 games those 5 years as our Offensive Coordinator ? Why was he # 27 in won/lost record those years ? Why zero SEC Championships ? Why is he only 7-6 as head coach both years so far ? Why does NO ONE want to play for Mike Bobo ? Why can’t Mike Bobo get any players ? Why would Mike Bobo go to a place where they have a LOSING RECORD all-time ? How is that working out for Mike Bobo ? It’s not and you know it. You talk CRAP all day every day. You have no clue whatsoever. We have disagreed since the day you first posted online about us. Mike Bobo ? Shit Mike Bobo averaged MORE than 5 losses 2010-2014 and you write several posts about HOW GREAT HE WAS 2010-2014. No he was NOT you God Damn stupid ass freaking fool. Mike Bobo and Mark Richt were # 45 nationally with # 7 talent vs top 15 teams for # 11 all-time UGA after 2007. STFU about BOTH.

We have NEVER agreed on anything.


We never will.


You have some agenda not shared by me.


I would like to WIN at football.


You don’t give a shit if we win or think this is winning averaging MORE than 4 losses a season the latest last most recent 9 years now today.




I want more.




Quit with your bullshit of how great Mike Bobo and how great Mark Richt.




They are gone.


You are NEXT.


Get that dumbass ?


All you did from 2010 to 2014 inclusive was try to shut me up.


You still are.


Mike Bobo won 6 of 24 games vs top 15 time of game after 2007.  Six of twenty-four games.  Where the hell were you ?  Oh yeah you were on every blog saying ban my posts.  I remember.


LOSING 18 of 24 games vs top 15 after 2007 was # 45 nationally with the # 7 average Scout.com recruiting talent.  Mike Bobo SUCKED.


Stick it up your God Damned Asshole about Mike Bobo AND Mark Richt.


They’re gone.


I saw to it personally.


Did you get it that time you piece of shit ?


Well did you punk ?


You have not won a single argument with me ever anywhere and never will because you’re totally wrong and clueless.


“Mike Bobo is great and got promoted to head coach at Colorado State because of his success here as our Offensive Coordinator.”


He has NOT done jack shit here or there.  And you are WRONG again.


Mike Bobo and Mark Richt were # 45 nationally with # 7 talent after 2007 vs top 15 teams for # 11 all-time Georgia Bulldogs.  STFU about BOTH or not – all you do is make a public fool of yourself on the topic.


“I don’t think Mark Richt is losing his job this year” November 2015 mind you.


“I can’t deny it was a decision by Greg McGarity that could not be justified.”


“Again I’m not saying that you can’t make a case that he didn’t deserve to lose his job.”


“He isn’t going anywhere.”



This is what you’ve been saying to me 2010-2014 bragging on Mike Bobo and Mark Richt while we got the ever living shit beat out of us by EVERYBODY.  Not just top 15 teams whom they were no shows against but losses inexplicable losses to unranked teams 12 of them after 2007 in ADDITION.


Now STFU.  I won that argument. I fired them for it.  They’re gone and you still are trying to paint the story otherwise.  Good luck with that bullshit.  And good luck with trying to shut me up about how wrong you were then and still are today on the topic.


Mike Bobo and Mark Richt were # 45 nationally with # 7 talent vs top 15 teams for # 11 all-time UGA after 2007.  STFU about BOTH.



Kirby when you are GRUFF with the press and mean to all your players telling everyone how BAD THEY ALL ARE well son that only works when you are NOT 8-5. When you are NOT losing to Vandie a losing record opponent whom themselves lost to 3 other cupcakes but their Vandie coach beat Kirby and Vandie coach cried on OUR FIELD Kirby. So NO that shtick does NOT work for you Kirby. NOT. You need a new signature behavior Kirby for THAT ONE has become OLD on YOU Kirby and doesn’t work for you. No one wants to hear a coach who loses to Vandie whine that this player does THIS wrong or that. No one wants to hear a coach who loses to losing record Vandie act up and be animated with the press every press meeting. Try to blend-in Kirby. Its not working for you Kirby. Moreover it does NOT FIT. THAT act just does NOT WORK for you Kirby. Try something else. We’re ALL tired of it Kirby. Get a new act Kirby ! One which fits your record.

Forget you could not even beat 7-loss Ole Miss Kirby.  Forget you couldn’t beat Florida or even the vols Kirby.  Forget you lost to Georgie tek yellowjackets with their average # 52 signed scholarship recruit rankings to give their coach too not a losing record at Sanford Stadium Kirby.


You LOST to Vandie for God’s sake Kirby – so quit acting so tough with the press EVERY press meeting Kirby and cease with the act that this player needs to do this or that to finally be recognized by you Kirby as a player deserving YOUR RESPECT Kirby.


We’re ALL TIRED of it Kirby.





Jon Ossoff with most of his money from California filled our damn airwaves with his bullshit and the second most of his money for all that crap was from New York. In affluent North Atlanta where President Donald Trump won by two percentage points MORE THAN TWICE that is our VOICE SPEAKING AGAIN. Despite all the shit disgruntled same-old-story Democrats fed us with California and New York MONIES telling US how to vote WE voted AGAIN as always since 1979. Citizenship for lawbreakers NOT PAYING TAXES and DRIVING WITHOUT a license is NOT MY IDEA of where we need to be and neither is someone who can’t even be BOTHERED to LIVE IN MY DAMN DISTRICT. Piss-off Jon Ossoff who says he isn’t even sure he will run in 2018 AT ALL.

You told us all day every day how Jon Ossoff would win.  He not only did not win but lost by MORE than twice the percentage points President Donald Trump beat Hillary with.  That is a BLOW-OUT loss of a liberal bleeding heart.  We hate Nancy Pelosi here in the 6th district.




All of us.


And so the democratic stronghold in California and New York send ALL their monies HERE to TELL us how to vote.


NO other ad ran.


Just Jon Ossoff.


You called my cell phone repeatedly.


You stood outside the voting place.


You sat in benches with T-shirts on outside the polling place.


And you rallied support for your side thinking Southerners are backwards stupid uneducated and needed YOU to tell US how to vote.


They even showed-up trying to vote when they do not live in the 6th district.  Why not ?  Your candidate does not even live here either.  He lives in an apartment and easily could have represented HIS DISTRICT by living here among us.  But no that is too much damn trouble for Democrats.


They told us in EVERY POLL Jon Ossoff would win and did win.


Then we voted.


They told us THEN that it is a referendum against Republicans with their tired old rhetoric.


They never did tell us that Jon Ossoff wants to give citizenship to cheating lawbreakers who do NOT pay taxes and don’t have a driver’s license.


They told us how attractive Jon Ossoff is.


They told us that Republicans would not control the House.  We have 47 more Republicans than Democrats.  47.


And the Democrats who are MOSTLY from out West and up North tell us how bad all this is.  You can’t win.  Even when you tell us how you WILL you don’t.


Jon Ossoff ?


Really ?


Nearly three-quarters of us have college degrees and make $ 160 thousand dollars a year every year.


And you bring your tired bullshit down here to our airwaves to tell US how to vote ?


I am so fed-up with your tired worn-out rhetoric of how bad all this is for YOU.


It is a BLOW-OUT of Biblical Proportions by MORE than twice the percentage points President Donald Trump beat Hillary with.


It is NOT at ALL what you said it would be.


You LOST again.


Your leaders in the Democratic Party are NOT our leaders.


We’re SMARTER than that.


I have news for you in California and New York that not only are you out-of-touch but also we do NOT like your kind.  Try your tired old bullshit somewhere else.


Jon Ossoff has the lead.  Jon Ossoff will win.  Those of you who did show-up to vote were pissed-off.  You are EVEN more so now.


Jon Ossoff was defeated by MORE than TWICE that by which Hillary was here.  Make them citizens ?  Tell them to vote for you then – try THAT.  Give us YOUR GUY who doesn’t even BOTHER to TRY to live in my district ?


Bad job Democrats.  Bad ads.  Wrong idea.  I am sick and tired of your ads Democrats.


Take your cash back to California and to New York the number one and number two places where all those ad monies came from and BURN IT THERE dumbasses.


You LOST again.  Ha ha.  Lol.


You don’t listen – do you ?


I listen.  I studied your words.  I get it.  You do not.  There were 71 better shots for Democrats than this 71.


Who told US we lose to Jon Ossoff ?  SurveyUSA GBA Strategies/House Majority PAC (D) Gravis Marketing Anzalone Liszt Grove Research (D) WSB/Landmark Communications Trafalgar Group Revily FOX 5 Atlanta/Opinion Savvy AJC/Abt Associates


6-20-2017 at 11:35 p.m.

Gridiron Now.com Chadd Scott whose wife is FL grad and who himself is Auburn grad states CHUCK OLIVER told him none of our 2016 players play for Alabama and one Isaac Nauta of 2017 UGA players would start for Alabama to piss-off everyone in The Whole Entire Bulldog Nation.

The cheesy post is a 3-part designed to get 2 more CLICKS to read – 2 ads to a loan company.


Yes we misused our 2016 talent and will again 2017 as all indications show Kirby will hold-back his big OL and start little guys 2017 instead.  Small OL guys who did not get the job done last year or the year before will start for KIRBY 2017.


Chadd Scott then summarizes that Chadd Scott thinks Kirby will close the talent gap with Alabama in 2018 or 2019 despite Kirby losing 20 of his STARTERS 2017 after the 2017 season.


Kirby will NOT close the talent gap with Alabama 2018.  It’s 2017 when Kirby can GET IT DONE – not for God’s sake WAIT UNTIL NEXT YEAR as per Chadd Scott Gridiron Now.com.


I still state that Nick Saban given injuries to both Sony Michel and to Nick Chubb 2016 would’ve started Brian Herrien at Tailback for UGA 2016 were he here.


And he would’ve prepared Jacob Eason as he did Jalen Hurts unlike the manner Kirby held-back Jacob Eason not preparing him then throwing him into the fire.


And there is NO WAY Nick Saban plays THAT OL 2016 Kirby sent out there but his freshmen OL instead.


In fact I believe that Mo Smith was destined to start at Alabama 2016.  He would’ve made plays against Deshaun Watson and so would’ve Dominick Sanders.


Kirby has tons of players who with proper assessment could’ve started at Alabama 2016 and even more now for 2017.


Lorenzo Carter.

Michail Carter.

Ben Cleveland.

Brian Herrien.

Jacob Eason.

Deangelo Gibbs.

Mecole Hardman Junior.

D’Marcus Hayes.

Jeremiah Holloman

Jonathan Ledbetter

David Marshall

Sony Michel at WR

Natrez Patrick

Isaac Nauta

Cameron Nizialek

Dominick Sanders

Roquan Smith

Trenton Thompson

D’Andre Swift

Richard LeCounte

Isaiah Wilson

Netori Johnson

Nate McBride

Walter Grant

Robert Beal

Jake Fromm


No the problem is for Chadd Scott that Kirby has MORE players who would start at Florida and at Auburn than they do because Kirby has MORE TALENT than BOTH 2017 and EVERYONE SAYS Kirby plays Alabama 2017 in The SEC Championship Game BECAUSE OF ALL OF THIS TALENT.


Chuck Oliver another disgruntled Auburn grad knows that THEY do NOT have UGA’s talent today just as Chadd Scott is afraid of too. Chuck and Chernoff AM 680 the Fan.  Frick and Frack both afraid of how good Georgia is 2017.


2018 ?


Typical Auburn fan trying to get Bulldogs to think about 2018 or 2019 when 2017 we are a handful for Auburn for Florida and yes for Alabama – much more so than we will be in 2018 losing 20 I figure STARTERS for Kirby 2017 after this up-coming stellar 2017 season.


Or at least Kirby had better hope it is.


Jim Donnan bragged how good his talent was as Kirby just did yesterday for 2017 and when he did not deliver Mike Adam$ ran him out of town to the chagrin of Vince Dooley.


Yeah we’re good 2017 Kirby with all this talent now the question is will you PLAY THE TALENT such as on your OL for Sam Pittman 2017 Kirby ?  Will you come-up with some SEMBLANCE of an offensive game strategy 2017 Kirby or tell Jim Chaney run every first down all season long again ?  And will you FIND a pitch-and-catch combo for your three (3) quarterbacks 2017 Kirby or send out WR after WR like you have no clue who can catch a pass Kirby ?


In the meantime Kirby’s foibles as COACH will be the ONLY HOPE for Auburn grads for he most certainly has MORE TALENT than Auburn Florida vols and maybe is closer to Alabama 2017 than we will be here at Georgia for a LONG TIME hence 2017.


2018 ?


Have you EVEN looked who Kirby loses after 2017 Chuck Oliver or Chad Scott or for that matter Kincaid EITHER ?


All but Buck Belue AM680 the Fan has missed that THIS is Kirby’s BEST SHOT 2017 and he had BETTER deliver.







Lake Lanier level at 1075 January of 2016 had dropped 15 inches to 1060 January of 2017. Now after raining 14 of the last 15 days Lake Lanier has rebounded HALF of that loss of water. Recall of course as THIS BLOG SAID ALL ALONG that the RIVER STARTS in Georgia and IS OUR WATER not Alabama’s. This is GREAT NEWS for Atlanta world class city who HOSTS the college football NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP GAME at the end of THIS SEASON at Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium also known as the MOST EXPENSIVE STADIUM IN THE WORLD EVER still hoping to figure-out how to retract the roof in time for FOOTBALL this 2017 season. April May and now June have been ALL RAIN – good for Lake Lanier and Atlanta and BAD for Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium running the costs up EVEN MORE already the world’s most EXPENSIVE STADIUM. College Football Trivia .com shutting-down tonight 5 June 2017. Han Vance GOES AGAINST College Football Trivia . com and states today on Big Hairy Blawg that UGA is in HIS VIEW # 2 in The SEC recently. What a load of hogwash Han.

It’s been a year now since June of 2016 that ANYONE has estimated the COST overruns of Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium due to all this rain the last three months here in Atlanta.


14 of the last 15 days nothing but rain.  The one day it did not rain much of Atlanta but not here for me in Dunwoody did get rain that day too.


Han Vance who offered to let me write for HIS blog but I turned him down stating to Han that I would DETERMINE what I wrote and when states today that The Georgia Bulldogs AVERAGING more than 4 losses a season for 9 years now and counting are in fact # 2 in The SEC.




Huh ?


# 41 in the nation Georgia Bulldogs for 9 years at THIS URL LINK vs top 15 teams for # 11 all-time UGA are somehow # 2 in The SEC Han ?


7 wins out of the last 27 games vs top 15 teams UGA is # 2 in The SEC Han ?  Try # 9 Han Vance in The SEC and # 41 nationally all conferences for THAT sir is what we are recently.




College Football Trivia states that THEY are giving-up the ghost tomorrow – quitting.  No more of their site after today 5 June 2017.


Well Stassen covers some of that anyway.


After 2007 – nine years now UGA averages OVER 4 losses per season – and “haters” Han Vance calls SOME GROUP he hates and announces to them INSTEAD today that Georgia in fact is in his view # 2 in The SEC in football recently.




No Han.


No sir we are NOT.




Team records (Current FBS Teams) Years 2008-2016
Opponents that are/were ranked during game time from 01 to 15
Highest Rank of the AP Poll or Coaches Poll
Showing Actual Game Results
Pos Team Record Points Opps Rec (-HtH)
1.. Houston (5-1-0)–0.83333 (36.17-23.83) (61-11-0)–0.84722
2.. Alabama (36-12-0)–0.75000 (32.12-19.75) (485-107-0)–0.81926
3. Boise St. (5-2-0)–0.71429 (24.71-20.57) (69-17-0)–0.80233
4. Ohio St. (18-9-0)–0.66667[1] (30.52-22.96) (274-59-0)–0.82282
5. Stanford (16-11-0)–0.59259 (28.89-26.67) (263-70-0)–0.78979
6. Oklahoma (18-13-0)–0.58065 (33.74-29.03) (310-67-0)–0.82228
7. Oregon (14-11-0)–0.56000 (33.76-29.00) (269-44-0)–0.85942
8. Clemson (15-12-0)–0.55556 (29.04-28.85) (288-50-0)–0.85207
9. Florida St. (13-11-0)–0.54167 (30.12-31.50) (245-56-0)–0.81395
10. TCU (14-13-0)–0.51852 (29.56-25.52) (264-62-0)–0.80982
11. USC (10-10-0)–0.50000 (28.15-32.75) (209-39-0)–0.84274
11. Pittsburgh (4-4-0)–0.50000 (32.62-31.75) (78-20-0)–0.79592
13. LSU (16-18-0)–0.47059 (22.74-22.71) (344-78-0)–0.81517
14. Iowa (8-11-0)–0.42105 (21.58-21.21) (196-40-0)–0.83051
15. Florida (13-19-0)–0.40625 (22.72-24.38) (333-63-0)–0.84091
16. Michigan St. (10-15-0)–0.40000 (21.12-30.88) (264-48-0)–0.84615
16. East Carolina (2-3-0)–0.40000 (21.60-29.20) (49-13-0)–0.79032
18. Wisconsin (11-17-0)–0.39286 (25.25-27.07) (278-67-0)–0.80580
19. Mississippi (12-20-0)–0.37500 (25.59-32.50) (326-71-0)–0.82116
19. Texas (12-20-0)–0.37500 (23.62-32.59) (303-85-0)–0.78093
19. Central Fla. (3-5-0)–0.37500 (24.00-35.12) (83-14-0)–0.85567
19. Navy (3-5-0)–0.37500 (30.38-32.00) (75-23-0)–0.76531
23. Utah (7-13-0)–0.35000 (24.05-30.25) (198-49-0)–0.80162
24. Northwestern (5-10-0)–0.33333 (21.27-33.00) (148-36-0)–0.80435
24. North Carolina (3-6-0)–0.33333[2] (29.11-34.22) (86-26-0)–0.76786
26. Auburn (11-23-0)–0.32353 (21.97-31.76) (352-71-0)–0.83215
27. Oklahoma St. (10-21-0)–0.32258 (31.52-37.23) (302-78-0)–0.79474
28. Texas A&M (8-17-0)–0.32000 (27.40-35.16) (250-61-0)–0.80386
29. Georgia Tech (6-13-0)–0.31579 (25.68-33.11) (194-44-0)–0.81513
30. South Carolina (8-18-0)–0.30769 (22.00-31.12) (265-59-0)–0.81790
30. N.C. State (4-9-0)–0.30769 (26.69-37.69) (137-30-0)–0.82036
32. Arizona (6-14-0)–0.30000 (25.15-39.15) (202-46-0)–0.81452
32. Notre Dame (6-14-0)–0.30000 (23.80-28.60) (186-59-0)–0.75918
32. Louisville (3-7-0)–0.30000 (27.30-31.70) (102-23-0)–0.81600
35. Baylor (8-19-0)–0.29630 (31.74-41.04) (272-57-0)–0.82675
36. Texas Tech (6-15-0)–0.28571 (32.71-45.29) (203-51-0)–0.79921
36. Miami (FL) (4-10-0)–0.28571 (17.43-30.21) (144-31-0)–0.82286
38. Penn St. (6-16-0)–0.27273 (19.73-33.00) (225-44-0)–0.83643
38. UCLA (6-16-0)–0.27273 (22.18-34.55) (212-59-0)–0.78229
40. Arkansas (10-27-0)–0.27027 (22.68-33.43) (362-93-0)–0.79560
41.  Georgia (7-20-0)–0.25926 (24.26-32.11) (274-63-0)–0.81306


By the way Han you sir are NOT Big Hairy Dawg and NEVER HAVE BEEN.






The Top 25 players Kirby would miss the most who could be playing their last year 2017. THIS is why the discussion I see on many blogs about Kirby being a year away are ALL WRONG.

  1. 97 John Atkins N SR 6-4 308 Thomson, Ga./Thomson/Hargrave Military
  2. 17 Davin Bellamy OLB SR 6-5 240 Chamblee, Ga./Chamblee
  3. 83 Jeb Blazevich TE SR 6-5 242 Charlotte, N.C./Charlotte Christian
  4. 7 Lorenzo Carter OLB SR 6-6 242 Norcross, Ga./Norcross
  5. 45 Reggie Carter ILB SR 6-1 230 Snellville, Ga./South Gwinnett
  6. 27 Nick Chubb TB SR 5-10 228 Cedartown, Ga./Cedartown
  7. 35 Aaron Davis CB SR 6-1 189 Locust Grove, Ga./Luella
  8. 1 Sony Michel TB SR 5-11 222 Plantation, Fla./American Heritage
  9. 92 Cameron Nizialek P GS 6-2 200 Chantilly, Va.//Columbia Univ.
  10. 47 Christian Payne FB SR 6-1 242 Athens, Ga./Prince Avenue Christian
  11. 14 Malkom Parrish CB SR 5-10 185 Quitman, Ga./Brooks County
  12. 24 Dominick Sanders SS SR 6-0 193 Tucker, Ga./Tucker
  13. 55 Dyshon Sims OG SR 6-4 290 Valdosta, Ga./Lowndes
  14. 6 Javon Wims WR SR 6-4 215 Miami, Fla./Ed White/Hinds CC
  15. 77 Isaiah Wynn OG SR 6-2 302 St. Petersburg, Fla./Lakewood
  16. 94  Michael Barnett OL/DT  RS SO  6-4 304 Dorchester, S.C./Woodland
  17. 98  Rodrigo Blankenship PK  RS SO  6-1 191 Marietta, Ga./Sprayberry
  18. 5  Terry Godwin WR  JR  5-11 185 Hogansville, Ga./Callaway
  19. 96  DaQuan Hawkins-Muckle DT  JR  6-4 318 Atlanta, Ga./Westlake
  20. 78  D’Marcus Hayes OL  JR  6-5 315 Madison Central/MS Gulf Coast CC
  21. 13  Jonathan Ledbetter DE  JR  6-4 277 Tucker, Ga./Tucker
  22. 3  Roquan Smith LB  JR  6-1 225 Montezuma, Ga./Macon County
  23. 23  J.R. Reed DB  RS SO  6-1 194 Frisco, Texas/Prestonwood Tusla
  24. 6  Natrez Patrick ILB  JR  6-3 238 Atlanta, Ga./Mays
  25. 78  Trenton Thompson DT  JR  6-4 295 Albany, Ga./Westover


Top 25 players Kirby would miss the most who could be playing their last year this up-coming 2017 season.


Anyway you figure it THIS IS THE YEAR FOR KIRBY and Kirby can sign a full complement of 25 players if even a few of these Juniors do declare for the NFL Draft 2018 after this season.  So the point is Kirby can NOT be a year away can he ?  And the point is where are all of Kirby’s commitments to replace all these guys after this up-coming 2017 season ?  Surely they ALL see the Openings at Georgia 2018 after this season.


Kirby also loses after this up-coming 2017 season :

  1. 70 Aulden Bynum OT/TE SR 6-5 295 Valdosta, Ga./Valwood School
  2. 85 Jordan Davis TE SR 6-4 240 Thomson, Ga./Thomson
  3. 36 Dante Dixon RB SR 5-7 170 Dacula, Ga.//Kennesaw State
  4. 75 Thomas Swilley OG SR 6-3 318 Athens Cedar Shoals 1 game yr
  5. 23 Shakenneth Williams WR SR 6-1 208 Macon, Ga./Rutland not playing
  6. 69 Trent Frix SN SR 6-0 215 Calhoun, Ga./Calhoun/Air Force Academy


RED are Seniors out of eligibility after this up-coming 2017 season.  There are 21 seniors 2017 for Kirby.

BLUE are NFL Draft Eligible players after this up-coming 2017 season.  There are 9 more key players who for sure some Declare for the NFL Draft after this up-coming 2017 season.


There are then 30 Kirby could lose after this up-coming 2017 season and 15 of them are totally key players who must leave after this up-coming 2017 season.  I think we lose 20 Starters after this up-coming 2017 season and you wrote on your blog that “Kirby could be a year away.”


No he can’t be.  Can he ?  Mark it down I have now told you TWICE that Kirby loses 20 Starters after this up-coming 2017 season.


How can Kirby be a year away ?  Because he has not figured-out who to play on offense and special teams only on defense ?


According to 247Sports.com Composite Kirby’s 2017 team is made-up of the average # 6 Recruiting Class these latest 4 years now today.


This is the type of RESEARCH this blog has ALWAYS been known for.





Isaiah McKenzie signs 4-year contract at $600 thousand a year Denver Broncos plus a $235 thousand dollar signing bonus.

That’s 5th round pick rookie numbers six hundred thousand year 4 years with two hundred thirty-five thousand signing bonus.


Isaiah McKenzie extended the streak for UGA Georgia Bulldogs 2017 when he was drafted to make us now 75 years in a row NFL Draft at least one NFL Draft Pick except for 1992.





Kirby could lose 46 after this up-coming 2017 season. Here the 46 are and the Top 25 Kirby would miss the most for 2018.

  1. 97 John Atkins N SR 6-4 308 Thomson, Ga./Thomson/Hargrave Military
  2. 17 Davin Bellamy OLB SR 6-5 240 Chamblee, Ga./Chamblee
  3. 83 Jeb Blazevich TE SR 6-5 242 Charlotte, N.C./Charlotte Christian
  4. 11 Keyon Brown OLB RS JR 6-3 257 Wauchula, Fla./Hardee County
  5. 70 Aulden Bynum OT/TE SR 6-5 295 Valdosta, Ga./Valwood School
  6. 7 Lorenzo Carter OLB SR 6-6 242 Norcross, Ga./Norcross
  7. 45 Reggie Carter ILB SR 6-1 230 Snellville, Ga./South Gwinnett
  8. 27 Nick Chubb TB SR 5-10 228 Cedartown, Ga./Cedartown
  9. 35 Aaron Davis CB SR 6-1 189 Locust Grove, Ga./Luella
  10. 85 Jordan Davis TE SR 6-4 240 Thomson, Ga./Thomson
  11. 36 Dante Dixon RB SR 5-7 170 Dacula, Ga.//Kennesaw State
  12. 69 Trent Frix SN SR 6-0 215 Calhoun, Ga./Calhoun/Air Force Academy
  13. 53 Lamont Gaillard OG RS JR 6-2 288 Fayetteville, N.C./Pine Forest
  14. 1 Sony Michel TB SR 5-11 222 Plantation, Fla./American Heritage
  15. 92 Cameron Nizialek P GS 6-2 200 Chantilly, Va.//Columbia Univ.
  16. 14 Malkom Parrish CB SR 5-10 185 Quitman, Ga./Brooks County
  17. 47 Christian Payne FB SR 6-1 242 Athens, Ga./Prince Avenue Christian
  18. 24 Dominick Sanders SS SR 6-0 193 Tucker, Ga./Tucker
  19. 55 Dyshon Sims OG SR 6-4 290 Valdosta, Ga./Lowndes
  20. 75 Thomas Swilley OG SR 6-3 318 Athens Cedar Shoals 1 game yr
  21. 23 Shakenneth Williams WR SR 6-1 208 Macon, Ga./Rutland not play
  22. 6 Javon Wims WR SR 6-4 215 Miami, Fla./Ed White/Hinds CC
  23. 77 Isaiah Wynn OG SR 6-2 302 St. Petersburg, Fla./Lakewood
  24. 58  Pat Allen OL  RS SO  6-4 290 Reisterstown, Md./Franklin
  25. 18  Deandre Baker CB  JR  5-11 180 Miami, Fla./Miami Northwestern
  26. 65  Kendall Baker OT  JR  6-6 287 Atlanta, Ga./Marist
  27. 94  Michael Barnett OL/DT  RS SO  6-4 304 Dorchester, S.C./Woodland
  28. 98  Rodrigo Blankenship PK  RS SO  6-1 191 Marietta, Ga./Sprayberry
  29. 11  Keyon Brown OLB  RS JR  6-3 257 Wauchula, Fla./Hardee County
  30. 82  Michael Chigbu WR  JR  6-2 213 New Orleans, La./Holy Cross School
  31. 30  Tae Crowder ILB  RS SO  6-3 228 Hamilton, Ga./Harris County
  32. 5  Terry Godwin WR  JR  5-11 185 Hogansville, Ga./Callaway
  33. 63  Sage Hardin OL  RS SO  6-6 291 Atlanta, Ga./Marist
  34. 88  Jackson Harris TE  JR  6-6 247 Columbia, Tenn./Columbia Central
  35. 96  DaQuan Hawkins-Muckle DT  JR  6-4 318 Atlanta, Ga./Westlake
  36. 78  D’Marcus Hayes OL  JR  6-5 315 Madison Central/MS Gulf Coast CC
  37. 13  Jonathan Ledbetter DE  JR  6-4 277 Tucker, Ga./Tucker
  38. 67  Sam Madden OL  RS SO  6-6 334 Barnegat, N.J./Barnegat
  39. Rashad Roundtree ILB  JR  6-1 204 Evans, Ga./Lakeside
  40. 92  Justin Young DE  RS SO  6-4 279 Loganville, Ga./Grayson
  41. 2  Jayson Stanley WR  JR  6-2 207 Fairburn, Ga./Creekside
  42. 15  D’Andre Walker LB  JR  6-3 223 Fairburn, Ga./Langston Hughes
  43. 3  Roquan Smith LB  JR  6-1 225 Montezuma, Ga./Macon County
  44. 23  J.R. Reed DB  RS SO  6-1 194 Frisco, Texas/Prestonwood Tusla
  45. 6  Natrez Patrick ILB  JR  6-3 238 Atlanta, Ga./Mays
  46. 78  Trenton Thompson DT  JR  6-4 295 Albany, Ga./Westover


Who are all the guys Kirby could lose after this up-coming 2017 season ?


Some of these Kirby would like to lose.


Anyway you figure it THIS IS THE YEAR FOR KIRBY and Kirby can sign a full complement of 25 players if even a few of these Juniors do declare for the NFL Draft 2018 after this season.


Of these 46 who would be the BIGGEST TOP 25 PLAYERS LOSS FOR KIRBY after this up-coming 2017 season ?  The biggest LOSS for Kirby would be the Top 25 players listed in RED here.  And this insures that 2018 is not going to be the year that 2017 is.


Who leaves after up-coming 2017 season for Kirby ?  Who does Kirby have left for 2018 next year ?  Did you know it is 46 who could be playing their last year here for Kirby 2017 ?  Of these 46 who would be the BIGGEST TOP 25 PLAYERS KIRBY would miss the most after this up-coming 2017 season ?




University of Texas at Austin closed classes as 4 students are stabbed by a DWI arrested UT student who hasn’t gone to classes for a month following his last arrest. 1 fatality.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to all.  The 19 year old student was well-liked by everyone and will be missed.  The student attacker came up from behind him and stabbed him then continued on to stab 3 more students 1 of whom is still in the hospital.


Campus Police were able to bring him down on campus and you could see the sheath in plain sight hanging from his belt.  University of Texas Police Chief David Carter is expected to seek charges of murder of 19 year old student Harrison Brown by 21 year old student Kendrex White.



Starting 1942 at least one Georgia Bulldog has been selected in 75 Consecutive NFL Drafts – except for ONLY 1992 as Isaiah McKenzie whose grades would not let him play in 2017 is Drafted by the Denver Broncos to be # 316 Georgia Bulldog NFL Draft Pick which is # 14 All-Time in NFL Draft Picks for Georgia. The Mighty SEC had the most 1st Round Picks most 2nd Round Picks most 3rd Round Picks most 4th Round Picks and the MOST NFL DRAFT PICKS with 53 while the Big Ten BIG only had 35 – the Pac-12 only 36 – and the ACC only 43. Does UGA deserve the criticism that West Georgia had 2 NFL Draft Picks and The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs one ?


American Heritage High in Miami Florida Isaiah McKenzie.  Denver has now taken 14 Georgia Bulldogs in the NFL Draft the 2nd most ever for the Broncos from any school.  I hope that he does not embarrass us off-the-field which I will predict will happen and not because of his bad hands but that will be an issue as well as his treatment of women.  I realize Denver is the worst NFL team for explosive players and Isaiah McKenzie can scoot.  It’s just that he catches the ball against his chest not using his hands.


As for Isaiah McKenzie taking a chance to declare he had no choice having FLUNKED-OUT like Tim Kimbrough did and was not eligible. I know we lost NOTHING in losing him while The SEC lost a ton of talent across the board except for Georgia who better win 10 games 2017 and make it to Atlanta as SEC East Champions.


2017 should be a top year for Georgia Bulldog fans that is if Kirby actually practices and plays his top talent instead of criticizing all of them and then throwing them into the fire anyway unprepared.  I cringe to hear Kirby criticize everyone seriously.  Rodney Garner did that here and lacked success as a result.  You DO congratulate them Kirby when they do what you WANT THEM TO DO.  Kirby could use a psychology class or 2.


It is hard to get overly excited about 2017 DESPITE ALL THIS TALENT as poorly as Kirby COACHED last year 2016 and he was horrid at everything but defense and recruiting while 2018 he has one commitment to replace 17 STARTERS 2017 who go in the NFL Draft 2018 right after the 2017 season for Kirby.


Next year’s NFL Draft 2018 will feature DOUBLE-DIGIT NFL Draft Picks and the MOST in The SEC for The Georgia Bulldogs.


But what will Kirby do with all this talent 2017 ?


Surely no one can point to 2018 with that recruiting class so bad and inexcusable with all this talent gone after 2017.


Wave the red flag.


The SEC remains the DOMINANT college football conference once again.


The Mighty SEC :

the most 1st Round Picks

most 2nd Round Picks

most 3rd Round Picks

most 4th Round Picks


Big Ten BIG only had 35

Pac-12 only 36

ACC only 43.


Georgia Georgia Southern Georgia State and the trade school downtown in the slums all had a player drafted in the 2017 NFL Draft.


The state of Georgia produces the 4th most NFL Draft Picks with California 40 million population Texas 28 million Florida 20 million and Georgia’s population only 11 million.


Tim Kimbrough went undrafted.


None of our offensive linemen were drafted.  I could have told you that watching them last year and we redshirted all 3 of our top OL singees and have moved NONE of them up to the starting line-up either.


Yes West Georgia had 2 drafted Mark Schlabach Patrick Schmidt and Bob Miller but Kirby still did a poor job coaching except for defense and recruiting 2016.  Kirby is likely to NOT practice his youth in the Fall with the # 1 unit then have to throw them into the fire without experience as he did 2016 knowing full well that the last remnants of Mark Richt’s DREAM TEAM left after 2015 season when Mark Richt was FIRED by Greg McGarity.  And while 2017 was our best recruiting class all-time # 2 by Scout.com # 3 by everyone else such as ESPN RecruitingNationn and 247Sports.com Kirby has completely dropped the ball with only one commit 2018 and he has 17 SENIOR STARTERS 2017.


Bob Miller son writing “TRANSFERRED” hardly tells the facts of Mark Richt’s recruits his last years here :


Is it true that Kirby was left little talent ?

I thought that Mark Richt averaged the # 7 Scout.com recruiting rankings ?

He did.

They just were not here for us.

Were Mark Richt’s Recruiting Rankings overinflated with Signed Scholarship Recruits who besides not winning just simply were not on the team any longer ?

Absolutely.  Here is the proof.

2013 Recruiting Class for Mark Richt was the problem ?  EVERY YEAR is the same.  Look for yourself.

It was the SAME EVERY YEAR with Mark Richt.

2010 Signing Class Mark Richt UGA :

(1) WR NR Lonnie Outlaw Wide Receiver Georgia Military, failed to Qualify

(2)DT 16 Michael Thornton

(3)OT 90 Kenarious Gates

(4)QB 53 Hutson Mason

(5)MLB 74 Alexander Ogletree – suspended REPEATED FAILED DRUG TEST removed from team

(6)DT 6 Garrison Smith

(7)DE 12 T.J. Stripling

(8)DE 45 Dexter Morant – quit when he 1st got here. Unquit later. Then, flunked-out.

(9)S JC Jakar Hamilton – transferred-out Safety South Carolina State

(10)DE 52 Brandon Burrows –quit the team as soon as he got here, unquit. medical hardship.

(11)RB 25 Ken Malcome – quit, un-quit, AGAIN QUIT MARK RICHT Southern Illinois Salukis

(12)OLB 3 Alec Ogletree

(13)CB 45 Derek Owens – Transferred Derek Owens, Cornerback, Alabama State.

(14)WR 84 Michael Bennett

(15)OLB 23 Demetre Baker – arrest DUI suspended Miss St, kicked-off . South Alabama also kicked-off.

(16)OT 10 Brent Benedict Quit over Joe Tereshinski II, transferred to Virginia Tech

(17)OG 6 Kolton Houston

(18)S 59 Marc Deas – Derrick Lott announced he was transferring and Marc Deas followed the next day. Marc Deas did not play his 4 years of eligibility

(19)DE 30 Jalen Fields – failed to qualify, went to Louisiana Lafayette


2011 Signing Class Mark Richt UGA :

(20)DT JC Johnathan Jenkins

(21)RB 1 Isaiah Crowell arrested suspended October 15, 2011 & November 5, Thursday 27 October failed drug test, leading rusher Florida 2 days’ later, kicked-off, Alabama State, NFL Cleveland 546 yards

(22)MLB 37 Kent Turene – failed to qualify academically. Applied to Marshall, accepted and plays there

(23)DE 6 Ray Drew

(24)OT 40 Xzavier Wardleft the team with 2 years of eligibility remaining

(25)TE 4 Jay Rome

(26)CB 7 Malcolm Mitchell

(27)S 136 Quintavious Harrow – flunked-out, transfer Garden City Community College

(28)OLB 27 Ramik Wilson

(29)CB 9 Damian Swann

(30)WR 146 Sanford Seay allegedly a felony theft kicked-off, Wide Receiver – Louisiana Tech 2014

(31)DT 50 Chris Mayes

(32)OT 28 Zach DeBell – did not play his 4 years of eligibility

(33)LS NR Nathan Theus

(34)OG 41 Hunter Long – did not play his 4 years of eligibility

(35)OT 23 Watts Dantzler

(36)CB 15 Nick Marshall allegedly felony theft, kicked-off.  Auburn, arrested drugs & tinted car

(37)WR 51 Justin Scott-Wesley – arrested drugs, suspended – did not play his 4 years of eligibility

(38)DE 37 Sterling Bailey

(39)QB 8 Christian LeMay Kicked-off high school team senior season Transfer to Jacksonville State

(40)CB 38 Devin Bowman

(41)WR 34 Chris Conley

(42)C 6 David Andrews

(43)MLB 11 Amarlo Herrera

(44)S 20 Chris Sanders allegedly felony theft, kicked-off. JUCO transfer to Baylor.

(45)S 6 Corey Moore


2012 Signing Class Mark Richt UGA :

 (46)OLB 2 Josh Harvey-Clemons –  3 suspensions kicked-off, Louisville

(47)DE 27 Josh Dawson

(48)CB 11 Sheldon Dawson violation of team rules, suspended, rumored transferring to Memphis

(49)RB 13 Todd Gurley II – admitted sold autographs for 2 years for $3,000 suspended 4 games

(50)DE 5 Jordan Jenkins

(51)OT JC Mark Beard

(52)RB 1 Keith Marshall

(53)QB 24 Faton Bauta – given QB start 2015 by Mark Richt despite not one snap at QB all year – transferred

(54)WR 52 Blake Tibbs – played 2 of his 4 years eligibility and announced transferred

(55)DT 23 John Atkins – failed to qualify went to Hargrave Military Academy Virginia to become eligible still counted as a recruit Mark Richt signed in Recruiting Rankings overinflating Mark Richt’s Recruiting Rankings

(56)OG 41 Greg Pyke

(57)OT 2 John Theus

(58)DT 9 Jonathan Taylor criminal arrest stealing from UGA double check-cashing, arrested felony aggravated assault/family violence, kicked off, Miss St, LSU, West Vir, or Alabama, Kicked-off team by Mark Richt.

(59)DE 74 James Deloach – criminal arrest stealing from UGA double check-cashing

(60)P NR Collin Barber

(61)FB 2 Quayvon Hicks

(62)DE 18 Leonard Floyd this is the 1st time we recruited him failed to qualify academically.  This is a 4-Star Recruit everyone always said Mark Richt signed so MANY of.  No he did not.  Given credit for Signing this top-rated recruit in the nation 2012 but Mark Richt did NOT in 2012 in overinflated Recruiting Rankings did he ?

(63)TE 18 Ty Flournoy-Smith arrested for filing false report of a crime, Tight End Alabama 2014

(64)K 7 Marshall Morgan – arrested BUI, suspended


2013 Signing Class Mark Richt UGA :

(65)DE JC   Toby Johnson

(66)DE 27   Davin Bellamy – arrested DUI, suspended

(67)OT 31   DeVondre Seymour failed to qualify, at Hinds Community College Mississippi

(68)RB NR   Brendan Douglas

(69)CB 15   Shaq Wiggins arrested failure appear, suspended license.  Louisville

(70)WR 18   Tramel Terry – played one of his 4 years of eligibility at UGA then transferred to Jacksonville State

(71)S JC   Kennar Daniels-Johnson – one of a steady stream of defensive backs who just departed the program once Todd Grantham and secondary coach Scott Lakatos were hired.

(72)WR JC   Jonathon Rumph

(73)CB 19   Brendan Langley transferred-out, did not get a snap against Georgie tek and was mad

(74)RB 37   A.J. Turman – scored 2 TD each in 2 G-Day Games leading team then Mark Richt never allowed him to play and gave him not one single snap in 3 years so he quit the team and left

(75)OLB PG   Leonard Floyd this time he qualified he also overinflating Mark Richt’s Recruiting Rankings signing with Mark Richt 2 years after not qualifying on grades.  Bragged on signing him twice.

(76)DT PG   John Atkins – this time he came here and he was signed as recruit 2 years in a row and counted in Mark Richt’s Recruiting Rankings 2 years in a row overinflating Mark Richt’s Recruiting Rankings

(77)S JC   Shaquille Fluker – Safety – Transferred-out also to Jacksonville State for 2014

(78)S 34   Paris Bostick Mutually Transferred-out 2014 to Iowa Western Community College

(79)TE 15   Jordan Davis

(80)DE 53   Shaun McGee

(81)MLB 5   Tim Kimbrough – demoted by Mark Richt prior to last game of season 2015.  Was this because Mark Richt knew he had flunked-out on grades ?  Mark Richt never told us.  He never did on anything unless you caught him red-handed.  Only then would he come clean.  When the grades came out then Mark Richt left this for his replacement head coach to SUSPEND for the Bowl Game ineligible. After the bowl game Kirby Smart tried to get him prepared for Tim Kimbrough’s 2016 season.  But Tim Kimbrough refused to go to practice.  Then left the program rather than compete with Roquan Smith whom he did not think he could beat-out for the job.  He did not like being second fiddle to a younger player.  Now Tim Kimbrough IS GOOD and could have helped the team starter or not if he could pass his courses.  Too much work too to pass the courses ?  Once he figured-out his grades would not let him in anywhere to play his senior year he did nothing at all.  So he is eligible for the 2017 NFL Draft whether he graduated or even went to school 2016 which of course he did NOT. Went undrafted after FLUNKING-OUT of UGA.

(82)S 76   Quincy Mauger

(83)WR 57   Rico Johnson

(84)WR 110   Reggie Davis

(85)WR 70   Uriah LeMay criminal arrest stealing from UGA double check-cashing including cashing check of roommate, transferred to Univ North Carolina Charlotte

(86)OG 11   Brandon Kublanow

(87)C 5   Josh Cardiello – quit Mark Richt’s team transferred to UT Chattanooga

(88)CB 27   Reggie Wilkerson

(89)CB 72   J.J. Green team player, jerked around here by Mark Richt from offense to defense, Starter, transferred to Georgie tek

(90)MLB 9   Reggie Carter

(91)OT 65   Aulden Bynum

(92)MLB 38   Ryne Rankin

(93)MLB 11   Johnny O’Neal III

(94)DT 52   DeAndre Johnson Newnan Northgate High, medical disqualification

(95)DT JC   Chris Mayes

(96)S 9   Tray Matthews criminal arrest stealing from UGA double check-cashing, “blessed at Auburn”

(97)QB 7   Brice RamseyTransferred-out instead of the misuse of him by Mark Richt too and while it was Mark Richt who said Greyson Lambert was BETTER and was NOT Kirby did too.


2014 Signing Class Mark Richt UGA :

(98)RB 37   Isaiah McKenzie – FLUNKED-OUT had no choice except to declare 2017 NFL Draft because he was NOT ELIGIBLE to play for UGA 2017.

(99)TE 47   Hunter Atkinson Tight End – just up and quit June 18, 2014

(100)DT 13   Lamont Gaillard

(101)DE 5   Lorenzo Carter

(102)CB 100   Shaquille Jones – arrested shoplifting, kicked-off

(103)WR 185   Dominick Sanders

(104)WR PG NR Rico Johnson medical disqualification

(105)DE 19   Keyon Brown

(106)CB JC   Shattle Fenteng

(107)OG 11   Isaiah Wynn

(108)WR 51   Shakenneth Williams – unknown why he was coaching players Spring 2017 Kirby would not say but it appears Kirby wants that Scholarship BACK

(109)OT 21   Dyshon Sims

(110)OT   Kendall Baker

(111)MLB 14   Detric Bing-Dukes – Mark Richt Redshirted him 2014 so he transferred to Iowa Western then to Ole Miss

(112)QB 8   Jacob Park very good QB whom Mark Richt never gave a chance to instead he played Greyson Lambert who cost Mark Richt his job so Jacob Park transferred-out too.  Mark Richt would’ve started Jacob Park against Kentucky 2015 had Mark Richt not run him off too.  Instead of Jacob Park Mark Richt started Faton Bauta at QB when Mark Richt had not given Faton Bauta a single snap at QB all season long.  In his 1 start despite zero snaps all season at QB Faton Bauta threw 4 interceptions and was NEVER pulled. Then Faton Bauta quit Mark Richt too and left the team as well.  All of this because Mark Richt could not determine who was a good QB.  He never could.

(113)CB 11   Malkom Parrish

(114)RB 9   Nick Chubb – All-America as I see it but Kirby played only him vs North Carolina after his 3 ligament surgery and was never the same afterwards.

(115)WR 109   Gilbert Johnson Wide Receiver Signed 2014, failed to Qualify

(116)OG  Jake Edwards  – also transferred-out this one to Georgia Southern unranked OG

(117)RB 2   Sony Michel

(118)TE 4   Jeb Blazevich


118 signed scholarship recruits what a joke Mark Richt signed 118 Scholarship Recruits 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014  with all of these gone not playing for us.

2015 Signing Class Mark Richt UGA :

The 2015 Recruiting Class, Darnell Salomon is arrested felony burglary on recruiting invite here July 23, 2014. Going to South Florida now ?  So the beat went on, and the losses therewith.  Comes here on Recruiting Visit to visit Mark Richt to be a Commitment to Mark Richt 2015 and got arrested on said trip to visit Mark Richt.

Mark Richt could not stay out of the bad news between his losses to top teams and inexplicable losses to unranked teams every year and all the arrests and overinflated recruiting rankings of players who just went missing here at Georgia.

They did not play for Mark Richt and were not available for Kirby.

How have the remaining done ?

As a DIRECT RESULT of ALL OF THIS Mark Richt signed 29 Scholarship Recruits his 2015 Signing Class.  Mark Richt would’ve signed any Scholarship Recruit 2015 desperate as he was.  Mark Richt was so desperate by 2015 Recruiting cycle to sign anyone.  He was as desperate as he was to start a guy at QB vs our # 1 Rival he was 5-10 against 5-11 at the site of the Gator Bowl who had not taken a single snap at QB for Mark Richt all season.  Any Scholarship Recruit Mark Richt could sign 2015 he did desperate as Mark Richt was 2015.

(119) DB Juwuan Briscoe abdicated his Scholarship from Mark Richt and just up and left  unranked cornerback from Maryland

(120) DB Rico McGraw abdicated his Scholarship from Mark Richt and just up and left 4-Star CB from TN

(121) DE Chauncey Rivers – arrested 3 times Suspended by Mark Richt kicked-off the team 4-Star DE

(122) LB Gary McCrae – failed to Qualify 4-Star LB overinflating Mark Richt’s Recruiting Rankings too

(123) S Kirby Choates – flunked-out an unranked Safety Mark Richt signed. unranked because of his grades

(124) Shaquery Wilson – abdicated his Scholarship from Mark Richt and just up and left

(125) Devondre Seymour – abdicated his Scholarship from Mark Richt and just up and left

(126) S Jonathan Abram

(127) Roquan Smith MLB

(128) Terry Godwin WR

(129) Patrick Allen OT

(130) DaQuan Hawkins-Muckle DT

(131) Tae Crowder

(132) Sam Madden – has not played one snap in two years’ time so far

(133) D’Andre Walker LB

(134) Chuks Amaechi – was a 2-year Junior College Transfer so he is done

(135) Jarvis Wilson DB

(136) Rashad Roundtree ILB

(137) Michael Barnett DE – did not get one snap 2016

(138) Jonathan Ledbetter – This Mark Richt recruit was arrested again. Kirby gave him substance-abuse treatment now playing well but all Mark Richt did was “turn his back” on these type guys and kick them to the curb KICKING THEM OFF THE TEAM.

(139) Jayson Stanley WR

(140) Trenton Thompson – Mark Richt only gave him 6 starts Kirby gave him 7 Starts including the last 3 in a row

(141) Michael Chigbu WR

(142) Sage Hardin OL Mark Richt Redshirted him Kirby played him one game 2016

(143) Jackson Harris TE

(144) Deandre Baker CB

(145) Natrez Patrick DE

(146) Justin Young DE – Mark Richt Redshirted Kirby played 9 games


29 Signed Scholarship Recruits Mark Richt 2015 but as with EVERY OTHER YEAR that was just overinflating Mark Richt’s Recruiting Rankings because they AREN’T HERE.

63 of the 146 Signed Scholarship Recruits by Mark Richt beginning 2010 were either kicked-off the team failed to qualify flunked-out never showed-up or quit.

43 percent of Mark Richt’s Signed Scholarship Recruits 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 sixty-three of one hundred forty-six Signed Scholarship Recruits by Mark Richt beginning 2010 until he was FIRED HERE  were either kicked-off the team failed to qualify flunked-out never showed-up or quit.

Forty-Three Percent 63 of the 146 Signed Scholarship Recruits by Mark Richt beginning 2010 were either kicked-off the team failed to qualify flunked-out never showed-up or quit which got us in such a mess that we did NOT have what we needed for 2016.

When Forty-Three Percent of your Signed Scholarship Recruits which you GOT CREDIT for Signing Here starting 2010 end-up not playing for you 63 of the 146  –  you are NOT GOING TO HAVE A GOOD TEAM.

Mark Richt did NOT sign 146 Scholarship Recruits starting 2010 to play for us.  It was 43 % worse than the overinflated recruiting rankings Mark Richt manipulated.

Figure it out.

Kirby Smart is a LOT better recruiter than Mark Richt.  But Kirby failed to recognize he had to practice his freshmen with the # 1 unit last Spring and Fall camps and so he lost 5 games including to 6-7 Vandie whom 3 cupcakes beat.

Why were we # 43 vs top 15 teams starting 2010 through the end of the Mark Richt Era with the average Scout.com Recruiting Rankings of # 7 ?



Mark Richt was not nearly the recruiter y’all bragged on him to be – was he ?

Mark Richt’s Recruiting was sketchy – wasn’t it ?  Not 2013 Bob Miller but EVERY YEAR the same starting 2010.

Why are we IN THIS MESS trying to recover from this ?

How have we done with the remaining signed scholarship recruits ?

This football program has not done well BECAUSE OF RECRUITING.  We thought we were getting the average # 7 Scout.com Recruiting Rankings but they were overinflated with players who DID NOT PLAY HERE forty-three percent who did not play here.

Kirby has to fix this but 2018 has only 1 commit for 17 Senior Starters he has 2017.  That is ONE of the many ways a college football coach can be successful.  Did you know you can be judged to be a good college football coach because you have good players ?

It is ALSO how a coach can be FIRED to be # 7 as Mark Richt was in avg Scout.com Recruiting Rankings yet # 43 for Mark Richt vs top 15 teams after 2010.    If you lose to the top 15 teams with the # 7 average Scout.com Recruiting Rankings and throw-in losses to unranked teams in addition you get fired.

But was the talent really here ?  Did Kirby get little talent to begin with ?  Was Kirby in a hole talent wise ?

Kirby improved us over what we were doing in recruiting.  Will it translate to getting this program out of this hole ?

It was our biggest problem.  It has to help.  It cannot hurt to fix the recruiting.  A college football coach can be successful just by having better talent.

Did we really have better talent 2010-2016 or were we behind the 8-ball on talent ?  Why were we short on talent with the high average Scout.com Recruiting Rankings after 2010 ?

Because they were NOT HERE.  They did NOT play for us.  43 % of the signed scholarship recruits 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 did not play for us.  They played somewhere else instead.  Didn’t they ?



So do NOT say they “TRANSFERRED-OUT of the 2013 class” Bob Miller Bulldawg Illustrated tell the truth instead Bob Miller Mark Richt got us in this hole when he was FIRED after 2015 regular season when 22 starters left the program before Kirby was named head coach.  Of the 22 named the DREAM TEAM by Mark Richt all of whom were starters here Kolton Houston also left after the 2015 season with them so together this DREAM TEAM then of Mark Richt’s averaged 4 losses a season 24 losses starting 2010 his last 6 years here same as Mark Richt averaged his last entire 8 years here of 32 losses which is 4 losses per season Mark Richt starting 2010 until he was fired after the end of the regulars season 2015 Bob Miller.


73-32 Mark Richt starting 2010 through the end of the Mark Richt era because 43 percent of his signed scholarship recruits did NOT play here.  Now did they ?


You are doing us no favor Bob Miller to try to lay blame to ONLY the 2013 recruiting class Bob Miller when 63 of Mark Richt’s last 146 signed scholarship recruits did NOT finish-up here at UGA.


Did they ?


It was NOT just the 2013 recruiting class was it Bob Miller ?


63 of Mark Richt’s last 146 signed scholarship recruits either flunked-out were kicked-off failed to qualify never showed-up or quit 43% from 2010 to 2015 and just were NOT HERE for Kirby 2016 giving Kirby the # 93 most experienced team 2016 but Kirby exacerbated that by not practicing his youth with the # 1 unit last Spring and last Fall and now this Spring too.





It was NOT just the 2013 recruiting class Bob Miller.




Was it ?


And what NOW of 2018 recruiting class Bob Miller with one commitment for 17 senior starters Kirby now loses after 2017 ?


Georgia had one bad class Bob Miller ?


Or Kirby had one good one ?


We as a football program have our comeuppance headed our way if we think we can blame only the 2013 recruiting class for the FACT that for 9 years now we’re averaging MORE than 4 losses a year with the average recruiting ranking of # 7.


Did you hear me Bob Miller ?


We’re in trouble as a football program averaging # 7 recruiting rankings while averaging MORE than 4 losses a season now for 9 years.


Take the criticism Bob Miller Bulldawg Illustrated – we have it COMING.


There is NO EXCUSE for THIS with only 3 states producing more NFL Draft Picks than the state of Georgia.  We brag on our recruiting.  We average MORE than 4 losses for the latest most-recent most current 9-year period WITH ALL THIS TALENT signed here as Scholarship Recruits.


Get it this time or not Bob Miller ?


We have this criticism of which we are due.  Learn to take it Bob Miller not make FLIMSY excuses for it.  If we are going to improve our football program we have to TELL THE TRUTH face the FACTS and FIX THEM.


Do not therefore blame the 2013 recruiting class as THAT CLASS is NO DIFFERENT from ANY other 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 is it Bob Miller ?



DawginLex – just who is this child ? What makes him tick ? He tried to have my comments about how bad our program is removed from the Internet starting 2008. Wants to claim greatness always posting EARLY EVERY MORNING. So now he picks on me AGAIN with MORE PERSONAL ATTACKS AND THREATS ONLINE THREATS TO ME.

I am the majority opinion of The Georgia Bulldogs.  What I say is what WE ALL SAY.  It ALWAYS has been.  I am not a fringe fan.  I am not a man of fringe opinion of my beloved Dawgs.


THIS blog is free.  I began posting on the Internet in 1977.  Back then the blogs were called Forums.  I had 2 copies of my forum software on a PC I built myself with 2 phone lines to it.  I have posted to EVERY Bulldogs’ blog since – every one which does NOT charge.  Daily.  I have expectations for our Bulldog Football Program.  I do NOT post to nor do I support Internet sites which CHARGE MONEY.  That is a failed model.  I go to the games and have on my Dad’s seasons’ tickets starting 1957 and then on my own seasons’ tickets  and DawginLex does not go to the games and readily admits every word of this post.  He and I locked-horns years ago now.  I also attended UGA which he did NOT either but says his FAMILY did.  Well my family did too.  But that is not the point.  The point is that HE SAYS I can NOT have my opinion and that he says he can.  I took EVERY law course UGA offered.  I graduated with 239 hours when I only needed 180 for my BBA degree.  I was honored in the Top 5% of my graduating class at the Foy Fine Arts Building.  I finally made a B in my 3rd quarter of my senior year.  89.78 which was B.  This guy DawginLex is a child and he resents me.  He is not I.  I am not he.  He resents me and resents that I can even have an opinion on how good we should be here at UGA.  He wants to claim greatness for us and builds the team up before the season then complains afterwards that which I told him whining at ME preseason.   This is NOTHING NEW for him to attack me even to threaten bodily harm of me to shut me up that we should be better than we are.  It is what he does.  This just more of the same.  He is and WAS a Mark Richt Apologist.  He is NO BULLDOG.  He does not want to hear where we are short of our expectations.  He hates facing the truth that is unless it is HE SAYING IT.


How is that working-out for you POS trying to censor me and NOT ALLOW my opinion only yours on the Internet DawginLex ?


DawginLex is not happy that I am NOT SATISFIED with the current state of our football program and have not been starting 2008.

I am NOT ALLOWED TO SAY THAT according to DawginLex.

Like anybody does not know we average more than 4 losses a season for 9 years now with ALL THIS TALENT here.

I demand more.

He demands I shut-up.

Has he shut me up ?

You be the judge.  Here SKIM this :

DawginLex :

10:00 a.m. 09-28-2011 : “CMR stays.  Adams loves him because he runs a clean program.”

09:18 a.m. 10-20-2010 : “I will personally shut you up TB.  I hope that the bus plows you.”

8:29 a.m. 11-25-2011 : “This is Richt’s biggest game ever.  Florida now.”

09:18 a.m. 04-03-2012 : “Yes TB I’m not pleased with Aaron Murray either.”

10:14 a.m. 10-21-2012 : “Aaron Murray will crap the bed once and that will be the difference.”

10:46 a.m. 11-24-2010 : “Have TB banned.”

08:49 a.m. 09-27-2011 : “Don’t respond to me.  I am damn sure not going to respond to you.”

09:12 a.m. 11-01-2011 : “I love the gator logic.  They win 31-34 in overtime over us and use the term beat down of us. Now 24-20 they use the term fluke.”

01:58 p.m. 11-14-2011 : “I’m 53 and will wipe the floor with you.  If I meet you in person I will whip your ass TB.”

02:08 p.m. 11-14-2011 : “I’m gonna find him and whip his ass.  If Chip won’t I will.”

02:16 p.m. 11-14-2011 : “I apologize for my rant.  Do not copy and paste my posts TB.”

09:02 a.m. 11-15-2011 : “Show me where I said Richt should be fired.”

10:49 a.m. 12-19-2011 : “You bet I threatened you TB.  You can count your lucky stars that we’ll probably never meet.”

09:14 a.m. 12-20-2011 : “Be very thankful you will never engage me in person.  Very thankful.”

09:27 a.m. 12-23-2011 : “I am not ashamed that I lashed out at you TB because you deserved it.”

08:13 a.m. 04-28-2012 : “I had big expectations for this team.  Not any more.  I am just sick.”


LcBlldawg :

01:17 p.m. 12-23-2011 : “I’ve not seen TB make ANY personal attacks to DawginLex or anyone else.”



The Georgia Bulldogs had no one drafted in the 1992 NFL Draft and no one taken in the 1941 NFL Draft but also in the first 2 NFL Drafts in 1936 and 1937 no Georgia Bulldog was drafted in the NFL Draft.

# 14 All-Time in the NFL Draft The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs were left nothing by Mark Richt – the least experienced team in America and Kirby compounded that by not highlighting his freshmen he himself signed here believe it or not.  I hold little hope for the 2017 recruiting class # 2 by Scout.com # 3 everyone else our best class EVER being used to fill our holes either based on Kirby’s 2016 bad results at same.  315 former UGA NFL Draft Picks # 14 All-Time in NFL Draft Picks but NOT THIS YEAR 2017.


NFL Draft is April 27 in Philadelphia held outside for first time ever and ends on April 29 2017. The players must be 3 years removed from high school. The Super Bowl losers Atlanta Falcons and Buffalo Bills have the fewest picks with only 6 while Cleveland and Cincinnati have the most NFL Draft Picks with 11.


It’s been 25 years 1992 since no Georgia Bulldog has been drafted in the NFL Draft implemented in 1936 to insure that all franchises are competitive and viable.  Prior to 1992 the last previous NFL Draft to not have a Georgia Bulldog drafted was 1941 which was 76 years ago.


So in the last 75 NFL Drafts at least one Georgia Bulldog has been drafted except for 1992.


Starting 1942 NFL Drafts have selected at least one Georgia Bulldog – a span covering the latest 75 NFL Drafts – except for ONLY 1992.


The Georgia Bulldogs are # 14 all-time of all colleges in NFL Draft Picks with 315 picks.


And of course Greg McGarity has been on watch watching all this with Greg McGarity’s average of MORE than 4 losses a season in his 8 full seasons here at Georgia.


We have some work to do – not the least of which is clean the house out.


There is no excuse for not having an offensive game strategy yet for Kirby including G-Day just throw the ball to the tune of more than 600 yards on our defensive backs.

There is no excuse for Greg McGarity averaging more than 4 losses a season in football as our A.D. for his entire 8-year period here.

There is no excuse for having no NFL Draft Picks 2017 with all the talent in this state.

There is no excuse for the 2018 recruiting class of Kirby.

There is no excuse for the lies by Kirby that our OL dominated our defense all Spring which is NOT what ANY of us witnessed ourselves G-Day Game 2017.

And there is no excuse for the Mark Richt Apologists to still be whining about Greg McGarity FIRING Mark Richt.

All this while there is no excuse for Kirby in his on-going antics with the press every single day since Greg McGarity hired him as an unproven head coach who lost 5 games including to 6-7 Vandie whom 3 cupcakes beat.



  1. 2016 1 9 9 Leonard Floyd Bears LB
  2. 2016 3 20 83 Jordan Jenkins Jets LB
  3. 2016 4 14 112 Malcolm Mitchell Patriots WR
  4. 2016 5 6 145 John Theus 49ers T
  5. 2016 7 21 242 Keith Marshall Redskins RB
  6. 2015 1 10 10 Todd Gurley Rams RB
  7. 2015 3 12 76 Chris Conley Chiefs WR
  8. 2015 4 19 118 Ramik Wilson Chiefs LB
  9. 2015 5 31 167 Damian Swann Saints CB
  10. 2015 6 31 207 Amarlo Herrera Colts LB
  11. 2014 5 15 155 Arthur Lynch Dolphins TE
  12. 2014 5 23 163 Aaron Murray Chiefs QB
  13. 2013 1 17 17 Jarvis Jones Steelers LB
  14. 2013 1 30 30 Alec Ogletree Rams LB
  15. 2013 3 20 82 John Jenkins (defensive tackle) Saints DT
  16. 2013 3 22 84 Shawn Williams Bengals DB
  17. 2013 5 1 134 Sanders Commings Chiefs DB
  18. 2013 5 28 161 Tavarres King Broncos WR
  19. 2013 6 20 188 Cornelius Washington Bears LB
  20. 2013 6 23 191 Bacarri Rambo Redskins DB
  21. 2012 2 9 41 Cordy Glenn Bills T
  22. 2012 4 4 99 Ben Jones Texans C
  23. 2012 4 21 116 Orson Charles Bengals TE
  24. 2012 4 28 123 Brandon Boykin Eagles DB
  25. 2012 6 5 175 Blair Walsh Vikings K
  26. 2012 7 1 208 Justin Anderson (offensive lineman) Colts T
  27. 2012 7 29 236 DeAngelo Tyson Ravens DE
  28. 2011 1 4 4 A. J. Green Bengals WR
  29. 2011 3 6 70 Justin Houston Chiefs DE
  30. 2011 3 27 91 Akeem Dent Falcons LB
  31. 2011 4 4 101 Clint Boling Bengals G
  32. 2011 4 10 107 Kris Durham Seahawks WR
  33. 2011 7 17 220 Shaun Chapas Cowboys RB
  34. 2010 3 33 97 Rennie Curran Titans LB
  35. 2010 4 22 120 Geno Atkins Bengals DT
  36. 2010 5 32 163 Reshad Jones Dolphins DB
  37. 2010 7 36 243 Jeff Owens Eagles DT
  38. 2010 7 41 248 Kade Weston Patriots DE
  39. 2009 1 1 1 Matthew Stafford Lions QB
  40. 2009 1 12 12 Knowshon Moreno Broncos RB
  41. 2009 2 18 50 Mohamed Massaquoi Browns WR
  42. 2009 3 22 86 Asher Allen Vikings DB
  43. 2009 3 29 93 Corvey Irvin Panthers DT
  44. 2009 6 9 182 Jarius Wynn Packers DE
  45. 2008 5 26 161 Marcus Howard Colts LB
  46. 2008 6 6 172 Thomas Brown (running back) Falcons RB
  47. 2008 7 15 222 Chester Adams Bears G
  48. 2008 7 28 235 Brandon Coutu Seahawks K
  49. 2007 4 0 0 Paul Oliver Chargers DB
  50. 2007 3 1 65 Quentin Moses Raiders DE
  51. 2007 3 20 83 Charles Johnson (defensive end) Panthers DE
  52. 2007 4 34 133 Martrez Milner Falcons TE
  53. 2007 6 16 190 Ken Shackleford Rams T
  54. 2006 2 30 62 Tim Jennings Colts DB
  55. 2006 3 8 72 Leonard Pope Cardinals TE
  56. 2006 4 2 99 Max Jean-Gilles Eagles G
  57. 2006 5 17 149 Greg Blue Vikings DB
  58. 2006 5 20 152 DeMario Minter Browns DB
  59. 2006 6 27 196 Kedric Golston Redskins DT
  60. 2006 7 15 223 D. J. Shockley Falcons QB
  61. 2005 1 14 14 Thomas Davis Panthers DB
  62. 2005 1 17 17 David Pollack Bengals DE
  63. 2005 2 3 35 Reggie Brown (wide receiver) Eagles WR
  64. 2005 2 16 48 Odell Thurman Bengals LB
  65. 2005 3 21 85 David Greene Seahawks QB
  66. 2005 4 30 131 Fred Gibson Steelers WR
  67. 2004 1 32 32 Benjamin Watson Patriots TE
  68. 2004 2 27 59 Sean Jones Browns DB
  69. 2004 4 21 117 Robert Geathers Bengals DE
  70. 2004 4 25 121 Bruce Thornton (cornerback) Cowboys DB
  71. 2003 1 6 6 Johnathan Sullivan Saints DT
  72. 2003 1 20 20 George Foster Broncos T
  73. 2003 2 2 34 Boss Bailey Lions LB
  74. 2003 2 5 37 Jon Stinchcomb Saints T
  75. 2003 3 13 77 Musa Smith Ravens RB
  76. 2003 6 37 210 Tony Gilbert Cardinals LB
  77. 2003 7 28 242 J. T. Wall Steelers RB
  78. 2002 1 25 25 Charles Grant Saints DE
  79. 2002 3 8 73 Will Witherspoon Panthers LB
  80. 2002 4 16 114 Randy McMichael Dolphins TE
  81. 2002 4 22 120 Terreal Bierria Seahawks DB
  82. 2002 5 22 157 Jermaine Phillips Buccaneers DB
  83. 2002 5 31 166 Verron Haynes Steelers RB
  84. 2002 7 9 220 Josh Mallard Colts DE
  85. 2002 7 22 233 Tim Wansley Buccaneers DB
  86. 2001 1 6 6 Richard Seymour Patriots DT
  87. 2001 1 13 13 Marcus Stroud Jaguars DT
  88. 2001 2 8 39 Kendrell Bell Steelers LB
  89. 2001 2 22 53 Quincy Carter Cowboys QB
  90. 2001 3 33 95 Jonas Jennings Bills T
  91. 2001 4 6 101 Jamie Henderson Jets DB
  92. 2000 7 13 219 Orantes Grant Cowboys LB
  93. 2000 7 26 232 Jeff Harris Dolphins DB
  94. 2000 7 33 239 Patrick Pass Patriots RB
  95. 1999 1 7 7 Champ Bailey Redskins DB
  96. 1999 1 18 18 Matt Stinchcomb Raiders T
  97. 1999 2 3 34 Chris Terry Panthers T
  98. 1999 4 20 115 Antonio Cochran Seahawks DE
  99. 1999 4 32 127 Olandis Gary Broncos RB
  100. 1999 6 13 182 Emarlos Leroy Jaguars DT
  101. 1998 1 18 18 Robert Edwards Patriots RB
  102. 1998 3 31 92 Hines Ward Steelers WR
  103. 1998 7 25 214 Brandon Tolbert Jaguars LB
  104. 1998 7 38 227 Antonio Fleming Cowboys G
  105. 1997 2 18 48 Adam Meadows Colts T
  106. 1997 4 30 126 Jermaine Smith Packers DT
  107. 1997 7 28 229 Jason Ferguson Jets DT
  108. 1996 2 19 49 Randall Godfrey Cowboys LB
  109. 1996 4 4 99 Phillip Daniels Seahawks DE
  110. 1996 5 15 147 Whit Marshall Eagles LB
  111. 1996 7 42 251 Brice Hunter Dolphins WR
  112. 1995 3 20 84 Eric Zeier Browns QB
  113. 1995 6 25 196 Terrell Davis Broncos RB
  114. 1995 7 26 234 Carlos Yancy Patriots DB
  115. 1994 1 14 14 Bernard Williams Eagles T
  116. 1994 4 15 118 Mitch Davis Falcons LB
  117. 1994 7 10 204 Frank Harvey Cardinals RB
  118. 1993 1 3 3 Garrison Hearst Cardinals RB
  119. 1993 3 20 76 Andre Hastings Steelers WR
  120. 1993 7 3 171 Alec Millen Jets T
  121. 1993 7 9 177 Todd Perterson Giants K
  122. 1991 3 8 63 Mo Lewis Jets LB
  123. 1991 4 15 98 John Kasay Seahawks K
  124. 1990 1 22 22 Ben Smith Eagles DB
  125. 1990 1 24 24 Rodney Hampton Giants RB
  126. 1990 11 25 301 Bill Goldberg Rams DT
  127. 1989 1 7 7 Tim Worley Steelers RB
  128. 1989 3 28 84 Keith Henderson 49ers RB
  129. 1989 5 11 123 Richard Tardits Cardinals LB
  130. 1989 6 6 145 Troy Sadowski Falcons TE
  131. 1989 11 17 296 Wayne Johnson Colts QB
  132. 1989 12 17 324 Aaron Chubb Patriots LB
  133. 1988 2 26 53 Lars Tate Buccaneers RB
  134. 1988 12 20 325 John Brantley (linebacker) Oilers LB
  135. 1987 7 26 194 Wilbur Strozier Broncos TE
  136. 1987 10 18 269 David McCluskey Bengals RB
  137. 1986 10 17 266 Peter Anderson Colts G
  138. 1986 12 17 322 Tony Flack Cowboys DB
  139. 1985 4 21 105 Kevin Butler Bears K
  140. 1985 5 2 114 Herschel Walker Cowboys RB
  141. 1985 9 20 244 Scotty Williams Cardinals TE
  142. 1985 11 6 286 Kevin Harris Lions DB
  143. 1985 12 6 314 Mike Weaver Lions G
  144. 1985 12 19 327 Jeff Sanchez (defensive back, born 1962) Steelers DB
  145. 1985 12 28 336 Donald Chumley 49ers DT
  146. 1984u 1 19 19 Freddie Gilbert Broncos DE
  147. 1984 3 12 68 Terry Hoage Saints DB
  148. 1984 3 17 73 Guy McIntyre 49ers G
  149. 1984 7 12 180 Daryll Jones Packers DB
  150. 1984 7 18 186 Clarence Kay Broncos TE
  151. 1984 8 11 207 Winford Hood Broncos T
  152. 1983 4 28 112 Jimmy Payne Bills DE
  153. 1983 8 17 213 Norris Brown Vikings TE
  154. 1982 1 13 13 Lindsay Scott Saints WR
  155. 1981 3 24 80 Scott Woerner Falcons DB
  156. 1981 6 1 139 Nat Hudson Saints G
  157. 1981 6 8 146 Rex Robinson Bengals K
  158. 1981 11 26 302 Tim Morrison (guard) Cowboys G
  159. 1980 2 4 32 Ray Donaldson Colts C
  160. 1980 5 9 119 Jeff Pyburn Bills DB
  161. 1979 3 10 66 Willie McClendon Bears RB
  162. 1979 4 6 88 Ulysses Norris Lions TE
  163. 1979 12 6 309 Rick McBride Cardinals LB
  164. 1978 4 12 96 George Collins Cardinals G
  165. 1978 10 21 271 Ben Zambiasi Bears LB
  166. 1978 12 2 308 Kevin McLee Buccaneers RB
  167. 1977 4 6 90 Allan Leavitt Falcons K
  168. 1977 4 19 103 Mike Wilson Bengals T
  169. 1977 8 3 198 Steve Davis (wide receiver) Oilers WR
  170. 1977 8 25 220 Ken Helms Colts T
  171. 1977 9 4 227 Matt Robinson Jets QB
  172. 1977 9 12 235 Gene Washington (wide receiver, 1977 NFL Draft) Chargers WR
  173. 1977 11 13 292 Joel Parrish Bengals G
  174. 1976 4 29 121 Richard Appleby Buccaneers WR
  175. 1976 4 30 122 Randy Johnson (offensive lineman) Seahawks G
  176. 1976 5 30 154 Steve Wilson (offensive lineman) Buccaneers T
  177. 1976 9 14 251 Glynn Harrison Chargers RB
  178. 1976 13 2 349 Andy Reid (running back) Seahawks RB
  179. 1975 4 6 84 Steve Taylor Broncos DB
  180. 1975 4 16 94 Craig Hertwig Lions T
  181. 1975 6 11 141 Horace King Lions RB
  182. 1975 8 21 203 Barry Collier Chargers T
  183. 1975 13 12 324 Dan Spivey Jets DT
  184. 1975 16 23 413 Vernon Smith Dolphins C
  185. 1975 17 1 417 David McKnight Colts LB
  186. 1974 5 4 108 Jim Cagle Eagles DT
  187. 1974 5 8 112 Andy Johnson Patriots RB
  188. 1974 9 6 214 Bob Burns Jets RB
  189. 1974 10 5 239 Sam Baker (guard) Jets G
  190. 1974 13 7 319 Jim Poulos Cardinals RB
  191. 1973 14 3 341 Paul Fersen Saints T
  192. 1972 1 8 8 Royce Smith Saints G
  193. 1972 5 19 123 Mike Greene (linebacker) 49ers LB
  194. 1972 13 3 315 Chuck Heard Giants DE
  195. 1972 15 10 374 Phil Sullivan Jets DB
  196. 1972 17 14 430 Tom Nash Eagles T
  197. 1971 14 12 350 Tommy Lyons Broncos C
  198. 1970 4 14 92 Spike Jones Oilers P
  199. 1970 7 3 159 Jake Scott Dolphins DB
  200. 1969 1 11 11 Bill Stanfill Dolphins DE
  201. 1969 9 3 211 Kent Lawrence Eagles WR
  202. 1969 11 5 265 Mark Stewart (defensive back) Bengals DB
  203. 1969 14 20 358 Jiggy Smaha Browns DT
  204. 1968 4 3 86 Edgar Chandler Bills T
  205. 1968 8 2 194 Ray Jeffords Falcons TE
  206. 1968 13 21 348 Terry Sellers Browns DB
  207. 1968 17 15 450 Larry Kohn Giants TE
  208. 1967 7 6 165 Frank Richter Broncos G
  209. 1967 13 22 337 Randy Wheeler Bills RB
  210. 1966 7 6 101 George Patton Redskins T
  211. 1966 7 7 102 Charley Arkwright Cardinals T
  212. 1966 8 12 122 Doug McFalls Bears DB
  213. 1966 11 11 166 Preston Ridlehuber 49ers RB
  214. 1966 18 5 265 Joe Burson Redskins RB
  215. 1965 2 6 20 Ray Rissmiller Eagles T
  216. 1965 9 2 114 Wayne Swinford 49ers RB
  217. 1964 4 1 43 Jim Wilson 49ers G
  218. 1964 5 2 58 Mickey Babb Eagles E
  219. 1964 8 14 112 Larry Rakestraw Bears QB
  220. 1964 9 3 115 Len Hauss Redskins C
  221. 1964 19 14 266 Jim Whitehead Bears T
  222. 1963 16 9 219 Dick Kelly Browns G
  223. 1962 2 13 27 Pete Case Eagles T
  224. 1962 12 14 168 Tom Pennington Packers B
  225. 1962 15 1 197 Len Velia Redskins T
  226. 1962 19 4 256 Paul Holmes Cowboys T
  227. 1961 3 1 29 Fran Tarkenton Vikings QB
  228. 1961 14 10 192 Bill Worrell 49ers T
  229. 1960 3 1 25 Charley Britt Rams QB
  230. 1960 11 2 122 Bobby Towns Cardinals HB
  231. 1960 13 4 148 Bill Herron Redskins E
  232. 1960 16 9 189 Larry Lancaster Eagles T
  233. 1960 17 4 196 Billy Roland Redskins G
  234. 1960 19 7 223 Lloyd Roberts Bears T
  235. 1959 4 11 47 Dave Lloyd Browns LB
  236. 1959 10 7 115 Riley Gunnels Steelers T
  237. 1959 26 9 309 Bill Strumke Rams B
  238. 1958 10 3 112 Theron Sapp Eagles B
  239. 1958 16 3 184 Mike Meatheringham Eagles T
  240. 1957 6 3 64 Roy Wilkins Rams E
  241. 1957 16 3 184 John Luck Rams T
  242. 1957 20 12 241 Laneair Roberts Giants E
  243. 1957 25 2 291 Jimmy Orr Rams B
  244. 1956 23 1 266 Bob Garrard Lions B
  245. 1955 4 10 47 Joe O’Malley Bears E
  246. 1955 7 4 77 Bob Clemens Packers B
  247. 1955 17 3 196 Don Shea Redskins G
  248. 1955 28 12 337 Ed Tokus Browns E
  249. 1954 8 11 96 Charlie Harris Browns B
  250. 1954 18 8 213 Sam Mrvos Eagles G
  251. 1954 20 10 239 Frank DePietro 49ers B
  252. 1953 1 1 1 Harry Babcock 49ers E
  253. 1953 2 4 17 Zeke Bratkowski Bears QB
  254. 1953 6 4 65 Art DeCarlo Bears B
  255. 1953 8 6 91 Lauren Hargrove Packers B
  256. 1953 15 10 179 Johnny Carson Browns E
  257. 1952 4 9 46 Marion Campbell 49ers T
  258. 1952 7 5 78 Claude Hipps Steelers B
  259. 1952 9 2 99 Malcolm Cook Cardinals B
  260. 1952 15 9 178 John Burgamy Lions G
  261. 1952 21 5 246 Harry Babcock Steelers E
  262. 1952 29 4 341 Tony Morocco Eagles B
  263. 1951 3 2 28 Bill Mixon 49ers B
  264. 1951 10 2 112 Nick Feher 49ers G
  265. 1951 14 7 166 Bobby Walston Eagles E
  266. 1951 18 5 212 Pat Field Steelers B
  267. 1951 23 11 278 Dick Yelvington Giants T
  268. 1950 4 6 46 Porter Payne Giants G
  269. 1950 9 2 107 Floyd Reid Bears B
  270. 1950 11 3 134 Gene Lorendo Packers E
  271. 1950 17 7 216 Al Bodine Steelers B
  272. 1950 30 6 384 Hamp Tanner Giants T
  273. 1949 1 2 2 John Rauch Lions QB
  274. 1949 4 5 36 Joe Geri Steelers B
  275. 1949 11 7 108 Homer Hobbs Redskins G
  276. 1949 19 5 186 Ken McCall Giants B
  277. 1949 21 4 205 Joe Jackura Steelers C
  278. 1948 1 9 9 Dan Edwards Steelers E
  279. 1948 5 6 31 Weyman Sellers Packers E
  280. 1948 21 6 191 Herbert St. John Packers G
  281. 1948 24 9 224 Jimmy Gatewood Bears B
  282. 1948 29 10 275 Bernie Reid Cardinals G
  283. 1947 7 10 55 Reid Moseley Bears E
  284. 1947 16 7 142 Charlie Smith Cardinals B
  285. 1947 24 5 220 Herb St. John Packers G
  286. 1947 29 6 271 Ray Sellers Packers E
  287. 1946 7 10 60 Lafayette King Rams E
  288. 1946 13 9 119 Joe Tereshinski, Sr. Redskins E
  289. 1946 16 10 150 Larry Bouley Rams B
  290. 1946 17 6 156 J.P. Miller Packers G
  291. 1946 27 7 257 Sam Bailey Eagles E
  292. 1946 29 4 274 Johnny Cook Bears B
  293. 1946 30 10 290 Frank Plant Rams C
  294. 1945 1 1 1 Charley Trippi Cardinals B
  295. 1945 6 11 54 Don Wells Packers T
  296. 1945 20 7 204 Mike Castronis Lions G
  297. 1945 23 3 233 Johnny Cook Cardinals B
  298. 1945 24 2 243 Ardie McClure Cardinals T
  299. 1944 11 5 103 Carl Grate Giants G
  300. 1944 19 7 193 Clyde Ehrhardt Redskins C
  301. 1944 30 10 317 Dick McPhee Rams B
  302. 1944 30 11 318 Gus Letchas Yanks B
  303. 1943 1 1 1 Frank Sinkwich Lions RB
  304. 1943 2 2 12 Lamar Davis Eagles B
  305. 1943 8 1 61 George Poschner Lions E
  306. 1943 8 4 64 Bill Godwin Cardinals C
  307. 1943 12 8 108 Van Davis Packers E
  308. 1943 17 5 155 Walt Ruark Rams G
  309. 1943 23 3 213 Cliff Kimsey Cardinals B
  310. 1942 14 2 122 Tom Greene Rams T
  311. 1940 8 7 67 Jim Fordham Bears B
  312. 1939 7 8 58 Quinton Lumpkin Redskins C
  313. 1939 14 9 129 Bill Badgett Packers T
  314. 1938 8 9 69 Bill Hartman Redskins B
  315. 1938 11 7 97 Pete Tinsley Packers G[1]






30 thousand all who showed-up still interested after Kirby in his HIDING of ALL NEWS about The Georgia Bulldogs killed interest in the team keeping everything from us. And Kirby THAT OFFENSE is not going to beat anyone. THAT is quite the break with Kirby telling us how great the offense is behind his choices of all undersized OL on the first team. The OL sucked today. As for the defense there is quite a drop-off after the starters despite lots of drops and fumbles from the offense. JJ Holloman is NOT a # 1 seriously Kirby ? Jim Chaney was down on the field looking two-hundred pounds overweight with still no clue who is a # 1 and who a # 2. Rodrigo Blankenship had his worst day yet.

Well Kirby congratulations you managed to kill the interest of 68 thousand of us keeping all news from The Bulldog Nation as you have done with only 25 maybe 30 thousand at the most best I could count after 93 thousand last year.


Your lies that the OL was dominating the defense were on display for all. This SIMPLY was NOT the case. The OL could not block for the run and they could not block for the pass. What else is there ?


You did that last season Kirby. Mark Richt’s under-sized OL could not dominate Nicholls State or 6-7 Vandie whom 3 cupcakes beat but not you Kirby. So in some games all you did was pass with no semblance of knowing who your receivers are still again year two. In others hard-headed you ran into 9 and 10 man fronts Kirby. So seeing all passes today was NO DIFFERENT than your failed offense last year Kirby. Your offense is failed because you have no idea who to throw to and because your OL is under-sized those whom you deem your starting OL anyway.


Our only hope is that when the 2017 signing class shows-up that you might figure-out Kirby by say game 8 or so whom it is who are your stars and play them not that the season wouldn’t be over by then as a direct result thereof Kirby. What you showed ALL OF US on the OL Kirby was that you STILL have NO EXPERIENCE on OFFENSE just defense Kirby.


Kirby you will not make it to 10-4 in your 14-game season 2017 unless your signing class 2017 Kirby and all your redshirted freshmen OL who could have helped so much last year are played day one this Fall and prepared. 14 games because arriving in Atlanta is all Georgia Bulldog Fans will only accept from you Kirby.


Jake Fromm and Jacob Eason were inseparable other than Jake Fromm did it against a deplorable not-ready-for-prime-time second string defense while Jacob Eason faced a defense with the INFERIOR OL you told us dominated your defense all Spring Kirby.


Other than for Elijah Holyfield no OL blocked anyone all day for the run or for the pass.


What WE ALL saw last year at 8-5 is what we saw again this year without the others joining in the Fall. I hold little hope Kirby sir that indeed when they do that you will plug them in ALL THESE HOLES you have.


Mecole Hardman Jr. would have been help today to the 2nd team secondary. Kirby you do NOT have a 2nd team secondary. You better hope that you bring yourself to play freshmen back there game 1 Kirby because it is going to be a long season with your offense and special teams so BAD again 2017 and with your 2nd string secondary obviously no better than a bad high school secondary.


Kirby you played a lot of guys and you jacked the ball up from the beginning. But what you said was true clearly was NOT.


I have no idea where the announced crowd of 66 thousand comes from when clearly there were 68 thousand fewer year two than year one and to this Kirby you can only thank yourself doing ALL YOU could do to not excite the Georgia Bulldogs’ Fans trying to lie to us about basically EVERYTHING and by HIDING all news about our football program from those who MAKE a PROGRAM and that is we the fans. Without us Kirby you have NOTHING.


Team ?


All the team knows is to do what you TELL THEM TO DO dogmatically.


Not that you know how to run an offense or special teams Kirby because once again you clearly don’t and do not even know who the ones are differentiated from the twos.


The players I saw today will struggle with Appalachian State and lose to a lousy Notre Dame. We won’t beat Florida or vols and we have no hope of getting to Atlanta unless Kirby you wake-up in the Fall and decide those guys coming in in the Fall must be your best players because this team today looked dreadful in all aspects – especially coaching.


No wonder Kirby that you kept all your practices on the QT and would not only not let anyone talk freely to ANY of we fans but tried to have ALL HIDDEN PRACTICES.


All that accomplished was to KILL INTEREST in the team by the very ones who make this a program : The Bulldog Nation.


Oh heavens what if Vandie found-out they could extend their winning streak over you Kirby ? Well that would be a long day wouldn’t it ?


My worst fears are realized.


We’re a poorly coached football team.


Again 2017.


Hey Kirby there is no sense in telling lies. We all know what we witnessed first-hand. Your OL did not dominate diddly last year or this year and you KNOW IT too Kirby.


You have managed to kill the interest of the fan base. Haven’t you Kirby ?




Was that YOUR IDEA KIRBY to call 30 thousand which might have been 25 thousand instead 66 thousand ? How do you feel about that Kirby ?


Embarrassing ?


Color me not impressed Kirby.


No wonder you are on the edge of the hot seat Kirby.


No I don’t wish we had Mark Richt back but Kirby you continue to demonstrate everything in year two that you showed us in your debut honeymoon throw-away season last year too so far.


What you showed me Kirby was NOT a good team today with no idea who are your ones or twos – except for on defense which remains the only part of a football program other than recruiting that you know anything about Kirby.


As for this don’t judge how the OL dominated the defense because the defense knew you would throw the football every play well Kirby you reverted to THAT last year relegated to only being able to try to throw the ball to who knows whom. When the same OL last year could not block you picked instead this year back-ups to those guys who couldn’t handle the defenses they faced and then you just flung it up. So therefore THIS IS what we saw against your offense last year Kirby. Therefore this is what we expect to see 2017 from this offense.


As for any junk that you didn’t want to show your opponents anything Kirby I am sorry boy but you showed me plenty such as no OL again and no offense again and inability to run again and no blocking for the pass again and bad special teams again. All that you showed me clearly along with showing me as well that you have NO 2ND TEAM SECONDARY.


Tell us some more lies Kirby. Try to run us all off as fans of the program by making everything SECRET Kirby. You think you can beat top teams like that Kirby ? No Kirby not this year not unless you put the entire 2017 signing class on the field come Fall. You’re years away Kirby from having a top team if you drag your feet about playing your 2017 signing class game 1 making this another throw-away year.  This today proves once again you’re only you’re a CONTROL FREAK Kirby who knows defense and recruiting only.  There is a lot more to a football program Kirby than Defense and Recruiting all of which you have NONE of Kirby sir.




Let me ask you this ? Does Alabama have ways of finding-out if say Jacob Eason is injured or not for The SEC Championship Game if it were played next Saturday ? Where would they find that out if it were true ? Ok. So they do. All right then. So just WHOM is it we are KEEPING in the DARK then ? I submit that Kirby is purposely keeping in the dark NOT THE MEDIA and NOT THE UP-COMING OPPONENTS but we THE BULLDOG NATION. Are you WITH ME on this ? Kirby wants to KEEP US IN THE DARK. He knows he can NOT keep the opponents in the dark nor can he keep the press in the dark since BOTH have the same sources.

The only possible group who remotely could be kept in the dark would be those who follow their head coach and give him the benefit of the doubt because he is our head coach.


That if he says it then it’s true.


Christians tell us that God is not an alien yet every word out of all Christians’ mouths say that He is and well we all know that it is entirely possible that there are aliens and that in fact we might have already had encounters with aliens kept from us.


I see right through Kirby on ALL of this.


I know whom it is Kirby wants to keep in the dark.


It is Bulldog Fans.


Because he knows he can not keep our press nor our opponents in the dark.


And because does NOT want Bulldog Fans to tell him what we want him to do.


Don’t we Bulldog Fans tell Kirby that Mecole Hardman Jr. was WASTED last year with just one touch all season.


Don’t we Bulldog Fans tell Kirby that Jacob Eason HAD to get the snaps with the # 1 unit all last Spring.


Don’t we Bulldog Fans tell Kirby that the reason 93000 of us showed-up last year was because we were sick and tired of averaging 4 losses per season for then the last 8 years and because we WANTED to see Jacob Eason START The G-Day Game LAST YEAR not come-in with 10:36 left in the 2nd Quarter.


Don’t we Bulldog fans tell Kirby that Mark Richt’s leftover under-sized OL who did not get the job done last year could not dominate Nicholls State or 6-7 Vandie who got beat by 3 CUPCAKES but NOT Kirby.


Kirby does NOT want to hear ANY of ALL THIS from ANY of us including BOTH the press and The Bulldog Nation.


Kirby wishes to make you believe that which he tells you.


So do Christians.


I consider myself a Christian.


I know I am a Christian.


I consider myself a Bulldog Football Fan.


I know I am a Bulldog Football Fan.


I also know that Kirby is in trouble.


And I know that Greg McGarity is in trouble.


At more than 4 losses a year for these latest most-recent most-current 9 years I know our football program is in TROUBLE.


I ask myself is Kirby the answer ?


I know Kirby is super smart and highly educated.


So I ask myself why does Kirby do ALL this ?


Because Kirby wants to control what Bulldog Football Fans think.


And I will go one further for you.


Kirby knows that he is keeping Bulldog Football Fans in the dark.


It is ALL he really is doing.


He wants us to not know as much as he knows because if we did then we MIGHT make different choices than he makes and we might second-guess him.


It is NOT his program.




There is no Georgia Bulldog Football Program without Bulldog fans.


There is NO FOOTBALL TEAM AT GEORGIA without the fans.


There is no coach and never has been a coach who TRIED to HIDE EVERYTHING about their team from their fans.


And there NEVER WILL BE.


NFL owners for example embrace what the fans say about their team and they ADDRESS those very fans in EVERY discussion ABOUT THEIR TEAM.


So does their coach.






I am going to WATCH today.  I will report that which I witness.  That is ALL I have EVER done.  That will continue to be that which I do do.



I fail to see how Kirby is “ON THE EDGE OF THE HOT SEAT” when universally EVERYONE except for KINCAID has just about HAD IT with Kirby and his bullshit with the press EVERY DAY.

# 31 of 130 FBS college football head coaches in terms oF being on the HOT SEAT Kirby.


In other words there are a hundred better head coaches in FBS college football than Kirby :




How is that “on the edge of the hot seat?”  Well it’s NOT.  It’s the hot seat.  Not any stinking EDGE of one.


And now G-Day is officially about the team and not about the fans – without which there would BE NO DAMN TEAM.



Now this latest storm over Kirby banning the press EVEN FURTHER.


How NOT READY to be a head coach is Kirby anyway ?


Frankly if you set aside recruiting and measured him just on his other head coaching duties Kirby would be on a LOT more hot seat than he is.  Throw in some more not-ready-for-prime-time LOSSES 2017 and this could get UGLY in a hurry.


I hate all these hidden everything with Kirby except for his LIES to the press to CONTROL what is known about a team we all rooted for LONG BEFORE Kirby lost 5 games including to 6-7 Vandie who 3 CUPCAKES beat.




The one fact that Kirby can NOT control are what we all say when we WATCH him coach ourselves and how he misuses the TALENT we HAND to him.


There is NO EXCUSE for losing to Vandie.


Saturday Down South Will Ogburn




Will Ogburn


While I disagree with Will Ogburn on Patrick Peterson’s both feet being inbounds as MEANINGLESS since Alabama was going to win the not only the game anyway but also NC 2009 also LSU was a 4-loss team 2009 – so it didn’t matter to LSU EITHER – but you have to agree with Will Ogburn on this.  I do agree it was an interception obviously and Patrick Peterson is quite the football player.  It just didn’t matter.


Kirby’s latest storm with the press AGAIN DOES matter.


What a CONTROL FREAK Kirby is.


Try to control what I say Kirby.




Cut to the chase Kirby – how do you REALLY feel about the press ?

You know where for 124 years before you became the head coach here we used to get the news about our football program Kirby ?


The football program they cover because they care about our football program or they would not cover it.


The football program we covet news about.


It has grown very old Kirby this heavy-handedness of you toward OUR PRESS.


Our press Kirby.




The vast majority of the millions we pay you Kirby is solely for your COMMUNICATION with the press only you view them instead as the enemy and frankly Kirby it comes across to ALL of us as though you don’t care about EVEN LETTING us get the news on the team.


Is that going to help you beat Vandie whom 3 cupcakes beat Kirby ?


This on-going bickering and bitterness toward the press ?


I read it said by someone else other than just by me finally today that NICK SABAN does NOT do this Kirby.


You vote for censorship on NEWS Kirby.


Do you really think you can control the NEWS of how poorly you are doing your main job of being a head coach which is to COMMUNICATE ?


You are the single worst communicator for a head football coach ever.


You give the impression you don’t want ANYBODY to follow YOUR team Kirby.

I have news for Kirby : This is NOT your team and our team will revert to just that in short order the way you are mishandling the press.


And it’s NOT just only the press either is it Kirby ?


No it is not just the press you’re having problems with Kirby.  It’s across the board in every single aspect of this FAILED FOOTBALL PROGRAM except for your recruiting.  Other than recruiting there is NOTHING you are doing correctly as our head coach Kirby.




And now G-Day is more about the team than the fans ?


Excuse me we packed over 93000 into Sanford Stadium to watch Jacob Eason and Kirby did not even let him take a snap at QB until 10:36 remained before half.


So make no mistake about it G-Day is ALL ABOUT THE FANS.


Without the fans clamoring for the players and news about the players there is no team.


I am sick and tired of averaging more than 4 losses a season for the latest most-recent 9-year period Kirby and you sir were NOT brought here to continue it while TELLING THE PRESS what they can and can not say.


Try shutting me up Kirby?


You have already got quite a reputation Kirby.  And you get more stubborn on every issue of your coaching and controlling with the passing of every new day.




Kirby : “We even had a situation the other day where we were gonna clock the ball with the clock running. We had a first down and we went to spike the ball and the guy jumped offsides. At the end of game then instead we had a 10-second runoff. I mean Jay Johnson’s a guy from Minnesota and he brought a list of situations they did there. That’s so invaluable to me because you try to simulate those. I think that our kids can learn a lot from these situations.”

Yeah and I think that our head coaches can learn a lot from these situations.





“Without question Terry Godwin is the proverbial bell cow at wide receiver. Terry Godwin is ALSO the first option for handling the wildcat. Of course the Bulldogs rather notably have been working cornerback Mecole Hardman at the slot position in an ATTEMPT to replace the explosiveness lost with the early departure of junior Isaiah McKenzie for the NFL.” Chip Towers’ latest bullshit AJ-C DawgNation today and then he quotes KIRBY : “Even Terry Godwin is starting to be more physical as a receiver. We had a bubble screen when Terry went out there and blocked and was physical.”

First LIAR Chip Towers let’s us be honest about COLLEGE DROP-OUT Isaiah McKenzie shall we ?


Isaiah McKenzie ?




I don’t THINK SO Chipper Towers.


You want to BET liar ?


I bet he NEVER plays a snap.


The only reason he left early was because he was ACADEMICALLY ineligible.


As for ATTEMPTING to replace the guy who led the team in FUMBLES and DROPS in his time here Isaiah McKenzie LEAVING is a blessing in disguise.


Against Vandie 6-7 who lost to 3 CUPCAKES but not to Isaiah McKenzie they punted 8 times.  NOT ONE of the punts did Isaiah McKenzie field.  NOT ONE.  He missed them ALL.


He also was the running back on the play that cost us the game.


Enough on Isaiah McKenzie NFL attempt to replace him bullshit Chipper Towers.


As for this bullshit that Terry Godwin is the “PROVERBIAL BELL COW at wide receiver” good God boy.  Terry Godwin has been to-date tentative.  Not asserting himself.  Reticent. Unassuming. Not getting the job done.  Quiet.  Disappointing.  Lackadaisical.  Not putting forth the EFFORT and PRESENCE expected of him with all his immense talents.  He has two (2) touchdowns in his entire Bulldogs’ career.


Bell Cow ?


God damn it Chipper what a load of horseshit.


EVEN Kirby said “EVEN TERRY” is becoming physical all of sudden out of the blue THIS SPRING ONLY.


As for the “WILDCAT” we don’t call it that.




You are supposed to be our beat writer.  Usually during Masters’ weekend THAT is where you are then NO ARTICLES from you on it.


If you are going to “WRITE ABOUT THE GEORGIA BULLDOGS” then call it The Wild Dawg.




Stick it up your God Damn ASSHOLE Chipper.


“Of course the Bulldogs rather notably have been working cornerback Mecole Hardman at the slot position in an ATTEMPT to replace the explosiveness lost with the early departure of junior Isaiah McKenzie for the NFL.”


As for this bull crap from you Chipper his name is Mecole Hardman Junior.


So I guess it is ok now with you since you can not even get his name right that we call you then Chipper – right ?


Mecole Hardman Junior has NOT ONE TIME caught the ball against his chest.  Not once.  That is ALL Isaiah McKenzie did here – ATTEMPT to catch the football against his chest – until he FLUNKED-OUT.







“Pat Allen was again working at left guard with the first team while Dyshon Sims was at right tackle. Redshirt freshman Chris Barnes was snapping the ball during a drill. Barnes is getting a look as a potential option at center.” WE HAVE NO CLUE WHAT WE ARE DOING ON THE OL.



These are NOT our best offensive linemen.




I suspect Kirby is calling the shots on offensive linemen based upon his PROVEN TRACK RECORD of having NO CLUE who is good on offense and who isn’t.




I see Seth Emerson is being delicate about Mecole Hardman Junior not to heap too much praise or ask ANY questions about him to piss-off Kirby and sit him down which is what Kirby does when the press asks him anything about a player.


“Offensive analyst Jay Johnson was patrolling the sidelines in shorts. Johnson spent last year as offensive coordinator at Minnesota.


Maybe Jay Johnson can talk some God Damn SENSE into the offensive coaching staff – er uh I mean KIRBY.





Olivia Godwin SPEAKS UP ON BLOG defending her son Terry Godwin Hogansville 247Sports.com composite 4-Star # 48 overall prospect ATHLETE 5′ 10″ 179 lbs. coming-in 2015 as a true freshman who has 35 and 38 catches 2015 and 2016 who has 379 and 397 yards receiving with 2 TD total going into his now Junior Year – WHO HAS BEEN Tentative to-date as a wide receiver both years here. She is defending her son just after midnight this morning Monday 3 April 2017 from a reply to Bill King’s poster when Bill King himself said Terry Godwin is “coming off a somewhat disappointing sophomore season and needs to step up.” The poster Hugh Nash who LIKE MYSELF does not find Terry Godwin serious in his pass routes nor in his blocking having the timidity to also point-out that he could try harder. He is just sort of there going into his Junior season here going through the motions not asserting himself. He is not the hardest working guy out there for certain. Olivia AGREES about Terry Godwin but BLAMES IT ON THE COACHES.

Olivia Godwin·C.E.O.at Mom.me    “I don’t hold my breath about him either….. as you can see he has a lot to smile about he’s a blessed young man! There’s no need to beat himself up about a play when you KNOW you did what you was told to do! Glad you’re a person with an opinion cause everyone has one! I will say this once again….. Every player has some talent but if given the opportunity every player can have their day! Maybe you can learn something from Clark Smith next time. ���� #teamgodwin “

It isn’t going to be handed to your son Olivia.  Perhaps you could tell your son that ?  Did you hear me ?  He needs to WORK HARDER.  He has to WANT IT.  Can you tell your son that or is ALL of this wasted on you ?   Or is this what you expected of him here ?  No it is clear from your reply Olivia that it is NOT.

You blame the coaches for telling him not to block – to run poor routes – to not get open – to not hold on to the ball – to not score touchdowns – to not step-up – to not recognize the defense –  to be TENTATIVE in everything he has done for Georgia Bulldogs Football ?

Seriously ?
I too like EVERYONE ELSE would love to see your son WANT IT more trying extra hard to do all he can do as one of the 11 on the field.  His relationship with God has NOTHING to do with this Olivia.  Either YOU make the point to your son to give it his all or this game will pass him by.  Clark Smith – you mean the Atlanta swimmer at Texas ?  We’ve TRIED to make the point to your son that we’d love to see him do really well.  What he’s lacking-in is EFFORT.  Try sending THAT message Olivia.
Life passes by those who think it’s handed to them.  You only get one go-round.  You must apply yourself to God’s Calling.  God would want that.
Try to keep to the point.  The rest of us ALL are.  All you are saying is that you AGREE with the assessment going into his Junior year.  You can NOT blame the coaches for ANY of this.  This is ALL on Terry whom I look forward to breaking-out 2017 but am looking at our options because your son is tentative.   Maybe he’s hen-pecked.
A henpecked son will be timid and meek and act intimidated.  And you are NOT helping your son blaming it on the coaches.  We ALL saw this hidden-away where so many might have missed it Olivia.
But I brought it out in the open right after you posted it online this morning Olivia.
If that is what you want – to discuss your son in public – agreeing he could be much better – then agree that is ON HIM and he can FIX IT HIMSELF.  Otherwise why AGREE with all these assessments Olivia ?  You did agree.  You blamed it on the coaches.
When you post online it becomes a matter of public record what you said.  You said YOU AGREE and BLAME it on the coaches.  Olivia hears EVERYONE saying that wide receiver is the BIGGEST HOLE on our ENTIRE TEAM.  This is her reply to conjure-up phrases of EVERYONE has an asshole on a public forum acting forgiven.
He’s had 2 sets of coaches Olivia.  The results have been the SAME with BOTH.  He’s got a ton of God-Given Talent and has been so far to-date tentative not putting in as much effort as those less-talented who WANT IT more.   I presume you’ve apologized to your fine son for what you DID say Olivia.   This could be good that you did this Olivia.   Once your son gets over being embarrassed you wrote this into public record the way you wrote it Terry Godwin will reread your actual statement about him  NOT doing as well as you expect so far either.
I would expect your statement to go viral.
And I am the cause.  I read blogs.  I call it like it is.  I pull no punches.
Your son is PULLING HIS PUNCHES while we ALL including a mom Olivia of a son Terry and a daughter Terryuana who have competed for us here at UGA in sports and including all his current and previous coaches expect more from him his Junior and Senior Years when every player just does better.  The light goes on.  He has the talent to do better and should be a break-out player this his Junior Year.  Spur him on !  We need Terry to show what we ALL know he is capable of in all aspects of his Calling.   Thank you for discussing this Olivia.   The Offensive Coaching has been very poor last year and the year before.  We stood pat this season so it is UP TO TERRY GODWIN himself Olivia.

Starting January 1949 Georgia Hoops’ Dawgs have been ranked 66 times in the AP Poll 66 times in 1100 polls over the 68 years which is just outside the Top 25 % Percentile of the 351 Division 1 NCAA men’s basketball teams while the state of Georgia is one of the LARGEST PRODUCERS of college basketball players who go on to the NBA.

Kentucky has been ranked in 829 of the possible 1100 AP Poll Top 25 rankings the last 68 years starting 1949. That is # 1 in the nation AP Poll rankings All-Time after 1949. Better than North Carolina and Duke and better than UCLA. Kansas and Indiana are the next 2. Then comes Louisville Arizona and Syracuse with Cincinnati rounding-out the top 10 all-time in AP Poll rankings with 393 times Cincinnati has been ranked in an AP Poll during the seasons starting 1949.


Of course BASKETBALL started LONG BEFORE the AP Poll finally came out 1949. James Naismith invented basketball for college players in 1891 to keep college athletes in-shape. I lettered in basketball and in Track and Field so basketball was a Winter Sport designed by James Naismith to keep his Track and Field college athletes in shape at Springfield College Massachusetts.


Hundreds of colleges started competing against each other within a year. Vanderbilt University in downtown Nashville Tennessee began playing competitive collegiate basketball games all over in 1893.


There are 351 teams in NCAA College Basketball Men in 32 Conferences which this AP Poll covers.


Of the 351 Division 1 NCAA Men’s College Basketball Programs The University of Georgia Bulldogs are # 92 All-Time with our 66 times ranked in the AP Poll starting 1949.


So that would put us almost inside the Top 25 % of the 351 teams.








So we are almost in the Upper Quartile. Nearly in the 75 % Percentile. A fraction off that. .2621 but we could significantly improve upon that were we to make a run of being ranked in the AP Poll which one would think Georgia Bulldogs could muster if we just only built ourselves a NEW GYM commensurate with our stature as one of the nation’s top colleges by ALL MEASURES thereof.


And when you consider that the state of Georgia is one of the largest producers of so much basketball talent here in this state it just makes no sense that Greg McGarity would sit on $77 million dollars in cash WE ALL DONATED TO HIM instead of building us a new gym.


Basketball players flock to others of the 351 collegiate NCAA Division 1 Basketball Programs FROM THE STATE OF GEORGIA because Greg McGarity REFUSES to build us a new gym with ALL THESE MONIES we DONATE to him to do just that with.


They are lured elsewhere from Georgia because our old antiquated small out-of-date lipstick on a pig cow palace has not hosted a men’s NCAA basketball tournament since 1971.


50 years since the NCAA Basketball Tournament which has the Final 4 today held one of their NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament Big Dance Games at the Stegesaurus.


It amazes me that any young lady or young man would want to play in that God Damn piece of shit Stegesaurus.  I hate the place as much as they do.


There are 120 NBA players from the state of Georgia and by comparison the state of Alabama only has 60 – half as many.






And South Carolina only has 20 NBA players in the whole entire state :




The state of Tennessee only has 81 NBA players :




Louisiana only has 88 NBA players :




I am sorry we need a new gym.





“I heard you might need some fire power at WR? Just call my name and I’ll give you more than you need.” TWEET from Mecole Hardman Junior TO Kirby Smart May 2016.

To-date all Kirby has done is give him ONE (1) Touch all season and that was a kick-off return.  In fact Kirby TRIED to REDSHIRT Mecole Hardman Junior last season like Ben Cleveland for example.  Then he relented and let the man ranked the # 1 athlete in the United States of America 2015 make a couple of tackles on special teams.  That’s it.


It’s EXACTLY like Kirby has said and done about Charlie Woerner – another I PEGGED on THIS BLOG to be used at WR 2016 as I did Mecole Hardman Junior on THIS BLOG pre-season 2016.


All we get is Kirby PUTTING SHIT on Mecole Hardman Junior AND Charlie Woerner.


And Ben Cleveland.


And Brian Herrien.


Throw Mecole Hardman Junior the God Damn Football Kirby and we will see how NATURAL he is a receiver.


It certainly looks and sounds like YOU HAVE NO IDEA Kirby that Mecole WOULD NOT be a freaking NATURAL at receiver reading your quotes Kirby.






You also said that Mecole DOES NOT MAKE THE DEPTH ON YOUR DEFENSE and now MORE younger players are moving ahead of him THERE TOO Kirby.


Wake the F up Kirby.






Kirby Smart : “I expect Jake Fromm to come out and compete like he’s trying to win it. I look at Jake Fromm no different than I did with Jacob Eason this time last year. Jake Fromm is coming in highly regarded a heralded recruit but he’s very serious and very professional about his work. Jake Fromm is a great leader in the locker room. Guys in the locker room respect Jake Fromm. Jake Fromm has got good arm strength and is a good decision-maker. Jake Fromm has got a little leadership to him that Jake Fromm is not afraid to jump out there and tell guys where to line up what to do and get after it with a little fire. I think that dynamic Jacob Eason sees that. And Jacob Eason is sitting there watching this young kid that comes in with a little more fire and brimstone than even he Jacob Eason had. Plus Jake Fromm is coming in with Jacob Eason there and that makes it a little bit different than last season with Greyson Lambert who was the incumbent starter. I think Jake Fromm is in a good place. And I think Jake Fromm is ready to go compete.” Kirby Smart.

I have seen Jake Fromm throw 2 dozen strikes in a row for a long time now.  The Jake and Jake Show.  I have also witnessed Jake Fromm for a long time now put his team on his back especially in pressure situations game on the line.


I can tell you from watching Jake Fromm for a long time now that he is a great athlete.  Jake Fromm knew Jacob Eason was here long before Jake Fromm committed to Kirby.  Kirby wanted Jake Fromm when Kirby was at Alabama.  Jake Fromm de-committed from Alabama to come play for Kirby.  That was when Jacob Eason was already here.


Jacob Eason goes to the NFL after next season.


This season is their first of 2 seasons together – the Jake and Jake Show.


Jake Fromm was committed to Alabama including February of 2016.  Then Kirby got Jake Fromm to commit to Georgia after National Signing Day last year 2016.  Then Jake Fromm came to the G-Day Game last year with 93000 of us here.  Then Jake Fromm took Camp here with Kirby last year 2016.


You people tried to tell Kirby that Kirby did not recruit Jacob Eason.  The way that actually went down was that YOU TOLD ME Jacob Eason coming here was ABSOLUTELY dependent upon Mark Richt being here.  Your quote was that Jacob Eason coming here is CONTINGENT upon Mark Richt still being here.


I told you you were full of shit.  That I had read the words of Jacob Eason and of his Dad.  That I heard them BOTH say that Jacob Eason LOVED the FANS of Georgia.  That he wanted to be followed by US.


You always have been FULL OF SHIT.  You are ALWAYS wrong.  You are ALWAYS PROVEN WRONG.


Then Mark Richt went to Miami of Florida on December 4.  At that time then Kirby was NOT HERE.  And Jacob Eason told Florida gators that he was coming there on a recruiting trip.  Florida wanted Jacob Eason to be their QB before Kirby ever was here.


That pissed-off the Florida gators’ quarterbacks they were recruiting and those already committed to Florida as well as those Florida gators’ quarterbacks who were there already.


Then Kirby was hired.


Then Kirby instantly left from the announcement and went to Washington.  Directly.  Left announcement got on plane to Washington and INVITED Jacob Eason HERE not to Florida gators.


Then Kirby came back and hired rock star Sam Pittman.


Then Jacob Eason’s Dad told everyone that THAT changed everything : Sam Pittman.


Then Jacob Eason came here.  You were holding God Damn VIGILS for Mark Richt.  Kirby had to meet with Jacob Eason ANYWHERE but where the rest of us were.  He couldn’t come to the Gala.  That’s how friq’d-up YOU made all of this.


Then Jacob Eason committed to Kirby.


Then Kirby signed Jacob Eason.


This while Miami of Florida fans were fawning over Jacob Eason saying THEY would get Jacob Eason.


And you said you were NOW a fan of Miami of Florida.


And you said that YOU COULD MAKE a good case that Mark Richt should NOT have been fired.


THIS is how all this went down.


Oh Yee of short memories.


Oh Yee God Damn LIARS.


What you hate about me is that I have a better brain than you have.  I remember what you say and ram it back down your God Damn throats daily forever every word out of your stupid dumbass mouth.  You are jealous of my ability to tell it like it is.


All during all of that Jake Fromm was committed to Alabama.


Then February of 2016 after Kirby had been here in Athens for 7 weeks from January 12  Jake Fromm committed to Kirby at which time Jacob Eason was enrolled in classes here.


Then Jake Fromm saw Jacob Eason play for us G-Day Game 2016.


Then Jake Fromm came to camp here.


Jake Fromm 5-Star Quarterback.


I have watched Jake Fromm grow-up.  Jake Fromm is going to be a Professional Athlete of the highest level.


Jake Fromm got Georgia the # 2 best recruiting class in the nation according to Scout.com.  Jake Fromm recruited these guys here for us.  16 of them in the Top 200 of the ESPN RecruitingNation Top 200 nationally no matter what position they played.


15 of them ranked in the Overall Top 100 recruits of 3300 recruits 2017 according to either Scout.com or according to ESPN RecruitingNation or according to 247Sports.com Composite.


You said Kirby did NOT recruit Jacob Eason here.


Kirby heard you tell him that he did not recruit Jacob Eason here.


This is exactly how all this came down in the order in which it came down.


You have made yourself out not only a horses’ ass the whole ENTIRE time but have been PROVEN INCORRECT on EVERY WORD out of your God Damn LIAR mouth.


Remember telling ME that I could NOT say this.  That YOU would NOT allow me to say this ?


Well do you punks ?


If it were up to you still today Mark Richt would still be here as you promised me he would be today and Jake Fromm would still be committed to Alabama and now preparing to play in THEIR Spring Practice instead next Tuesday.


That is how THIS all would have come down if it were up to you.


Except that I would not have been ALLOWED to say this to YOU.  How did that go for you ? Well ?  Did you shut me up ?


Did you ?


Did ANYTHING you said on ANY of this any of it come-out like YOU TOLD ME ?


Go ahead.


You can say it.


We ALL know.


I was RIGHT about all of this.  And NOTHING you said came to pass.  You questioned whether you wanted to be a fan of us any longer.  THAT is what happened.


That and you tried to CENSOR me because you did not want to hear what you said when you said it and how you still feel about it all.


You did not have your way on that either did you ?  Did you censor me ?  Was ONLY your opinion heard ?


Or did I have my say ?


Did I tell it like it is and how it all turned-out ?


Were you right about ANY of this ?  No.



Oakland University 7 The University of Georgia Ice Dawgs 5 to make it 5-7 Oakland University winning Ice Dawgs take the loss the last goal on our empty net. Finally URL Link works to watch at 12:35 p.m. Ice Dawgs is the name of the exciting University of Georgia Ice Hockey Team doing so well again this season who plays their games at the Classic Center which is too small and should be played at our NEW GYM which should be built with Ice Hockey as one of its design objectives. TODAY 11 am LIVE Ice Dawgs National Championships 16-team Play-Offs Begin for us this morning Tuesday 14 March 2017. So we have THIS while neither the men nor the women made the NCAA Basketball Tournament for The Georgia Bulldogs.

Lost 5-7 third period no sound just picture and it was spotty with no graphics other than occasionally see the scoreboard.


Go Live sucks. Go Live went up and down the whole game.


THIS URL LINK works forget others you have seen :





11 a.m. Eastern Standard Time 14 March 2017 vs. University of Georgia Ice Dawgs coached by Rick Emmett against Oakland University Division 3 Ice Hockey 16-team national championship playoffs






This is the Official University of Georgia Ice Dawgs URL Link.


This is where the home games are played :







The Ice Dogs are 25-1-1 on this 2017 season winning the Conference Title 9-0 in Conference while the University of Florida gators were # 2 at 15-7 last season.




The Ice Dogs defeated Ole Miss 9-2 to Win the Championship Game 2017 repeating as Conference Champions.


This is a Club Sport rather than a Varsity Sport so The University of Georgia funds only 5 percent of the costs of the program which we have had since 1987.


This is an Official NCAA sanctioned sport who competes under the name American Collegiate Hockey Association.


American Collegiate Hockey Association has the National Championship Tournament under way now next.



The National Championships are for both Women’s teams and for Men’s teams in Ice Hockey.


The University of Georgia Ice Dawgs compete in Men’s Division III.


We are in M3 Nationals 2017 POOL B play for the National Championship.


This is a 16-team National Championship Play-Off format and there are 4 teams seeded nationally from 4 geographic regions and we are seeded # 3 in the South Region.  There are the South North Atlantic and Pacific each sending 4 teams to the nationals.





We play against

Oakland University (N2)


at 11 a.m. Tuesday March 14.


Then Wednesday March 15 2017 at 1:45 p.m.  against

Bryn Athyn College (A1)


Then Thursday at 11 a.m. March 16 2017 against

Missouri State Univ. (P4)


The Yankees with two regions both North and Atlantic have a decided advantage in the National Championship Tournament over the South which is not expected to win.


You can find our Schedule here at this URL Link which continues until March 19 2017 :




You can watch the games live here at this URL Link which shows a SHOPPING CART and features 5 HD Cameras including one in each goal :






© 2017 ACHA Nationals


We were the RUNNER-UP 2003-2004 season losing in the National Championship Game :




That trade school downtown was runner-up in our division 1999-2000 season while Michigan State won our division 2 years ago Men’s Division 3 Champions 2014-2015 season.


The Women’s National Championship Game Division 1 was played here in Alpharetta Georgia 2001-2002 season won by Wisconsin.  Division 1 men’s and women’s is called Frozen Four semi-finals.


I think we get a bum rap for Ice Hockey.


We beat Missouri State and lost the first 2 games in Pool play this year.






Half of the ESPN reporters say Georgia is the team who could become a true thorn in Alabama’s side.

David Ching: Georgia

This is stating the obvious, but if a program is to compete with Alabama, it has to recruit like Alabama. Because nobody in the SEC has stacked class upon class the way Nick Saban has (average ESPN recruiting class ranking over the past five classes: 1.2), the Crimson Tide have run away from the pack over the past few years. But if we’re looking for teams that pose the greatest immediate threat to Alabama’s reign, it has to be one that recruits consistently. That trims your options to six most likely contenders: LSU (average ESPN recruiting class ranking over the past five classes: 5.8), Georgia (7.4), Auburn (8.8), Florida (10.6), Texas A&M (11) and Tennessee (13.6). If I have to pick one out of that group, give me Georgia, which I view as a potential recruiting giant that might have recently woken up. The Bulldogs usually signed top-10 classes under Mark Richt, but it’s possible that the class Kirby Smart just signed after his first full recruiting cycle was as good as any from the Richt era. Smart’s recruiting base is as fertile as it gets, and he coaches in the lesser of the SEC’s two divisions. If he can reel in a few more classes of the same quality as the one he just brought to Athens, Georgia could become a true thorn in Alabama’s side.


Greg Ostendorf: Georgia

In the short term, I think it’s Auburn. With quarterback Jarrett Stidham onboard, the Tigers have a legitimate chance to beat Alabama and win the West. However, looking over the next five years, I like what Smart is doing at Georgia. He’s landed two very good quarterbacks in Jacob Eason and Jacob Fromm, which is a must if you want to beat Alabama head-to-head. He took back the Peach State in recruiting and landed the No. 2 class nationally last month. There’s no telling how good they can be if they can continue to recruit at that level. The biggest thing, though, is that they’re in the East. It’s much easier to come out of the East right now, and you might not have to play the Tide until the SEC championship. The jury is out on Smart as an SEC coach, but the way he’s building his program is similar to how Saban did it when he first got to Tuscaloosa.