Matthew Stafford # 1 QB out of high school in the nation later # 1 Overall NFL Draft Pick leaving early only played 3 seasons. In games for example 6 and 7 still his true Freshman year NOT STARTER – dumbass Started Joe Tereshinski III vs vols & Vandie games 6 & 7 his true Freshman Year and LOST BOTH. Also Started Joe Cox 2006 vs Colorado ! Take THAT 9 weeks tomorrow morning after he FIRED for this shit. You get that ?

vols are supposed to be 5-loss team 2006 and ended-up # 25 Final AP Poll so if they do not come to our house with dumb shit Starting Joe Tereshinski III telling Matthew Stafford in games 6 and 7 that Joe Tereshinski III is a BETTER QB than Matthew Stafford, vols are NOT a ranked team in the Final AP Poll Top 25.


But the vols beat Joe Tereshinski III as our BETTER Starting QB at Sanford.


I shall NEVER forget it !




Then, with THAT damn back-drop, next week we played the lowly damned Vandie team 2006 in game # 7 again at Sanford.


To be a fan of that asshole, you have to NOT have seasons’ tickets as I and remember this shit.


I mean we played them in front of me.


So damn stupid.


Vandie 2006 was 1-7 in The SEC.  Not at game time.  For the freaking God Damn Season !


Vandie 2006 was coached by Bobby Johnson.  Maybe you do not remember Bobby Johnson ?  That’s because he has NOT COACHED SINCE.  He has NOT COACHED ANYWHERE.




He was added to the Play-Off Selection Committee to replace Archie Manning this time last year and ended his career coaching football all levels at 89-102.


89-102 all-time coaching record all levels Bobby Johnson.  He was a back at Clemson.


But 1-7 SEC Vandie 2006 beat Joe Tereshinski III as our Starting QB game 7 of 2006 season for the dumb friqin’ “coach” we had here whom I personally ran out of town on a DAMNED RAIL !


I cited this shit daily here on this blog and every blog on the Internet where I did post and NOT HAVE IT EDITED.


I want to remind you of this now because this is no different from Jake Eason.


In front of me both these losses to ingrain it into MY mind !


Dumbass piece of shit.


It is what he did.


Lose inexplicable games EVERY year.  Note this was supposed to be one of his “good years” 2006 in the 1st half of his career here.


“At the end of the 2006 season he was the hottest team in the nation who could beat EVERYONE”  his freaking Apologists told us.  But we to forget and say good riddance to all that was “HISTORY” they stated to me and to any and all who would listen to me.  “History” when it the game before the up-coming game.  About that which happened even in games 6 and games 7 of 2006.   And, two more losses after that too because he was not prepared.  Hells Bells we made Joe Tereshinski III the God Damned Starter 2006.  How could he be prepared by game 6 or game 7, pray tell ?


Or indeed even for the 2 later losses either when not he but Joe Tereshinski III was told he the better QB and that we needed therefore to devote the snaps with the # 1 unit to Joe Tereshinski III and NOT Matthew Stafford.


And, why we lost all these games.


That Joe Tereshinski III was NOT the better QB.


Was he ?


No different now either.


How quickly they wish they could forget.  And, all his dumbass decisions 2006 and off-field woes.


But, after he lost to the vols and Vandie both at HOME for us he then went to Florida and Kentucky for crying out loud and LOST BOTH of those too 2006.


Kentucky you no doubt recall was supposed to be a 6-loss Kentucky team 2006 but Rich Brooks’ unranked ass beat us 2006.


Amazing how they only remember that which they WANT.

Rich Brooks was 143-175 all levels as coach 44 % win % but he beat our sorry-ass coach 2006.


This is NOT to tell you I told you so !


This is TO TEACH YOU what I said THEN was RIGHT TOO !


That Matthew Stafford HAD TO BE OUR STARTING QB 2006 – not Joe Tereshinski III.


Instead dumbass – your damned hero and not mine – even Started Joe Cox 2006.  That’s right vs Colorado 2006 dumb shit told Matthew Stafford that Joe Cox is a BETTER QB than you Matthew Stafford.  He was CLUELESS who the better QB his entire tenure here.  Colorado 2006 you may recall played us TOO AT OUR HOUSE all 3 these games home games for us 2006.  A 3-9 team Colorado 2006. Joe Cox managed the game to win 14-13 at HOME for us against 3-9 Colorado 14-13.  Joe Cox and his head ‘coach’ took HELL from me and from EVERYONE but YOU 2006 for Starting Joe Cox vs Colorado and struggling against a 3-9 team Colorado 2006 because he did not Start Matthew Stafford.


Joe Cox AND Joe Tereshinski III are BOTH BETTER quarterbacks than Matthew Stafford.  That is what dumb shit told Matthew Stafford 2006.  He played here 2 more years after that and left the # 1 pick as he was the # 1 QB getting here  too.  Came and left # 1 in the nation. But, while he was here 2006 dumb muck told him Joe Cox AND Joe Tereshinski III are BOTH BETTER quarterbacks than you Matthew Stafford.


Yet, TODAY on the Internet all these “approved” blogs do NOT censor that their fans of said blogs and blog Authors there say that oh he was the greatest ever, did NOT struggle, that we have a new coach taking over who is NOT taking over a struggling program averaging 4 losses per season for his last entire freaking 8 years here.


Forget YOU !


Get it BACK in your face TODAY for what you say TODAY on your blogs and for what you allow unfettered from your fans there on your pussies’ blogs.


Here we shall speak the Truth and shall refute you TODAY for that which you say and allow unfettered on your blogs today.


Imagine 1 even said today that he is not sure he even indeed wants to be involved with our program EVER AGAIN firing the best coach ever, oh and that the new coach is NOT taking over a struggling program.


The freaking Hell you say !


We would play Colorado again and they were a 7-loss team 2010 should’ve been 8-loss team who FIRED their coach but they beat your dumbass hero.


Oh I see.


You can say and allow to be said unfettered on your pussies’ blog that he is NOT taking over a struggling program TODAY you say and allow to be said TODAY, but I shall NOT have the right to offer-up my damn retort.


Good Luck with that assholes !


“Our ‘coach’ knows better than you Thomas Brown.  You’re just a miserable hater.  I trust our ‘coach’ on this better than you.  He is the greatest ‘coach’ all-time and knows a LOT more about this than you.  I trust his decisions on who his Starting QB is better than I trust you.”


“Yeah !  Way to go !  Delete his post !  I hate reading his repeated bullshit on the Internet.  He repeats the same post EVERYWHERE on the Internet.  He is a broken record.  He hates our coach and wants him fired.  He does not want to get on the bus.  He revels in not drinking the Kool-Aid.  He needs to be BANNED from typing this shit. What a dumb shit Thomas Brown.  Believe him or our ‘coach’ when he needs to get a life about this program I am a better fan of than Thomas Brown is.”


But you don’t even go the games I replied.


“No.  But, I watch them on TV.”


Do you change the channel when he pulls his usual bullshit and loses to crappy-ass football teams with far better talent on our team – not developing his Quarterbacks, and wasting talent and playing FAVORITES ?  I asked.


“He is the greatest ever ‘coach’ for us.”


He is dumb as shit, daily I told them.


No one has EVER accused him of being smart.


Or them.


My posts are there.


All the way back 39 years my posts are there.  I replied.  I wish the AJ-C had not deleted all their comments from their articles in the conversion to DawgNation a few years ago.


But I damn sure remember what they said.


They defended the dumbass son of a bitch.


Made up excuses.


Said that was a game in HISTORY.


I said history ?  That was the last game we played !


Yeah, but we are going to win the NC and go 15-0 this coming season and you want to dwell on the past.


No.  I told them. I do not want to dwell on the past, but if we do not learn from the past, we are destined to repeat the SAME MISTAKES !


Which we would still be doing if it were up to them.


“He’s not going anywhere.  You’re delusional.  He will be back and win it all !  Then, what will you say when he does ?  All he needs is his 9th coordinator.  All he needs is another QB like Matthew Stafford !  The final piece to the puzzle.  You’re just a hater.  Get on the bus.  You’re not a fan of The Georgia Bulldogs.  You’re a Georgie tek yellowjackets’ fan.  Give up that fine man’s handle and post as ramblin’ this or that.  It’s just as easy to sit there and whine after every game as it is to see how bright our future is with our best coach ever !  He was the best coach in America at the end of the 2006 season and we the hottest team.  Wait until next year 2007” when he REDSHIRTS Knowshon Moreno so we only saw him 2 years and loses then the next year after that 3 games 2008 then getting to play # 24 Michigan State 4-loss team 2008 with Mike Bobo, Knowshon Moreno, AJ Green and Matthew Stafford ranked # 1 in the nation 2008 consensus # 1 AP and Coaches’ Poll 2008.


Stick that up your ass !


“Censor his posts !”


“Yeah, I felt sorry for him and left his posts a couple of times.  But, he is so delusional and so many of our fans here on my blog told me to delete them.”


Go find those.


The ones you left.


I gave you HELL THEN.  Or go back to Online Athens when I gave you hell then in 2001 and 2002 for the dumbass decisions he made then.


Go ahead.


I gave you hell.


And, I was right then as now as well sir.


I give you HELL NOW.


And still you censor.  Still you say what a great guy he.  And still today you allow posts posts saying TODAY EVEN that those fans say on your blog this month now 2 months after we fired his ass.  That they are NOT EVEN SURE THEY WANT TO BE INVOLVED WITH THIS PROGRAM ANY LONGER NOW !


Matthew Stafford did not even start games 6 and 7 at HOME for us in 2006 as the nation’s # 1 QB out of high school and who left as the nation’s # 1 QB 3 years later, and




Didn’t we ?


You bullied me on the Internet hiding behind your damned keyboard for 8 excruciating years !


Back to Shove it back up your ass now, am I !


A little trip down memory lane for you – since you obviously WROTE that bullshit felt that way wished you could’ve shut me up and STILL DO.


“But let’s not talk about recruiting.  I never talk about recruiting.”


“It is just as easy to be happy with that shit, as it is to be grouchy that someone dared to want more.”


7 Scholarships for 2016 remain to fix this struggling program and we fell behind in filling these 7 open Scholarships 2016 with only 3 days left now when our coach took a vacation from here for 6 weeks and 2 days then finally showed-up dawg-tired putting us behind the 8-ball NEEDLESSLY.


He better damn well start Jake Eason.


For 8 long years to write about our beloved Bulldogs to the Internet I would go to share about how disappointed I was wanting more.  Even more so not so much with him than with YOU.  You freaking pussies !  And I shall NEVER put-up with it I vowed each day as you well attest.  Then a funny happy occurrence and the tables turned !  Now it is YOU and not I who the disgruntled and no not at I but at yourself that little ole I should be here today standing as your corrector that I told you so and make you so damn little you friqin’ pussies.  And so you turn to the Internet daily 9 weeks now and counting in the morning 29 November to still brag upon average 4 losses for his last entire 8 years here we to endure and hear nothing but excuses and braggadocio of his greatness still today.  I will be dipped in shit if you to re-write history today.

For 8 years ago you to dip it in shit with rose-colored glasses and now 9 weeks AFTER I proved RIGHT and YOU PROVED WRONG.


That’s right.

YOU proved wrong.


You can shove it up your God Damn Assholes that you will still bully me.


No.  That shall not happen.






I won.


Little ole me.


Proved RIGHT yet again !


And, so to you :


Chipper Towers

Bill King

Bluto – state senator of nothing – get the picture pussies

Michael Collins

admin Field Street Forum plagiarist

Mr. Blue

Russell Sauve

Harrison Martin

SB Nation

vineyard dawg

Saturday Down South

Cory Brinson

Barrett Sallee

the Bleacher report

Brian Jones

Dawn of the Dawg

The Lady Sportswriter


All YOU who tried to CENSOR me to shut me up for 8 years to bully me and FAILED I say to you this 9 weeks anniversary tomorrow morning the 29th November 2015 nine weeks ago tomorrow – you pussies –


I was RIGHT all along and ye shall NOT have your way now rewriting this as you WISH YOU COULD NOW as greatness then or now – stick it up your God Damned Assholes you owe ME an Apology : “Thomas Brown you were RIGHT ALL ALONG and I feel sorry for MYSELF that I told YOU Thomas Brown that YOU WERE WRONG.”


Bitter ?  Only at you you bullies you Internet bullies proven WRONG hiding still behind your keyboards – PUNKS the lot of you then and NOW.


YOU owe ME for then and for NOW your God Damned Apology each of you friqin’ God Damned Pussies !


For for the same very methods I ran your God Damned Friqin’ hero out of town here on a God Damned Rail, so shall I shove it up your God Damned Assholes into eternity if you KEEP IT UP.


You could not formulate a response then and now still the same from you pussies.  And no you did NOT shut me up.  Did you ?  Nor shall you now by God Above !  Keep it up Assholes.  Keep it up.


For no one can do it better than I.


I promise assholes.


I guaran damn T it.


I told you you would rue the day.


That day is NOW !



Today :

Russell Sauve “I’m having a hard time turning that corner towards being excited about next season or even in the program.”


You do not like what I have to say about Jake Eason Starting vs UNC because the fired guy started Joe Tereshinski III still in games 6 and 7 of 2006 and LOST BOTH !