KIRBY took all the players to go BOWLING this afternoon with Spring Practice to start Tuesday. My coaches told all of us that swimming impinges on the shoulder of the college athlete causing tendon injuries prevalent in 17 % of college swimmers and of course staying in the water causes skin issues as well.

I grew-up bowling.


And while I enjoy the water and always have every serious coach has always told us all not to go swimming that it is the cause of injuries to the shoulder.  We had players injured swimming in just exactly this manner yet Mark Richt insisted every year that ALL the players HAD to go swimming with him so he could do a back-flip off the high dive.


Yet for 15 consecutive years we stopped practice and went swimming while THIS BLOG reported that it was way wrong to do so.


When football players in a sustained fashion get wet and stay wet for a prolonged period this causes calluses to soften, and makes all the skin susceptible to blisters.  Quarterbacks, wide receivers, tight ends, running backs, defensive backs, linebackers, centers, offensive linemen, defensive linemen and special teams’ players all are putting not only their shoulders at risk but also causing them to get blisters.


This affects our players being unable to compete at this all-important time in their personal development and it portends for two types of injuries therefrom just when this all-important 2017 season up-coming is so important to our entire football program.  When there is every known fact about swimming being bad for athletes of MANY sports that this went-on has bothered me for years that no one spoke-out about it when everyone knows what I know on THIS TOPIC of SWIMMING.


Terry Godwin injured his shoulder swimming and frankly he has not yet lived-up to what we all hoped.


It is so important to take care of ourselves and to do activities which are approved for our sport.


So this afternoon Kirby took the entire team bowling this afternoon after warm-up.  Perfect timing.  Perfect activity.