James Coley current co-offensive coordinator for Kirby is expected to be promoted to Offensive Coordinator a position he held as OC at both FSU and OC at Miami of Florida. Current assistant head coach Dell McGee would appear to be promoted to really either coordinator job. It’s just Kirby who doesn’t know offenses.

Kirby will promote from within his staff and add additional staff members to replace Mel Tucker and Jim Chaney.  Jim Chaney did bring Sam Pittman with him here from 2 previous SEC gigs together including Tennessee but that was only 1 year vols and 2 years Arkansas Sam Pittman and Jim Chaney were together.  Sam Pittman was at 2 previous non-SEC schools prior to vols in 2012 including at North Carolina.  Sam Pittman prior to all that also coached at Missouri and Sam Pittman coached at Oklahoma.  Hopefully just the last 2 stops for Sam Pittman at Arkansas with Jim Chaney and prior to that one year 2012 with the vols and Jim Chaney will not find Sam Pittman wanting to rejoin Jim Chaney.  Sam Pittman also coached at Western Michigan and Cincinnati and Northern Illinois.   Jim Chaney was a losing record coach 2012 with Sam Pittman at vols 5-7 in 2012 coaching together.  Jim Chaney as he did here struggled against the better teams 2012 with vols scoring only 20 points 2012  vols against Florida and only 13 against Alabama.  Jim Chaney with vols 2012 also put-up only 18 against Vandie 2012 who frankly has OWNED vols for some time now as you can see.  I would think those memories of their 7 losses together would weigh rather heavily with the beginning of what Sam Pittman is doing here at Georgia 2019.  Sam Pittman’s players are really only now 2019 taking over the OL.  Widely regarded the top OL in the nation 2019 I would figure Georgia would not only match any vols offer for Sam Pittman but double it.  These players adore Sam Pittman himself a Hall of Fame Offensive Lineman in college himself.  Sam Pittman is a beautiful person.


I don’t see where Sam Pittman and Jim Chaney are joined at the hip.  We should have no problems rebuffing any vols offer to Sam Pittman.


Jim Chaney was an embarrassment on the field and so I forced Kirby to move him on up to the booth.  And I forced Kirby to hire co-offensive coordinator James Coley.


How someone that profoundly obese can be made coach of kids in athletics in the first place is the real problem.


Jim Chaney’s offensive play calls were just awful.  Run first down.  Run second down.  Pass 3rd down some of the time.  Down 7 to 28 he finally threw against Texas.  But we never did score 28 points.  He doesn’t get it.  He never did.  He knows he is shameful.  It’s not like he got hired away from us.  Kirby already replaced him last year with James Coley.  And so we simply refused to renew Jim Chaney’s contract and so he found another job.


Good riddance.


Don’t let the screen door hit you on your considerable fat ass on the way out the door Jim Chaney.  I look forward to scheming against your play calls for the vols.


Jeremy Pruitt thinks Jim Chaney is a good hire ?  That can’t be the case.  He knows Jim Chaney.  How desperate is Jeremy Pruitt ?  vols were 2-6 in The SEC losing to Vandie AGAIN by 38 to 13 to prevent Jeremy Pruitt from even playing as one of the 80 teams in bowl games.


How bad is that ?


Vanderbilt had a losing record but they beat vols and Jeremy Pruitt again.  Who is the state champion of the state of Tennessee ?  It is NOT Jeremy Pruitt’s crappy-assed vols but Georgia.


Sam Pittman here at Georgia beat Austin Peay Clarksville Tennessee last year beat Middle Tennessee Murfreesboro Tennessee beat Vanderbilt Nashville Tennessee and beat vols Knoxville Tennessee just in the latest 2018 season of Sam Pittman’s exploits here.  The lure of Tennessee for Sam Pittman then is the lure of LOSING.  At some point every coach wants to coach a winner.  vols are NOT it.  They haven’t been for so long no one can remember when they were.  Yes you would like to do that yourself as the coach to make the team a winner and that is what Sam Pittman has done here.  Sam Pittman wants to stay an OL coach.  I’d like for that to be from here from now on.  But what do I know ?


This is a horrible hire for Jeremy Pruitt one sure to seal the deal that he will never do shit with vols.


I have been trying to fire Jim Chaney since Kirby had him stand beside him on the sidelines 2016 season of 8-5.


That he would go to vols is a DOUBLE-WIN for us.  One it is a win because I hate Jim Chaney’s fat ass.  And 2 because I love more than God above to watch vols suck.


vols have sucked now for so long you guys don’t even remember why I hate them so much.


Thomas Brown and Major Applewhite would both seem to be of interest to the program to interview not that we can sit here and figure who Kirby might hire frankly for either coordinator job.  I hope it’s James Coley and Dell McGee.