Top 10 largest in the nation and 14th largest in the world Sanford Stadium is expanding again 2018 from our 92746 to 93246 not moving up the list and NOT over 100 thousand which it should have been long ago. Race tracks are NOT stadiums. Permanent STANDING ROOM ONLY are included. American FOOTBALL STADIUMS include MANY who have OVERTAKEN Sanford Stadium in recent years while The University of Georgia has DONE NOTHING to keep-up with other Podunk schools or take BACK our rightful position while Podunk schools pass us by. Of course we play FLORIDA every stinking year in God Damn JACKSONVILLE so while it is common to see other venues have 8 and even 9 home games we are stuck with 6 largely bullshit home games by STARK CONTRAST. Combined all our opponents at Sanford 2018 do NOT even have a winning record their most recent year of “football.”

Largest stadiums in the world including standing room only with permanent capacity :


  1. 114000 Rungrado 1st of May Stadium North Korea
  2. 107601 Michigan Stadium was 97 thousand 239 in 1955
  3. 106572 Beaver Stadium Penn State was 83 thousand 370 in 1990
  4. 104944 Ohio State was 91 thousand 470 in 1994
  5. 102733 Kyle Field Texas A&M was 82 thousand 589 in 2013
  6. 102455 Neyland Stadium vols was 80 thousand 250 in 1976
  7. 102321 LSU Tigers was 80 thousand even 1994
  8. 101821 Bryant–Denny Alabama was 92 thousand 012 in 2009
  9. 100119 Darrell Royal – Texas Stadium was 85 thousand 123 in 2006
  10. 100024 Melbourne Cricket Ground
  11. 99354 Camp Nou Barcelona Spain
  12. 94736 Soccer City Johannesburg South Africa
  13. 93607 Southern California Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum was 92 thousand in 2007
  14. 92746 while 2018 is 93246 Sanford Stadium Bulldogs was 86 thousand 117 in 1999


Did I mention that indeed The SEC is really down with BOTH of the top 2 teams in the nation Alabama and Georgia.


Thank you very much.


We really have not done jack shit on our stadium while instead we have stood on the sidelines and watched all these other teams pass us by in attendance per game and in the number of home games not to mention having BIG HUGE GAMES OF great importance while our home slate this season includes :


Austin Peay 8-4 FCS Division 1-AA

Middle Tennessee Blue Raiders  7-6 who quit being FCS Division 1-AA 2000

Tennessee vols 4-8

Vanderbilt 5-7

Auburn 10-4 and # 12 in the Coaches’ Poll after losing Peach Bowl to UCF

UMass 4-8 who quit being FCS Division 1-AA 2011

Georgia Tech 5-6 who has not done shit in college football starting 1957


Motley crew for National Championship Game team last year isn’t it ?  This what we are supposed to spend our monies on 2018 for these bullshit games.  Got it ?


Combined our opponents at HOME at Sanford Stadium still Top 10 nationally stadium are 43-43.  Our opponents at HOME 2018 don’t even have a combined winning record their most recent season of “football.”



# 49 in won/loss record starting 1957 Georgia Tech 383-312-13 how sorry is that ?


We have nothing to gain playing these teams 2018 and everything to lose.




So while we ACT so high and mighty I thought I would point this out this morning.  Everyone ELSE is talking about NOTHING ELSE with regard to us 2018 in case you give a shit what everyone else is saying about us.





Georgia with population over 10 million obliterates South Carolina population less than 5 million on stellar performance by Greyson Lambert setting ALL-TIME NCAA RECORD QUARTERBACKS 24/25 FOR 96% COMPLETIONS to send Steve Spurrier off in the sunset with A LOSING RECORD AT SOUTH CAROLINA TO GEORGIA 5-6. The 52-20 is a Slamming of USCe with 7 TD and a field goal – decking South Carolina and Steve Spurrier. Bring on Alabama, and adios Steve Spurrier – take THAT 52-20 ! Hang half a hundred on your ass. Yeah, baby !



Steve Spurrier has inferior talent to us, and never did it show more thanks to the great performance at QB by Junior Transfer Greyson Lambert on a clear calm 85 degree night everywhere around here, except at Sanford Stadium as we relished the win over him.   There was no calm inside Sanford Stadium, not on this night.  Brawls broke out again and again, the officials having to stop the game to try to settle it down.  I mean South Carolina has NEVER done ANYTHING in football ever, but beating the shit out of Steve Spurrier scoring more than 7 Touchdowns on him, makes it all the more abundantly clear just how much more talented UGA is than South Carolina this season.

This was not the night we lose to an inferior team.  We were up for this game, and the crowd let the players know from the get-go and relentlessly tirelessly the talent Mark Richt brought here, body slammed South Carolina from pillar to post.

Greyson Lambert came out on the opening series and accurately hit his receivers in stride, and boy did they hold on to the ball for Greyson Lambert.  That opened up the rushing attack for Georgia, as Sony Michel and Nick Chubb who came in here together last year, chewed them up and sent them flying.  On one of Sony Michel’s 3 touchdowns, as he got to the end zone there were 3 USCe defenders and Sony Michel just bopped him violently and fiercely decked two of the South Carolina defenders as he crossed the goal line.

Then, Thomas Brown called on Keith Marshall and he replaced Nick Chubb at the goal line and scored our 7th TD.

Reminiscent of the Matt Robinson # 17 performance against Alabama # 10 at UGA # 6 in 1976 here between the hedges 21-0, Greyson Lambert lead the favored charges on a romp through South Carolina.  Ok, so South Carolina is a team reeling all season, including their loss to Kentucky at Columbia just last week, after a horrible performance against another nobody team North Carolina in the Opener, but no one cares on this night as the Good Guys kicked the shit out of Steve Spurrier.

All-time head to head, Steve Spurrier does NOT have a winning record over Mark Richt at 6-6 (including Florida 2001.)  At South Carolina, Mark Richt is 6-5 vs Steve Spurrier. Many hope this is the last meeting between Steve Spurrier and Georgia.


3 and a half hours of overwhelming joy, the euphoria seemingly never ended.  The Police were everywhere trying to find overzealous fans, but none of us had left early.  We savored every moment, as the more than 10 million in this state grasped the moment by the brass ring and really lapped it up.

Southern next week, and then Alabama who found Ole Miss too much for them this same night I am told.

I have Matt Robinson’s # 17 Jersey in the locker room after that win over Alabama 39 years’ ago now, as Matt tried to hang it on the hook in his cage but missed and it hit the floor in front of me and all the press but now at his feet.

I would relish doing this to Alabama again, and of course that will be all the talk between now and this rematch of top 10 teams 39 years’ later now here at Sanford.

We have a really talented team.

We did not know we had a Quarterback.

I for one never thought Greyson Lambert could have such a performance.

Matt Robinson in 1976 ?

Hell yeah, I thought he could as I never did care for the Vince Dooley choice of Ray Goff instead of Matt Robinson.  Ray Goff from Moultrie never did play in the NFL, but Matt Robinson did and was great.

Matt Robinson, now 60 years old, is from Farmington Michigan and went to North Springs here in Atlanta.  He has tried to buy the jersey from me through the years through a mutual longtime friend, a Stewardess for Delta.

Matt Robinson was a Starting Quarterback in the NFL for years.

But, I shall always remember his performance against Alabama in just this same exact set-up as it plays out this season now 39 years later.

I got a scar on my arm getting over the hedges – they are really sharp, or were back then and I have not ventured through them since, as a result.

But, I have the Jersey proudly to wear for 39 seasons now.

Vince Dooley always played Ray Goff, you see ?  Then, on 3rd down, he would bring in Matt Robinson to bail his ass out.

Even with Alabama’s loss to Ole Miss, they figure to be about # 10 same as they were in 1976 and we figure to be about the same # 6 we were in 1976 as well, since we should move up one spot with their loss from # 7 today.

Greyson Lambert sets himself up for such a miracle win in a miracle season for now Mark Richt 2015-2016 season.  This team is that talented.

We emptied the bench tonight.

Or, the score would have been even bigger.

10-1 Matt Robinson finished in 1976, losing to Pittsburgh in the Sugar Bowl I went to.  I hated that as Pittsburgh won the national championship by beating us 1976.    We lost to Ole Miss that season, in Oxford.  Now, 39 years later Ole Miss beats Alabama just prior to Alabama coming back here.

On this day, no one was looking ahead to anything.

We all wanted Steve Spurrier to fling his visor.



But, I am certainly looking forward to Alabama now.

And, thinking on Matt Robinson # 17 and his performance against Alabama 1976 to beat Alabama 21 to nothing.

On this night, we had 17 passing 1st Downs, on the arm of Greyson Lambert who was in a zone.

We had another 15 First Downs over and above just the 17 passing 1st Downs of Greyson Lambert.

Matt Robinson I am sure is proud of Greyson Lambert on this night.

3 Touchdown passes, all from Greyson Lambert.

4 Rushing Touchdowns in addition.

Can you believe that ?

250 yards rushing.

I know I know, it’s a lousy South Carolina team.

So what ?

Greyson Lambert passed for 330 yards tonight !

Lorenzo Nunez from Harrison in Kennesaw for South Carolina’s Steve Spurrier, was no match for Greyson Lambert on this night.

Nick Chubb went for a buck 59 and 2 more touchdowns on just 21 carries but did not have a ball thrown to him in addition.

Malcolm Mitchell had 8 catches for a buck 22 and a TD !  Eight (8.)

Jackson Harris had several catches, again.

Sony Michel, who might be more a wide receiver, had 3 catches for 2 TD as South Carolina has no match for him, either.

Jay Rome had a catch.

And, Terry Godwin caught the NCAA record catch completion among his several catches.

Michael Chigbu was targeted and brought his pass in too.

Quayvon Hicks had several receptions.

Jeb Blazevich had an outstanding performance too also with several more catches.

Brice Ramsey punted the ball 42 yards when Keith Marshall tried to run the clock out and did get one 1st Down.

Dominick Sanders had yet again another long interception return.  He turns on the after burners and gets going North South as well as any who have played defensive back.

Even Brendan Douglas got in the game.  Got to love that.

Reggie Davis had an outstanding game, notwithstanding his one penalty.

Malkom Parrish again was just outstanding at Cornerback tonight.

Jake Ganus and Tim Kimbrough were everywhere.

Sterling Bailey and Leonard Floyd got them behind the line of scrimmage.

So too did, Natrez Patrick and John Atkins.

Reggie Wilkerson again made a name for himself, this time also getting South Carolina behind the line of scrimmage.

And, Trenton Thompson had several tackles of Georgia boys on South Carolina’s team.

And, Leonard Floyd got one of his rare sacks.

On one run, Leonard Floyd picked up his man and flung him down backwards in a heap behind him like a rag doll.

It got really chippy once we pasted half a hundred on them.

South Carolina was touchy and defensive, seeing how inferior their talent to the top players in this state on our own team from here, too.

Their sense of their inferiority was palpable.

Terry Godwin got a start.  He’ll never look back.

In  all, Mark Richt played 71 players of his 85 scholarship players against SEC foe and longtime evil genius Steve Spurrier.

All he could muster on this night was the same poor defense, and rotating quarterbacks, who needed help from us to score.

While we piled up 576 yards of total offense on Steve Spurrier.

God, you’ve got to Love It !

There is a God, after all !

Ok, so this game is in the books, the 1st of 4 cupcakes to begin this season with Southern in next, whatever that is : Louisiana Tech beat Southern 62-15 last week.

I am told it is a University.

Well, they’ve got that over Georgie tek.

Southern will be at noon.

Then, we’ve got Nick Satan.  We have a few demons to exorcise.

1 down, bigger demons to come for sure.

But, on this beautiful night, it was 85 here, and hotter under the collar on one headed into the sunset Steve Spurrier !

Adios sucker : 52-20

Take that !

Bring on Alabama !