Only 2 teams have won more bowl games than Georgia Bulldogs with 30 bowl victories and 3 bowl ties to only 19 losses and those are Alabama 38 bowl wins and Southern California 34 bowl wins. Oklahoma has 29 bowl wins and only 20 bowl losses with 1 tie. Bowl games played Georgia can move up to # 2 if we can beat Oklahoma, and if we can’t then Oklahoma will tie us in bowl wins. Alabama has played in 66 bowl games. Georgia Bulldogs have played in 53 bowl games with this bowl game against Oklahoma and a win there would send us to our 54th bowl game. I take Georgia to WIN and face Alabama for the National Championship at Mercedes-Benz Stadium Atlanta Georgia where I choose US.

SEC down ?


Not hardly.


I thought that it was accepted that The Mighty SEC is DOWN ?


SEC 10 National Championships in Football Starting 2003

  1. 2015 Alabama
  2. 2012 Alabama
  3. 2011 Alabama
  4. 2010 Auburn
  5. 2009 Alabama
  6. 2008 Florida
  7. 2007 LSU
  8. 2006 Florida
  9. 2004 Auburn * 13-0 undefeated 2004 # 2 every single poll before USC stripped of its NC belongs to Auburn
  10. 2003 LSU


This would be 11 NC for SEC starting 2003 season.  That is NOT DOWN.  THIS is NOT DOWN.  There are 2 SEC teams for NC 2017 season called the 2018 National Championship Georgia # 3 and Alabama # 4.  Frankly there would have been 3 including Auburn if Auburn did not have to play us.  Down ?  No.  THIS is NOT DOWN.


*The FWAA stripped USC of its 2004 Grantland Rice Trophy and vacated the selection of its national champion for 2004. The BCS also vacated USC’s participation in the 2005 Orange Bowl and USC’s 2004 BCS National Championship, and the AFCA Coaches’ Poll Trophy was returned.


Alabama is looking for revenge.  You will NOTE that THIS BLOG called for us to play Oklahoma DURING THE GAME against Auburn yesterday and for Alabama to play Clemson in a grudge rematch of 35-31 last year.  On the last play of the game the OFFICIALS did NOT call a PICK PLAY as they did against Georgia Bulldogs in The SEC Championship Game REMOVING our touchdown catch from the scoreboard.  But Clemson LOSES without that call and the officials GAVE the NC to Clemson and STOLE IT from Alabama.  My proof ?  3 different polls after that play to end the game ranked Alabama national champions anyway.


You get that ?


Alabama won the national championship 2016 season last year.


There is NO QUESTION of it.


  1. Colley Matrix Poll ranks Alabama national champions last year 2016 season
  2. Congrove Computer Rankings Poll ranks Alabama # 1 for 2016 season too
  3. Dunkel System Poll ranks Alabama # 1 for 2016 as well.


Excuse me but those are the VERY POLLS Georgia Tech claims their national championships in.


Clemson LOST to 8-5 Pittsburgh last season at HOME for Clemson in Clemson.  Alabama’s lone loss was the 35-31 call on the last play of the game which was by all accounts an Alabama WIN counted as their only loss last season.


I want bad boy Baker Mayfield.  I want his ass.


Big XII and ACC ?  No hope this is an ALL SEC NC.


Nick Saban says he LOST to Auburn on the same field but not by as much.

Hey Nick you are NOT PLAYING Auburn.  That was us yesterday and soon it will be us you are playing.  See ya soon.  Go beat Clemson but watch us beat Oklahoma first in the Rose Bowl where Georgia Bulldogs are UNDFEATED in the Rose Bowl all-time including a shut-out.  Baker Mayfield is going to know he is playing The SEC.


Want a top pick in the NFL Draft ?


Take Roquan Smith not Baker Mayfield who is a FLAKE while you can build a defense around Roquan Smith.


Watch and see.


This is really a dozen national championships in football for The SEC starting 2003 and EVERYONE knows that especially Nick Saban who has half the dozen himself at Alabama and at LSU.  Get the picture Bluto maintains The SEC is DOWN – uh no Senator THIS IS OUR heyday.


Oh and MARK RICHT is not in the Top 10 of the AP Poll nor in the Top 10 of the Coaches’ Poll.  Got that senator Bluto ?


So while you were over there saying how The SEC is DOWN and how a good case can be made that Mark Richt should NOT have been FIRED, I promised that Mark Richt WOULD BE FIRED and had to be and I guaranteed on THIS BLOG too all calendar year 2017 that WE would WIN The SEC Championship 2017.


Guess what Bluto ?


That makes you 0-2 and me 2-0.


I said that EVERY DAY on THIS BLOG.  No one has ANY question of that.




THIS BLOG right here CLAIMED SEC CHAMPIONSHIP 2017 for The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs just after we beat TCU last year in the bowl game and EVERY DAY SINCE. I said we WIN SEC CHAMPIONSHIP 2017. Roquan Smith Player-of-The-Game. Jake Fromm fantastic. Defense stuffed them. Ends 2nd longest drought in UGA history of NOT winning The SEC Championship in Football and it is # 13 SEC Championship for UGA. Dozen years and Kirby won SEC Championship for UGA for us last 2005 as our RB coach.

We have been held back for 37 years but we have a shot now against Oklahoma I hope.  I want Oklahoma.


Give me Oklahoma.


Thank you Kirby.


Roquan Smith.  What a fine-looking young man :




This is a tremendous opportunity for these players. There are key guys who could make quite a name for themselves Saturday night. We haven’t won since 1980, and despite whining about it – we have not been there to win one. Now Saturday we can for the first time in 37 years. You can’t be a Bulldogs’ Football Player and NOT RECOGNIZE this opportunity to have one hell of a game. You can yourself really affect the outcome by yourself. Want some names ? When I guaranteed The SEC Championship 2017 for us, it was because I figured these guys would STAND-UP and BE COUNTED. Now is the time. The rest was all warm-up. Starting with the win over TCU last year this time, I guaranteed This SEC Championship here on THIS BLOG and EVERY DAY since and THESE GUYS HERE LISTED HERE are WHY. Now can we get a BIG GAME FROM THEM ? I say HELL YES. Here are the 48 I was counting on to win This SEC Championship I GURANTEED starting TCU game last year. Is it too late to burn the redshirt of 3 more for the 3 biggest games of the last 37 years coming-up now ?

Jake Fromm

Sony Michel

Roquan Smith

Natrez Patrick

Lorenzo Carter

D’Andre Swift

Jacob Eason

Elijah Holyfield

Jonathan Ledbetter

Ahkil Crumpton

Davin Bellamy

DeAngelo Gibbs

Isaac Nauta

J.R. Reed

Nick Chubb

Isaiah Wynn

Trenton Thompson

Brian Herrien

Riley Ridley

Reggie Carter

Tyler Clark

Tyrique McGhee

Aaron Davis

Monty Rice

Walter Grant

Jeremiah Holloman

Charlie Woerner

Terry Godwin

Cameron Nizialek

Dominick Sanders

Michael Barnett

Jeb Blazevich

Jordan Davis

Julian Rochester

Rodrigo Blankenship

John Atkins

David Marshall

Richard LeCounte III

Malik Herring

Mecole Hardman Jr.

Javon Wims

Solomon Kindley

Andrew Thomas

Ben Cleveland

D’Marcus Hayes

Netori Johnson

Isaiah Wilson


I remember when we recruited EVERY one of these men.  I remember Auburn wanted EVERY SINGLE SOLITARY one of these men.  I know we have better players than Auburn.  I know we have recruited better than Auburn after Mark Richt was FIRED.



I would rather these guys than Auburn has.


I would rather our coaching staff than their staff.


I would rather have LOST to them behind 10 to 40 just 3 weeks ago.


I guaranteed this on THIS BLOG after TCU game last year this time.


We WIN this game.


HERE is why.


These men.


These 45 men will step-up THIS GAME.


This game which counts.


I actually counted on 48.  Is it too late to say again let’s burn the redshirt of 3 more for the 3 biggest games of the last 37 years coming-up ?



If Alabama has to LOSE to Georgia Bulldogs in The SEC Championship Game for two (2) SEC teams # 4 and # 1 to both be in the College Football Play-Offs 2017 then I say unto you that EXCUSE ME I said Georgia Bulldogs WIN SEC CHAMPIONSHIP 2017. I said this after the TCU Game last year and EVERY DAY HERE ON THIS BLOG SINCE. Get over the fact that Mark Richt is HAPPY we are doing well. Are these all Kirby’s recruits ? Kirby has been here a year and a half – you tell me ? Kirby could not do this without Mark Richt recruits ? After 2007 Mark Richt’s last entire 8 years here Mark Richt was # 45 against top 15 teams losing 18 of 24 games vs top 15 teams with the average # 7 recruiting rankings and was FIRED for it. Mark Richt could not do this WITH Mark Richt recruits – see to it that YOU SAY THAT got it ?

Only 4 teams have more talent than The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs 2017.  Are some of those Mark Richt recruits ?  This is Kirby’s Season Number Two – so you tell me.


Mark Richt was NOT FIRED for being # 7 average recruiting rankings every year.


Mark Richt was FIRED because he LOST with them.  Mark Richt lost to 12 unranked teams time of game or for season after 2007.  Mark Richt lost to 18 of the 24 teams ranked top 15 teams time of game after 2007.  THIS IS WHY MARK RICHT GOT FIRED.


Not because he did not have good recruits.


Mark Richt did have good recruits.


He just could not win with them.


You will NEVER do SHIT in college football if you AVERAGE # 7 recruiting rankings and Mark Richt did and LOSE to 12 unranked teams his last 8 years here – which is what he did.


You will NEVER accomplish a God Damn THING in college football if you average # 7 recruiting rankings and Mark Richt did but LOST to 18 of the last 24 teams he played in the top 15.


Mark Richt could not win the big games.


And he LOST to cupcakes.




Get over the fact that Mark Richt is HAPPY we are doing well.


Sure he is.


It is something he could NEVER accomplish here himself.


He did not give a shit.


Are these all Kirby’s recruits ?  Kirby has been here a year and a half  – you tell me ?  Kirby could not do this without Mark Richt recruits ?


Mark Richt could not do this with Mark Richt recruits.


That is why THIS BLOG FIRED HIM after 2007.


Remember ?


After 2007 Mark Richt’s last entire 8 years here Mark Richt was # 45 against top 15 teams losing 18 of 24 games vs top 15 teams with the average # 7 recruiting rankings and was FIRED for it.


Quit trying to find something to congratulate Mark Richt for.  He’s gone.  I fired him.


See to it that you remember that.


Mark Richt could not do this WITH Mark Richt recruits – see to it that YOU SAY THAT got it ?




Jake Fromm likely SEC Freshman of the Week again going 8 of 15 on 3rd Down Conversions including several long runs while Kirby’s Defense held vols to only 1 of 12 on 3rd Down Conversions. DROPS dominated the day for Georgia quarterbacks again today as our receiver group is desperate to see what Kirby is stockpiling behind the receivers Kirby is playing. The OL blew a ton of assignments today and again we set the world on fire with penalties. Still this SEC Championship Team 2017 cracked into the Top 5 in the polls today – begging the question could Georgia AND Alabama both make the play-offs ?

Terry Godwin fumbled the ball and stood there reacting by raising his hands over his head to cover his head with this hands instead of attempting to recover the fumble.  It went out of bounds.  All the receivers did all night long was DROP the ball.  Again.


The OL blew assignment after assignment all night long.  They also contributed to the penalties called on the Offensive Linemen as well.


Still Kirby stood pat on his redshirting and not playing of significant help at both receiver and on the OL.


14 games is an incredibly long season while Auburn is showing quite tough themselves.  We could face Auburn twice and could face Alabama twice this season as well.


Yes we are that good.


I called prior to the season beginning that we would Win The SEC Championship 2017 and in fact I guaranteed that from the end of the TCU game until now.


I called for the Jake And Jake Show pre-game tonight.


I called for Jacob Eason at half time in that post then as well.


I do just wish we would play all our players.


Tonight I felt that Jacob Eason could have been brought in earlier than he was.  I saw the palpitations of anxiety and angst upon the face of Jacob Eason when ahead 38 to nothing in the 4th Quarter that Kirby sent Jake Fromm BACK OUT AGAIN.


That is just wrong.


Kirby could have handled that better.  Kirby does NOT want to have Jacob Eason transfer.


Kirby played 68 players tonight with Lorenzo Carter in his Dawg House who quickly dove on their fumbled snap.


I guarantee you will see some transfers now that game 5 is in the books and several stars who will play in the NFL are not playing while Kirby plays pattycake with guys such as at receiver and on the OL who will never play on Sundays.


Kirby has favorites and says they are because of practice which of course only he sees.  What we see is that we have tremendous talent on the team – some of whom barely get to play at all who just stand out when they do for us to see.


15-game season is a possibility.  Kirby is going to wish he had more than 68 players in the rotation 2017 season.  Why have 85 on Scholarship and play only 68 players Kirby ?


The national press has jumped all over us FINALLY while THIS BLOG said we would WIN The SEC Championship 2017 from the outset because only 4 other teams have more talent than we have.


It’s October.  Where would we be today without Jake Fromm ?


It’s October 1 Kirby.  It’s not too late.  Get your other Offensive Linemen in the games and get your other receivers in the games Kirby.  Good Lord son it was 41 to nothing and you still did not get your Offensive Linemen I called to be STARTING by now in the game at all and you did not throw to your talented receivers you have as well.


But the OL you did play had penalties and blown assignments all night long.


And your receivers did NOTHING but drop the ball Kirby.


Long season 14 or 15-game season Kirby.  You can not make it through such a SEC Championship Season 2017 with just 68 players playing Kirby this year.


It’s not too late.  Get your help on the OL out there playing in 41 to nothing early games Kirby.  And get your receiver help out there catching passes in 41 to nothing games Kirby.  You will certainly need both groups by game 14 I can assure you.



# 2 Georgia Bulldogs Colley Matrix this morning while Richard Billingsley Report has Georgia # 6 this morning and while Jeff Sagarin has us at # 9 Massey Rankings at # 12 AP at # 7 and Coaches’ at # 8 with first Play-Off Poll Tuesday October 31 after week # 9.

# 2 Colley Matrix

# 6 Richard Billingsley Report

# 9 Jeff Sagarin Poll with # 14 SoS

# 12 Massey Ratings

October 15 first Peter Wolfe Poll

Not Out Anderson-Hester

# 7 AP Poll

# 8 Coaches’ Poll


The average ranking of all the polls is # 7 Georgia Bulldogs with 2 wins over top 50 teams # 14 Strength of Schedule of 129 FBS Division 1-A teams 2017.


The Official Play-Off Poll from the Committee for the NC Game at the Atlanta Mercedes-Benz Stadium


Play-Off Poll starts October 31 of 2017 after week # 9 Tuesday


It is a long season.  This is our best shot.  We have to get MORE of our freshmen out there on the field playing notably on the OL and at WR.


THIS BLOG has guaranteed an SEC Championship 2017 for Georgia and has maintained that stance starting with the last game of 2016 season TCU.