Lady Bulldogs add # 9 Top Recruiting Class in the Nation for 2017 season next year. Wow ! Way to go Joni Taylor. The Lady Bulldogs are Top 5 Basketball Program All-Time and last year and this year we did not recruit like this. This is GREAT NEWS ! Gabby Que Malury and Maya WOW ! 349 teams compete for Women’s Final 4 and Joni Taylor just signed 4 of the top 90 ladies in America. I hope someone out there notices with me ? Taja Cole noticed too.

This is as exciting a recruiting signing as I can recall with Gabby Que Malury and Maya all signing in the early signing period today for The Lady Bulldogs Top 5 Women’s Basketball Program of All-Time.  It seems that Joni Taylor does resonate with the gals.  We certainly thought she would.


Joni Taylor an Alabama star went out-of-state and in-state and signed 4 top players in one year today.  Joni got in-state star Que Morrison whom everyone wanted out of McEachern.


Joni Taylor went in to talent-rich Texas and stole Gabby Connally to join Que Morrison in the backcourt for the 4 years following this one.


These 4 gals certainly put Joni Taylor on the map as an up-and-comer.  I wouldn’t have expected anything less from Andy Landers’ pick himself.


To outdo herself Joni Taylor went into North Carolina and stole from them Maya Caldwell who is 6′ 1″ and can play wing.


And to top all this off Joni Taylor went into Virginia and stole one of their top players too Malury Bates a 6′ 3″ inside man who also thinks The SEC is the place to play and Georgia a GREAT SCHOOL.


I am so excited.


When I was growing-up I practiced basketball and loved it when the women would come-out and watch us then practice themselves.  They brought the ball up to mid-court and passed it across.  It wasn’t basketball the women played.  Nowadays the WNBA has jumped onto the scene and our Lady Dawgs are a huge part of that and always have been.


Although I don’t give a hoot about NBA because you can get in free at the end of the games and the games are always won or lost at the very end only I find myself clicking some to see our heroes here in the WNBA and how well our gals do after following them every day here.


I dated a gal on LSU’s women’s basketball team and she was taller than I so I took her inside and dominated her.  She never beat me – not in basketball one-on-one.


I don’t miss our women’s games EVER.  I love it !


Joni Taylor is the # 4 best Alabama player ever after being the 1997 Gatorade Player of the Year for the state of Mississippi as a high school top recruit herself.  So she can play the game and the top recruits in the nation are certainly watching her success and listening to her when she talks.  Andy Landers’ endorsement in hand Joni Crenshaw TAYLOR was his right-hand man at the of end of his career as Top 7 All-Time in Basketball Wins Men’s or Women’s at one school The Lady Bulldogs.


Dad took me to all the games at Cross Keys at Oglethorpe and at Georgie tek yellowjackets when I was a child and I grew-up with a fine basketball court which I still maintain and play on.  But after college I became a huge women’s basketball fan because of how good Andy Landers is to University of Georgia Women’s Basketball.  I would never go to Georgie tek and I love our sports.  That Joni Taylor won the Whack Hyder Coach of the Year Award last year does mean something to me.


I had wondered about Holly Warlick with the vols and know she wishes she had signed what Joni Taylor just did.


Then the Women’s Basketball Coaches Association (WBCA) awarded first Holly Warlick  4 years ago and now Joni Taylor both The Maggie Dixon Division I Rookie Coach of the Year Award.


Now Joni Taylor goes out and signs this class today.


This is the highlight of Joni Taylor’s illustrious career in women’s basketball and I just think the gals think that Joni Taylor is a stronger player at Alabama than Holly Warlick was way back when for Pat Summitt.


I still cry when I think of Pat Summitt.


Maybe this class will get us the gym I have wanted since I was at UGA.


We are allowed 15 scholarships and there are 349 teams.


Did you hear me ?


349 teams in women’s college basketball Division 1 all competing for the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Women’s Division I Basketball Championship.


We’re # 5 All-Time.


# 5 of 349 teams.


I do not recall when we had a class this great and I have followed our women’s basketball program from the day we started it.


We’ve had great players of that there is no doubt but we’ve NEVER signed 4 in one class.


Of the top 10 thousand ladies in the nation Joni Taylor just signed 4 of the top 90.


If that does not make you stand-up and notice it certainly should.





349 teams compete for Women’s Final 4 and Joni Taylor just signed 4 of the top 90 ladies in America.  I hope someone out there notices with me ?


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Joni Taylor also is getting after a year lay-off because of NCAA rules on transferring Taja Cole a transfer from Louisville coach Jeff Walz.  A 5-Star Guard Taja Cole is one of two players Louisville coach Jeff Walz lost over the off-season both transferring-out.  Taja Cole only got to play 3 points and 2 assists per game for Jeff Walz who was ousted in the 2nd Round of the NCAA Tournament.


In Round one where Louisville won Taja Cole played 20 minutes then in Round 2 when Louisville lost she logged only 6 minutes playing time for one of the very best players in the nation.  You just can not lose an All-American like Taja Cole Ranked 13th overall by Prospects Nations and 26th overall by espnW in the nation last year.  With her transferring this year she won’t get to play 2016-2017 but will in 2017.


Taja Cole was the Gatorade Player of the Year in the state of Virginia averaging 20 points and 6 assists and also was a McDonald’s All-American where she scored 13 points, five rebounds, and two steals in 17 minutes in the McDonald’s All-American Game.  Taja Cole also was invited to the 2013 U.S. U-16 National Team Trials.


Thank you Taja Cole.


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