Well it’s game day and simply put South Carolina does NOT measure-up to Georgia. Frankly South Carolina other than their great fans has NEVER played football. Their program their school their stadium their won/loss record their coaching staff their talent – they do NOT compare.

The Georgia Bulldogs should win by double-digits even on the road because we’re the better team right down the line.


We have been killing it in recruiting.  Where Mark Richt let South Carolina get top talent Kirby has fixed that.  They do NOT even compete with their talent and it will NOT be close with their lack of recruiting compared to our depth of talent.  If there were Big 10 officials or Big 12 officials they might make it close with their fans.


But frankly their fans are a source of disappointment that they root for their boys so hard when it is obvious they NEVER have competed with The Mighty Georgia Bulldogs.


Run your mouths players former players coaches former coaches recruits pissed-off recruits who we never even offered and run your God Damn mouths fans of South Carolina.  THIS is the ONLY time you have to do that.


Before the game.


There isn’t anyone picking God Damn South Carolina.