Georgia Pro Day 2016 a huge big great day for 20 Georgia Bulldogs the last remnants of the Dream Team who collectively here LOST 24 games these 6 years these 20 played here prior to Kirby whom Kirby really helped since January 12. Ask Jessie Tuggle of Valdosta State please ok Jake Ganus if going undrafted is the end of the world ? Undrafted NFL players for The Georgia Bulldogs who went on to greatness in the NFL.

Jordan Jenkins 4.6 in 40-yard dash 19 bench press reps 38″ vertical

Josh Dawson 4.82 in 40-yard dash 21 bench press reps 33″ vertical

Sterling Bailey 5.0 in 40-yard dash 30 and a half vertical

Jake Ganus 4.77 in 40-yard dash 30 and a half vertical

I would have been more interested in his bench press Chipper Towers for that is where Jake Ganus would have shined the most and he needed that information shared.


We might as well have not even sent you Chipper Towers – what a waste of my monies for this report – lacking ANY other details than JUST THIS.


Bullshit Chipper Towers I remain unimpressed son with you.


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At another article


Kolton Houston who joined Mark Richt 6 years ago – meaning our teams during the time that these 20 guys collectively today competing in the annual Georgia Pro Day  –  were here, collectively lost 24 games these last 6 years.


Since Kolton Houston was at the annual Georgia Pro Day 2016 and since he joined Mark Richt 6 years ago here, this means that collectively these 20 players averaged 4 losses per season.


Kolton Houston 26 reps of the 225 lbs. bench press that’s impressive 5 more than anyone else.


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Seth Emerson who has been correcting the ill-advised bullshit of Chipper Towers of the AJ-C ever since he joined the AJ-C from allowing former UGA grad Jason Butt to take over down there for him at  This has enhanced the Bulldogs’ beat writers.  Otherwise free publications had to rely on that which this blog has reported from the beginning about Chipper Towers being a largely STILTED VIEW of our football program.


Chipper Towers AJ-C has a largely stilted view of life.


I have specific problems with Chipper Towers in EVERY article he writes.


And, always have had ever since he removed a post I posted there on “his” blog that he said was factually incorrect where we exchanged several e-mails and phone calls back-and-forth him making the statement that “There are no sites which keep up with Mark Richt’s won/lost record based upon bowl teams played that season.  There are no sites which keep up with Mark Richt’s won/lost record based upon where the opponent ended-up in the Final AP Poll and Final Coaches’ Poll.”  Chipper maintained this even after I PROVIDED HIM THE GOD DAMN FREAKING URL LINKS to MANY sites which do.


What Chipper Towers and his minions did not want was his won/lost record being publicized his last entire 8 years here.  I maintain of course that that is the JOB of Chipper Towers.


You can not just give the good news.


He wanted to kowtow to Mark Richt and to the Mark Richt Apologists who largely ONLY wanted to shut me up.


Of course no matter how you sliced it, Mark Richt was horrible his last entire 8-year period here not only averaging 4 losses per season for 8 years but also over this same last 8 years here being # 45 in win/loss record vs top 15 teams time of game at 18 losses his last 24 games here vs top 15 teams time of game for UGA the # 11 all-time wins’ program. Note please Chipper Towers THIS is vs TIME OF GAME STATS you TOLD ME and your readers “IS ALL ANYONE KEEPS UP WITH.”  Remember these LIES by you Chipper Towers ?  Factually INCORRECT BULLSHIT FRQIN’ LIES BY YOU CHIPPER TOWERS.


If that is ALL you can report Chip Towers AJ-C then WHY oh WHY did you NEVER and still have not printed that Mark Richt LOST 18 of his last 24 games vs top 15 time of game over his last entire 8 years for which I FIRED his ass and have tried to you, too, dumbass ?


It is not how I said it, it was WHAT I SAID that you and your minions take exception to.


You wanted to shut me up.


How’d that go for you Chipper Towers AJ-C ?


Well punk ?



I started my own blog and Chipper Towers found Seth Emerson here at the AJ-C largely to do that which he is just too damn lazy to do – report on the TRUTH about the Georgia Bulldogs’ football program.  Seth Emerson NOT ONCE removed one of my posts from his blog and I gave him hell too.






Seth Emerson reports today that Chipper Towers was too damn lazy to report that :


Jake Ganus – only 15 reps of the 225 lbs. bench press which as you can see is pedestrian.  I still believe Jake Ganus can get-on with an NFL team as an undrafted free agent.  He was our team MVP, you know NFL ?


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Kirby was at the Georgia Pro Day attended by 32 NFL teams as was Mark Fox who jumped a fence to get-in.  Kirby’s meal plan and nutrition specialists have worked with all 20 of these Mark Richt guys and Keith Marshall attributes his success to the them.  He is now projected TO BE DRAFTED.  Imagine that ?  A guy the FIRED coach did not play despite his OBVIOUS as hell talents, gets DRAFTED.


Kirby’s strength and conditioning since January 12 has also had a profound effect on these 20 as well, as evidenced by the far greater performances of these 20 at the Georgia Pro Day than the 1 right after Mark Richt was FIRED.


Good job Kirby !


Great showing.  I will say in addition too that the numbers from right after Mark Richt was fired showed overall that our Bulldogs were NOT in the shape that they needed to be in.  There remains great upside for these 20 if they keep at it before 20 free agents are picked-up across the NFL.  Keep plugging guys – these NFL teams could invite you free agent to come do specific work-outs with them.


The players here still not part of this Great Exodus of 20 guys all whom Started for Mark Richt in the 6-year timeframe this group of 20 were here will be far stronger and in better shape. Future Pro Days will only get BETTER as a result.


Shall I name players for you who went undrafted who NFL teams picked-up from us AS FREE AGENTS who went on to greatness ?




Did you know that Drew Butler went undrafted in the NFL Draft ?


Charlie and Chris Clemons both went undrafted, know that ?


Did you know that Bucky Dilts went undrafted ?


Bob Etter know he went undrafted ?


Did you know that Kregg Lumpkin went undrafted ?


Mack Strong did you know he went undrafted ?


How about Danny Ware – surely you knew he went undrafted ?


I know you knew David Andrews went undrafted after his Pro Day right ?


Marlon Brown you knew he went undrafted or not ?


Demarcus Dobbs went undrafted too.


Dannell Ellerbe went undrafted as well.


Demetric Evans went undrafted.


Abry Jones went undrafted.


Arthur Marshall went undrafted.


Wayne Radloff went undrafted.


Dennis Roland went undrafted.



How about Jessie Tuggle of Valdosta State University – did you know he too went undrafted in the NFL Draft ?


These guys deposited NFL paychecks for years and years and years and years and they ALL get the NFL retirement package as well.  I have a friend on the NFL retirement package.  He makes a shitload still every year.  My friend played one year in the NFL got rolled-up on his leg and gets $70,000 a year – that is $6,000 a MONTH for life.  He is the most able-bodied person I know today.   I cashed $6000 paychecks every 2 weeks when I was working after graduating from UGA so even not making the NFL is great with your University of Georgia degree – worth I estimate then about $5 million dollars including retirement.


Chipper Towers does NOT deposit these kind of paychecks nor will he in retirement because he is a shit-ass reporter and that is putting it mildly.


Collectively the Georgia Bulldogs alone who are just those in the NFL today in their careers not counting retirement package have earned over one billion dollars 17 of whom started last season.


Going undrafted in the NFL is no big deal as you can see.  I know it seems the end of the world at the time but it just isn’t.  There are only 53-man rosters in the NFL.  This is to keep the salary cap DOWN.  It is collusion among the owners of the NFL.  You can still make the roster get a roster spot and play in the NFL for years and years cashing big checks.


And get the retirement package.


Ask Jessie Tuggle please ok Jake Ganus ?


Here is the whole entire list of NFL players drafted or undrafted really started by Charley Trippi NFL Championship Game MVP after he was drafted # 1 overcall in the NFL draft:


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Now, finally from Jake Rowe we get it this morning.  See how this is done Chipper Towers ?



Jordan Jenkins 4.6 in 40-yard dash 38″ vertical good 19 bench press reps

Josh Dawson 4.82 in 40-yard dash 33″ vertical 21 bench press reps all good

Sterling Bailey 5.0 in 40-yard dash 30 and a half vertical 20 bench press reps

Jake Ganus 4.77 in 40-yard dash 30 and a half vertical 15 reps bench press so so

Kolton Houston 5.35 in 40-yard dash 25″ vertical 26 reps bench press strong good

James DeLoach 4.96 in 40-yard dash  31″ vertical 18 bench press reps not bad

Chris Mayes 5.2 in 40-yard dash why only that Chris Mayes whose advice ?

Jay Rome 4.9 in 40-yard dash 35″ vertical good 14 bench press reps bad

John Theus 19 bench press reps see what I mean all NOT strong really

Nathan Theous 4.93 in 40-yard dash and 15 bench press reps not good


Thank you Jake Rowe that better than the others.  I’ll give you an A+.


Jake Rowe 247 Sports who mostly does a good job at his job, as I have always said he mostly does.


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247 Jake Rowe – A+ for best job on Georgia’s Pro Day 2016.  Thank you Jake.